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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

À Rebours to Aristotle

À Rebours, Huysmans
Abelard, Pierre, Thomas Davidson
Abou Ben Adhem (Poem), Hunt
About, Edmond
Absalom and Achitophel (Poem), Dryden
Absence (Poem), Anon.
Abu l-’Ata (of Sind)
Abyssinia, The Nile Tributaries of, Baker
Ācūrūnga-Sūtra, The
Accadian-Babylonian and Assyrian Literature, C. H. Toy
Acharnians, The, Aristophanes
Acropolis of Athens and its Temples, The, Pausanias
Acuña, Manuel
Ad Amphoram (Poem), Horace
Adages, see Maxims.
Adam Bede, Eliot
de Saint Victor
Homo (Poem), Paludan-Müller
Adams, Abigail, L. G. Runkle
— — Imaginary Speech of, Webster
— — Quincy
Sarah Flower
Adapa and the Southwind (Poem), Anon.
Addison, Joseph, H. W. Mabie
Address of the President of the United States, April 2, 1917, Wilson
to the American People, D’Annunzio
— — — Beloved, An (Poem), Abu l-’Ata (Hamásah)
Addresses to the German Nation, Fiche
Adelphi, Terence
Adieu to Coimbra (Poem), Camões
Adieux a Marie Stuart (Poem), Swinburne
Admirable Crichton, The, Barrie
Adonais (Poem), Shelley
Advancement of Learning, The, Bacon
Adventure, see Travel and Description.
Adventure of the Cloak, The, Petronius
Adventurer and the Singer, The, Hofmannsthal
Adventures of Hajji Baba, The, Morier
— — Nils, The, Lagerlöf
— — Sherlock Holmes, The, Doyle
— — Sir John Mandeville, The Marvelous
Adventuress, The, Augier
Advice to a Poet (Poem), Locker-Lampson
Ælianus Claudius
Æneid, Virgil
Æsop, H. T. Peck
Æthiopica, Heliodorus
Affairs Round the Village Green, Artemus Ward
Afloat and Ashore (Poem), Dobell
    Country and its People, The, Henry Drummond (Tropical Africa)
    East-African Lake Country, The, Henry Drummond (Tropical Africa)
    Hunting in Abyssinia, Baker (Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia)
    Sources of the Nile, The, Baker (Albert Nyanza)
    White Ants, The, Drummond (Tropical Africa)
After Death (Poem), Edwin Arnold
— — (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Petrarch (Poem), de Heredia
— – Song (Poem), Gilder
the Hunt (Poem), Liliencron
Afternoon, The (Poem), Edwin Arnold
Landscape, The, Higginson
Against Inconsistency in Our Expectations, Barbauld
Agamemnon, Æschylus
Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe
Agathon (Poem), Woodberry
Age (Poem), Anacreon
of Gold, The, (Poem), Teleclides
— — Homespun, The, Bushnell
— — Louis XIV., Voltaire
Agricola, Tacitus
Agriculture, Cato
Aguilar, Grace
Ah! Certes will no Prisoner Tell His Tale (Poem), Richard Cœur de Lion
Ah! Fair and Lovely,” (Poem), Mimnermus
“— Where are Hours Departed Fled?” (Poem), Walther von der Vogelweide
Ahasvérus (Poem), Quinet
Aiglon, L’, Rostand
Ailleen (Poem), Banim
Ainsworth, William Harrison
Ajax, Sophocles
Akenside, Mark
Aladdin (Poem), Oehlenschläger
Alarcón, Pedro Antonio de
Albano, A May-Day in, Jackson (Bits of Travel)
Alberdi, Juan Bautista
Albert Nyanza, The, Baker
Albertus, Gautier
Alcázar, Baltasar de
Alciphron, H. T. Peck
Alcott, Louisa May
Alcuin, W. H. Carpenter
Alden, Henry Mills
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
Aleardi, Aleardo
Alec Yeaton’s Son (Poem), Aldrich
Alembert, Jean le Rond d
Alencar, Martinião
Alexander the Great, Grote (History of Greece)
Alexander’s Conquest of Palestine, Josephus (Antiquities)
Feast: or, The Power of Music (Poem), Dryden
Alexandrian Library, The, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
Alexis and Dora (Poem), Goethe
Alfieri, Vittorio, L. O. Kuhns
Alfonso X of Castile
Alfred (Poem), James Thomson
the Great
Alfric, Robert Sharp
Alhambra, The, Irving
Alice for Short, De Morgan
Lorraine, Blackmore
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll
Aliscamp, the (Poem), Mistral
All Afloat, Wood
— –Glorious King! (Poem), Guiraut de Borneil
Sorts and Conditions of Men, Besant
All’s Well That Ends Well, Shakespeare
Allegro, L’ (Poem), Milton
Allen, Grant
James Lane
Allingham, William
Allston in Italy, Sumner
Alma Felice, che Sovente Torni” (Poem), Petrarch
Almqvist, Carl Jonas Love
Along New England Roads, Prime
the Grassy Slope I Sit (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
Alpine Glacier, The (Poem), Maykov
Storm, An (Poem), Byron
Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont, Samuel Butler
Hours of Exercise in the, Tyndall
Álvarez, Quintero, Serafin, and Joaquin
Amaryllis (Poem), Bellman
— (Poem), Rückert
Amateur of Lying, The, Lucian of Samosata
Amazon, The, Dingelstedt
Amber-Witch, The, Meinhold
Ambrosius, Johanna
Amelia, Fielding
Amenemhat, The Teaching of, Egyptian
America, see United States.
