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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Jean Nicolas Bouilly (1763–1842)

Bouilly, Jean Nicolas (bö-yē’). A French poet (1763–1842). He made his début with the comic opera ‘Peter the Great’ (1790). For a few years he was judge and prosecuting attorney at Tours, and then was called to Paris to assist in organizing the primary-school system. His comedies and comic operas (music by the first masters) were eminently successful as well in Germany as in France, particularly these: ‘The Abbé de l’Epée’; ‘The Two Days’; ‘Mme. de Sévigné.’ He also wrote ‘Stories for French Children’ and ‘Counsels to my Daughter.’