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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Hebrew Literature to Intelligence and Genius

Hebrew Literature.
    Halevi, Judah
    Jewish Apocrypha, The
    Kabbalah, The
    Maimonides, Moses
    Old Testament, The, and the Jewish Apocrypha, C. H. Toy
    Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron)
    Talmud, The, Max Margolis
Hebrew Melodies (Poem), Byron
Hedda Gabler, Ibsen
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, W. T. Harris
Heijermans, Hermann, Jr.
Heimath, Sudermann
Heine, Heinrich, Richard Burton
— — Gottschall
Heine’s Visit to Goethe, Heine
Heinrich von Morungen
— — Ofterdingen, Novalis
— — Veldeke
Heiress of Red Dog, An, Harte
Hellenica, Xenophon
Héloïse and Abelard, Letters of
Hemans, Felicia Dorothea
Henley, William Ernest
Henriade, Voltaire
Henrietta, Beaconsfield
of France, Funeral Oration on, Bossuet
Henry, O.
— — Sketches of the Life and Character of, Wirt
and Emma (Poem), Prior
VIII., Character of, Froude (History of England)
Esmond, Thackeray
of Auë, Hauptmann
Heptameron, Marguerite de Navarre
Her First-Born (Poem), Turner
Herbert, George
— — Life of, Walton
Hercules Furens, Seneca
Herder, Johann Gottfried, Kuno Francke
Hereditary Genius, Galton
Heresy, The Meaning of, Lessing
Heritage of the Kurts, The, Björnson
Hermann Agha, Palgrave
and Thusnelda (Poem), Klopstock
Hernani, Hugo
Herodotus, B. L. Wheeler
Heroes and Hero-Worship, Carlyle
Heroic Enthusiasts, The, Bruno
Heron, The (Poem), La Fontaine
Herrick, Robert
Hertz, Henrik
Hervieu, Paul
Hervorar Saga
Hesper (Poem), Bion
Hesperia (Poem), Swinburne
Hesperides (Poem), Herrick
Hester (Poem), Lamb
Hewlett, Maurice, Boynton
Heyse, Paul
Heywood, Thomas
Hiawatha, Song of (Poem), Longfellow
Hierarchy of Angels (Poem), Heywood
Higginson, Thomas Wentworth
High-Handed Outrage at Utica, Artemus Ward
High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, The (Poem), Ingelow
Highland Lassie, The (Poem), Ramsay
Mary (Poem), Burns
Scenery, Macleod
Hildreth, Richard
Hind and the Panther, The (Poem), Dryden
Hinkson, Katherine Tynan
Hirschfeld, Georg
His Lady’s Tomb (Poem), Ronsard
Natural Life, Clarke
Historia Britonum, Geoffrey of Monmouth
Historiæ, Tacitus
Historical Essays, Freeman
— — Thierry
— — and Narratives of the Merovinian Era, Thierry
Studies of Church Building in the Middle Ages, Norton
Histories, The, Polybius
History. See also Names of Countries.
    Discourse upon Universal History, Bossuet
    Historians, Quintilian
    History, Emerson
    — The, of, Herodotus
    — and Poetry, Aristotle (Poetics)
    Mythical Origin of History, The, Buckle (History of Civilization in England)
    Philosophy of History, The, Hegel
    Scientific Method applied to History, Froude (Short Studies)
    Truth of History, The, Wilson (Mere Literature and Other Essays)
History, Emerson
as Literature, Roosevelt
from the Fourth Century to Our Days, General, Rambaud
of Æsthetic Ideas in Spain, Menéndez y Pelayo
— — Catiline’s Conspiracy, The, Sallust
— — Charles XII., King of Sweden, Voltaire
— — Civilization, in England, Buckle
— — — — Europe, General, Guizot
— — — — France, Rambaud
— — England, Froude
— — — Macaulay
— — — Ranke
— — — in the Eighteenth Century, Lecky
— — European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne, Lecky
— — Florence, Machiavelli
— — France, Michelet
— — French Civilization, Rambaud
— — Great Britain, Hume
— — Greece, Curtius
— — — Grote
— — Literature, Lectures, on the, Friedrich von Schlegel
— — Modern Philosophy, Fischer
— — Napoleon, Thiers
— — New York, A, by “Diedrich Knickerbocker,” Irving
— — Our Own Times, A, McCarthy
— — Philip II., Prescott
— — Rome, Duruy
— — — Livy
— — — Mommsen
— — — Niebuhr
— — Spanish Heretics, Menéndez y Pelayo
— — the American People, A, Wilson
— — the Conquest of England by the Normans, Thierry
— — — English People, Short, J. R. Green
— — — French Revolution, Thiers
— — — Intellectual Development of Europe, Draper
— — — Italian Republics, A, Simonde de Sismonde
— — — Latin and Teutonic Nations, Ranke
— — — Norman Conquest of England, The, Freeman
— — — Peloponnesian War, Thucydides
— — — People of the United States from the Revolution to the Civil War, A, McMaster
— — — Plague in London, Defoe
— — — Popes of Rome, Ranke
— — — Renaissance in Italy, The, Symonds
— — — Revolt of the United Netherlands, The, Schiller
— — — Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe, Lecky
— — — Romanic and Germanic Peoples, Ranke
— — — United Netherlands, Motley
— — — United States, Hildreth
— — — — — Rhodes
— — — War against Jugurtha, The, Sallust
— — — Warfare of Science with Theology, White
Hittân ibn al-Mu’allà
Hobbes, Thomas
Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Wilhelm
Hofmannsthal, Hugo von, B. Q. Morgan
Hogg, James
Hohenlinden (Poem), Campbell
Hōjōki, Kamo no Chomei
Holbein, Bodmer
Holberg, Ludvig, W. M. Paine
Holinshed, Raphael
Holland, Josiah Gilbert
Holland. See also Dutch Literature.