— (Poem), Dobell
— (Poem), Gilder
American Commonwealth, The, Bryce
Conflict, The, Greeley
Family, The, Bourget
Flag, The (Poem), Drake
Ideals, Mabie
— Indians, see Indians.
American Literature.
    Adams, Abigail
    — Henry
    — John
    — John Quincy
    Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe
    Alcott, Louisa May
    Alden, Henry Mills
    Aldrich, Thomas Bailey
    Allen, James Lane
    Anderson, Sherwood
    Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude
    Audubon, John James
    Bancroft, George
    Barlow, Joel
    Beecher, Henry Ward
    Belasco, David
    Boker, George H.
    Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth
    Brooks, Phillips
    Brown, Charles Brockden
    Brownell, Henry Howard
    Brownson, Orestes Augustus
    Bryant, William Cullen
    Bunner, Henry Cuyler
    Burnett, Frances Hodgson
    Burroughs, John
    Bushnell, Horace
    Cable, George W.
    Calhoun, John Caldwell
    Cawein, Madison Julius
    Channing, William Ellery
    Choate, Rufus
    Churchill, Winston
    Clay, Henry
    Cleghorn, Sarah M.
    Cooke, Rose Terry
    Cooper, James Fenimore
    Crawford, Francis Marion
    Curtis, George William
    Dana, Richard Henry, Sr.
    — Richard Henry, Jr.
    Deland, Margaret
    Dodge, Mary Mapes
    Drake, Joseph Rodman
    Draper, John William
    Dreiser, Theodore
    Dunne, Finley Peter
    Dwight, John S.
    Edwards, Jonathan
    Eggleston, Edward
    Eliot, Charles William
    Emerson, Ralph Waldo
    Everett, Edward
    Field, Eugene
    Fiske, John
    Fitch, Clyde
    Franklin, Benjamin
    Frederic, Harold
    Frost, Robert
    Fuller, Henry B.
    — Sarah Margaret (Marchioness Ossoli)
    Garland, Hamlin
    George, Henry
    Gilder, Richard Watson
    Gillette, William
    Godkin, Edwin Lawrence
    Grant, Ulysses S.
    Greeley, Horace
    Hale, Edward Everett
    Halleck, Fitz-Greene
    Hamilton, Alexander
    Hardy, Arthur Sherburne
    Harris, Joel Chandler
    Harte, Bret
    Hawthorne, Julian
    — Nathaniel
    Hay, John
    Hayne, Paul Hamilton
    Hearn, Lafcadio
    O. Henry
    Henry, Patrick
    Herrick, Robert
    Hewlett, Maurice
    Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
    Hildreth, Richard
    Holland, Josiah Gilbert
    Holmes, Oliver Wendell
    Hovey, Richard
    Howard, Bronson
    Howe, Julia Ward
    Howells, William Dean
    Ingersoll, Robert Green
    Irving, Washington
    Jackson, Helen Hunt
    James, Henry
    — William
    Janvier, Thomas Allibone
    Jefferson, Thomas
    Jewett, Sarah Orne
    Johnston, Richard Malcolm
    Judd, Sylvester
    King, Grace Elizabeth
    Klein, Charles
    Lanier, Sidney
    Lincoln, Abraham
    Lindsay, Vachel
    London, Jack
    Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
    Lowell, Amy
    — James Russell
    Mabie, Hamilton Wright
    MacKaye, Percy
    McMaster, John Bach
    Madison, James
    Mahan, Alfred Thayer
    Masters, Edgar Lee
    Matthews, Brander
    Melville, Herman
    Miller, Joaquin
    Mitchell, Donald Grant
    — Silas Weir
    Moody, William Vaughn
    Motley, John Lothrop
    Muir, John
    Mulford, Elisha
    Murfree, Mary Noailles
    Norris, Frank
    Norton, Charles Eliot
    O’Brien, Fitz-James
    Page, Thomas Nelson
    Paine, Thomas
    Palfrey, John Gorham
    Parker, Theodore
    Parkman, Francis
    Parsons, Thomas William
    Parton, James
    Paulding, James Kirke
    Phillips, Wendell
    Poe, Edgar Allan
    Prescott, William Hickling
    Prime, William Cowper
    Read, Thomas Buchanan
    Rhodes, James Ford
    Riley, James Whitcomb
    Roberts, Charles G. D.
