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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

William Dean Howells (1837–1920)

Howells, William Dean. A famous American novelist and poet; born at Martinsville, OH, March 1, 1837; died in 1920. He was consul at Venice, 1861–65; editor-in-chief of the Atlantic Monthly, 1871–81; editor of The Editor’s Study in Harper’s Magazine, 1886–91, and of the Editor’s Easy Chair after 1892. His very numerous productions include the following: ‘Poems of Two Friends’ (1860), with J. J. Piatt; ‘Life of Abraham Lincoln’ (1860); ‘Venetian Life’ (1866); ‘Italian Journeys’ (1867); ‘Suburban Sketches’ (1871); ‘Their Wedding Journey’ (1872); ‘A Chance Acquaintance’ (1873); ‘Poems’ (1873); ‘A Foregone Conclusion’ (1875); ‘A Counterfeit Presentment’ (1877), a comedy; ‘The Lady of the Aroostook’ (1879); ‘The Undiscovered Country’ (1880); ‘A Fearful Responsibility, and Other Stories’ (1881); ‘A Modern Instance’ (1882); ‘The Sleeping Car’ (1883), a farce; ‘The Rise of Silas Lapham’ (1885); ‘Indian Summer’ (1885); ‘Tuscan Cities’ (1886); ‘Poems’ (1886); ‘Modern Italian Poets’ (1887); ‘The Minister’s Charge’ (1887); ‘A Hazard of New Fortunes’ (1890); ‘The Shadow of a Dream’ (1890); ‘A Boy’s Town’ (1890); ‘Criticism and Fiction’ (1891); ‘An Imperative Duty’ (1892); ‘The Albany Depot’ (1892); ‘The Quality of Mercy’ (1892); ‘The World of Chance’ (1893); ‘The Coast of Bohemia’ (1893); ‘A Traveler from Altruria’ (1894), a romance; ‘My Literary Passions’ (1895); ‘Stops of Various Quills’ (1895); ‘Landlord at Lion’s Head’ (1896); ‘An Open-Eyed Conspiracy’ (1897); ‘The Story of a Play’ (1898); ‘Ragged Lady’ (1899); ‘A Pair of Patient Lovers’ (1901); ‘The Kentons’ (1902); ‘The Flight of Pony Baker’ (1902); ‘Questionable Shapes’ (1903); ‘The Son of Royal Langbrith’ (1903); ‘Miss Bellard’s Inspiration’ (1905); ‘Between the Dark and the Daylight’ (1907); ‘Fennel and Rue’ (1908); ‘The Mother and the Father’ (1909); ‘My Mark Twain’ (1910); ‘New Leaf Mills’ (1913); ‘Familiar Spanish Travels’ (1913); ‘The Daughter of the Storage’ (1916); ‘The Leatherwood God’ (1916); ‘Years of My Youth’ (1916). (See Critical and Biographical Introduction).