    Dutch Masters, The, De Amicis (Holland)
    History of the United Netherlands, Motley
    Holland and Its People, De Amicis
    Rise of the Dutch Republic, Motley
Holly-Tree, The (Poem), Southey
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Annie Adams Fields
Hölty, Ludwig Heinrich Christoph
Holy and Profane State, The, Thomas Fuller
Grail, Legend of the, Harper
Roman Empire, The, Bryce
Thursday (Poem), Blake
Homage (Poem), Hölty
Hombres de Pro, Los, Pereda
Home (Poem), Gibson
— (Poem), Sill
The, Bremer
Influence, Aguilar
to Sirmio (Poem), Catullus
Tragedy, Verga
Homer, Quintilian
T. D. Seymour
— (Poem), Carducci
Homeric Hymns, The
Homer’s Odyssey, Translation of (Poem), Chapman
Homes of England, The (Poem), Hemans
Homme à l’Oreille Cassée, L’, About
Homme Libre, L’, Barrès
Honest Lover, The (Poem), Suckling
Honor, Sudermann
to Home Talent (Poem), Eupolis
Hood, Thomas, L. G. Runkle
Hooft, Pieter Corneliszoon
Hook, Theodore
Hooker, Richard, Life of, Walton
Hope (Poem), Campbell
— (Poem), Howells
— (Poem), Shenstone
and Experience, Anon.
Is Like a Harebell (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Horace, Corneille
H. W. Preston
and Virgil, The Country of, Boissier
Greeley’s Ride to Placerville, Artemus Ward
Horace’s Farm (Poem), Horace
Horatius (Poem), Macaulay
Cocles at the Sublician Bridge, Livy (History of Rome)
Horla, Maupassant
Horne, Richard Henry Hengist
Horrida Tempestas (Poem), Horace
Hosier, The, Blicher
Hospital Sketches, Alcott
Hound of Heaven, The (Poem), Thompson
Hour Ere Break of Day, An (Poem), Mörike
from My Youth, An, Aleardi
— –Glass of Ashes, The (Poem), Rückert
of Death, The (Poem), Hemans
Hours of Exercise in the Alps, Tyndall
— — Thought on Sacred Things, Martineau
House of Gentlefolk, A, Turgenev
“— — Life, The,” Sonnets from (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
— — Penarvan, The, Sandeau
— — Seven Gables, The, Nathaniel Hawthorne
— — the Righteous, The, Macedonius
Household Tales, Grimm
Hovey, Richard, Erskine
How an Anchoress was Tempted by the Devil
Doth the Little Busy Bee (Poem), Watts
“— Glorious Fall the Valiant” (Poem), Tyrtæus
Paderewski Plays (Poem), Gilder
“— Plausible,” Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Sleep the Brave (Poem), William Collins
the Devil Took to Himself an Old Wife (Poem), Sachs
— — Lover Perisheth in his Delight as the Fly in the Fire (Poem), Wyatt
to Ask and Have (Poem), Lover
Howadji in Syria, G. W. Curtis
Howard, Bronson
Howe, Joseph, Archibald MacMechan
Julia Ward
Howells, William Dean, Carl Van Doren
How’s My Boy? (Poem), Dobell
Hudibras (Poem), Samuel Butler
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker, S. W. Mitchell
Hughes, Thomas
Hugo, Victor, Adolphe Cohn
Human Intercourse, Hamerton
Nature, Hobbes
Humanity, Baudelaire
Humble-Bee, The (Poem), Emerson
Humboldt, Alexander von
Hume, David, M. A. Mikkelsen
Humming-Bird, The (Poem), Very
Humor. See also Anecdotes; Fiction.