    Robinson, Edwin Arlington
    Roosevelt, Theodore
    Santayana, George
    Schurz, Carl
    Sheldon, Edward
    Sill, Edward Rowland
    Simms, William Gilmore
    Slosson, Annie Trumbull
    Snider, Denton J.
    Spofford, Harriet Prescott
    Stedman, Edmund Clarence
    Stillman, William James
    Stockton, Frank R.
    Stoddard, Elizabeth Barstow
    — Richard Henry
    Story, William Wetmore
    Stowe, Harriet Beecher
    Stuart, Ruth McEnery
    Sumner, Charles
    Tarkington, Booth
    Taylor, Bayard
    Thanet, Octave
    Thaxter, Celia
    Thomas, Edith Matilda
    Thoreau, Henry D.
    Timrod, Henry
    Torrence, Ridgely
    Twain, Mark
    Tyler, Moses Coit
    van Dyke, Henry
    Very, Jones
    Wallace, Lew
    Walter, Eugene
    Ward, Artemus (Charles Farrar Browne)
    — Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
American Literature, A History of, Tyler
of the Future and Other Essays, The, Matthews
Ornithological Biography, The, Audubon
Ornithology, Wilson
People, Address to the, D’Annunzio
Religion, Weiss
Ami des Femmes, L’, Dumas, Jr.
Amiel, Henri Frédéric, Richard Burton
Amigo Manso, El, Galdós
Aminto (Poem), Tasso
Amitiés Françaises, Les, Barrès
Amor (Poem), Tasso
Mundi (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Amour par Terre, L’ (Poem), Verlaine
Amphitruo, Plautus
Amy’s Song of the Willow (Poem), Dobell
An Thou Were My Ain Thing (Poem), Ramsay
Anabasis, Xenophon
Anacreon’s Grave, Antipater of Sidon
Anacreontic (Poem), Hooft
Anathema, Andreyev
Anatol, Schnitzler
Anatomy of Melancholy, The, Robert Burton
Ancelmus the Emperour
Ancestors, The (Poem), Mickiewicz
Ancient Legends of Ireland
Mariner, The (Poem), Coleridge
Poetry and Romances of Spain, Bowring
Régime, The, Taine
And Have I Measured Half My Days (Hymn), Wesley
Andersen, Hans Christian, B. W. Wells
Anderson, Sherwood
André, The Capture of, Hildreth
André’s Request to Washington (Poem), Willis
Andrea del Sarto (Poem), Robert Browning
Andreyev, Leonid Nikolaivich, F. N. Scott
Andria, Terence
Andromaque, Racine
Andromeda (Poem), Kingsley
    Antisthenes, Diogenes Laertius
    Apelles, Pliny the Elder
    Aristippus, Diogenes Laertius
    Aristotle, Diogenes Laertius
    Arria, Pliny the Younger
    Aston, Harvey, Rogers
    Berlioz: Autobiography
    Bias, Diogenes Laertius
    Catherine, Empress of Russia, Rogers
    Cellini: Memoirs
    Cleanthes, Diogenes Laertius
    Coislin, Duc de, Saint-Simon
    Demetrius, Diogenes Laertius
    Diogenes, Diogenes Laertius
    Eaters, Some Great, Athenæus
    Foote, Samuel
    Harcourt, Princesse d’, Saint-Simon (Memoirs)
    Heine’s Visit to Goethe, Heine
    La Trappe, The Portrait of, Saint-Simon (Memoirs)
    Love of Animals for Man, The, Athenæus
    Old Man at the Water-Wheel, The, Prime (Boat Life in Egypt)
    Plato, Diogenes Laertius
    Plutarch and His Slave, Gellius
    Polybius and the Scipios, Polybius (Histories)
    Praxiteles, Pliny the Elder
    Pythes, Plutarch
    Quintus Cædicius, Cato
    Reynolds, Sir Joshua, Rogers
    Ritchie: Memoirs
    Scipio, Cicero
    Smith, Sydney
    Theophrastus, Diogenes Laertius
    “Varia Historia,” From, Ælianus
Angel (Poem), Newman
The (Poem), Lermontov
— — (Poem), Pushkin
in the House, The (Poems), Patmore
Angellier, August, Erskine
Angels of Buena Vista, The (Poem), Whittier
Angler’s Wish, An (Poem), van Dyke
— — The (Poem), Walton
Angleterre, L’ (Poem), Verhaeren
Anglo-Saxon Literature, Robert Sharp
Animals. See also Fables.
    Bestiaries and Lapidaries
    Buddhist Duty of Courtesy to Animals, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
    Cattle, Characteristics of, Almqvist
    Dogs, Sydney Smith
    Fabulous Animals of the Ancient Writers, The, Cuvier
    Frogs, Buckland (Curiosities of Natural History)
    Gratitude of Animals, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
    Love of Animals for Man, The, Athenæus
    Monkey Jacko, My, Buckland (Curiosities of Natural History)
    Rats, Buckland (Curiosities of Natural History)
    Snakes and Their Poison, Buckland (Curiosities of Natural History)
    Squirrels: Billy and Hans, Stillman
    Tortoise, Habits of the, White (Natural History of Selborne)
Animals Sick of the Plague, The (Poem), La Fontaine
Anna Karénina, Tolstoy
Annabel Lee (Poem), Poe
Annals, Ennius
of the Four Masters
Annius Florus
Annunzio, Gabriele D
Annus Memorabilis (Congress 1860–61) (Poem), Brownell
Another Day (Poem), Howells
Antar (Antarah ibn Shaddad)
Antigone, Sophocles
Antipater of Sidon
Antiquary, The, Scott
Antiquities of the Jews, The, Josephus
Antiquity of Inventions, Wendell Phillips (The Lost Arts)
Antony and Cleopatra, Plutarch (Lives)
— — — Shakespeare
Ants, The Habits of, Lubbock (Beauties of Nature)
Anvár-i Suhailí, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Aphorisms, see Maxims.
Aphrodite and Selene, Lucian of Samosata
Apion, Treatise Against, Josephus
Apocalypse Explained, Swedenborg
Apocrypha, The, Toy
Apologia pro Vitâ Suâ, Newman
Apologues from the Persian (Poems), Fitzgerald
Apology, The, Plato
Apophthegms, Bacon
Appeal to Honor and Justice, An, Defoe
— — the Nation, An, Lloyd George
Appreciations, Pater
Après Trois Ans (Poem), Verlaine
April Rain (Poem), Thomson
Apukhtin, Aleksey Nikolaevich
Apuleius, Lucius
Aquinas, Thomas
Arab and the Camel, The (Poem), Babrius
    Arabs, The Spanish, Prescott (Ferdinand and Isabella)
    Ararat, The Ascent of, Bryce (Trans-Caucasia and Ararat)
    Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Meecah, A, R. F. Burton
Arabian Nights, The, Richard Gottheil
— — Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night, The, R. F. Burton
Arabic Literature.
    Abu l-’Ata
    Antar (Antarah ibn Shaddad)
    Arabian Nights, The
    Arabic Literature, Richard Gottheil
    Duraid ibn as-Simmah
    Fadl ibn al-Abbas, Al
    Hariri, Abu Muhammad al
    Hittân ibn al-Mu’allà
    Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
    Ibrahîm ibn Kunaif
    Ja’far ibn ’Ulbah
    Koran, The, J. W. Draper
    — — H. P. Smith
    Labîd ibn Rabi’ah
    Nâbighah al-Dubyâni
    Tarafah ibn al ’Abd al-Bakri
    ’Umar ibn Rabí’a
    Zuhéir ibn Abi Sulma
Arago, Dominique François, E. S. Holden
Ararat, The Ascent of, Bryce (Trans-Caucasia and Ararat)
Arbitrants, The
Arblay, Madame d’, see Burney, Frances.
Arbuthnot, John
Arcadia, The, Sidney
Archibald Malmaison, Julian Hawthorne
Architecture, see Art and Architecture.
Arctic Regions.
    Farthest North, Nansen
Areopagitica, Milton
Aréstegui, Narciso
Arethusa (Poem), Shelley
Aretina’s Song (Poem), Taylor
Argonautic Legend, The
Argument in the Trial of Aaron Burr, Wirt
to Prove that the Abolishing of Christianity in England May, as Things Now Stand, be Attended with Some Inconveniences, Swift
Ariel (Poem), Stedman
in the Cloven Pine (Poem), Taylor
Ariosto, Ludovico, L. O. Kuhns
Aristophanes, Paul Shorey
Aristotle, Thomas Davidson