    Arbuthnot: “The History of John Bull,” “Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus
    Aytoun, W. E.: “The Modern Endymion
    Baggesen: “Philosophy on the Heath” (The Labyrinth)
    Calverley: “An Examination Paper on ‘Pickwick’”
    Canning: “Rogero’s Soliloquy
    Carroll: “Alice in Wonderland,” “Through the Looking Glass,” “The Hunting of the Snark
    Dunne: “Our Cuban Allies,” “The Dreyfus Case
    Foote, Samuel: Anecdotes (Memoirs)
    Hook: “John Bull
    Irving; “History of New York
    Leacock: “Boarding-House Geometry,A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural,” “The Train for Mariposa
    Smith, Sydney: “Dogs,” “Hand-Shaking,” “Small Men,” “Specie and Species,Review of the Novel “Granby
    Twain: “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court,” “The Jumping Frog
    Ward, Artemus (Charles Farrar Browne): “Affairs Round the Village Green,” “Edwin Forrest as Othello,” “High-Handed Outrage at Utica,” “Horace Greeley’s Ride to Placerville,” “Mr. Pepper
Humor of France, Mendès
— — The, Murger
Humphrey Clinker, Smollett
Hundred Pipers, The (Poem), Lady Nairne
Hungarian Literature.
    Eötvös, József
    Jókai, Mór
    Madách, Imre
    Petőfi, Alexander
Hunt, Leigh, Ernest Rhys
— — Ritchie (Memoirs)
Hunted Squirrel, The (Poem), William Browne
Hunting of the Cheviot, The (Poem), Anon.
— — — Snark, Carroll
Husband and Wife (Poem)
Husbandman and the Stork, The (Poem), Babrius
Hushed Be the Camps To-day (Poem), Whitman
Huxley, Thomas Henry, E. R. Lankester
Huysmans, Joris-Karl, Pierre de Bacourt
Hyacinth, The (Poem), Hayne
Hyde, Douglas
— Edward, see Clarendon, Edward Hyde, earl of.
Hydriotaphia; or, Urn-Burial, Sir Thomas Browne
Hylas (Poem), Taylor
Hymn (Poem), Oehlenschläger
for Children at Christmas, A (Poem), Luther
in Praise of Neptune, A (Poem), Campion
of Pan (Poem), Shelley
on the Nativity, The (Poem), Milton
to Delian Apollo, Close of the (Poem)
— — Demeter (Poem)
— — Intellectual Beauty (Poem), Shelley
— — Joy (Poem), Schiller
— — Jupiter (Poem), Callimachus
— — Mercury (Poem), Paraphrase by Shelley
— — Proserpine (Poem), Swinburne
— — the Aten (Poem), Egyptian
— — — Night (Poem), Longfellow
— — — Sun (Poem), Paludan-Müller
— — Usertesen III. (Poem), Egyptian
— — Venus (Poem), Paraphrase by Shelley
— — Virtue, Aristotle
— — Zeus (Poem), Cleanthes
    And Have I Measured Half My Days, Wesley
    Battle Hymn of the Republic, Howe
    Before the Sacrament, Heber
    Buddhist Hymn
    Centennial Hymn, Whittier
    Charge to Keep I Have, A, Wesley
    Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, Watts
    De Resurrectione Domini, Adam de Saint Victor
    De Sancto Spiritu, Adam de Saint Victor
    Dedication Hymn, Willis
    Epiphany, Heber
    Eternal Beam of Light Divine, Wesley
    Evening Hymn, Keble
    Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee, Wesley
    Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild, Wesley
    Golden Palace, the (from Bobrov), Bowring
    Hail! Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord, Wesley
    Hymn, Bowring
    — Oehlenschläger
    — for Children at Christmas, Luther
    — to the Sun, Paludan-Müller
    — — Virtue, Aristotle
    Hymns of the Rig-Veda
    In Praise of Neptune, Campion
    — the Cross of Christ I Glory, Bowring
    Jesus, Lover of My Soul, Wesley
    — My Strength, My Hope, Wesley
    — shall Reign Where’er the Sun, Watts
    Joy to the World, the Lord is Come, Watts
    Lead Kindly Light, Newman
    Light of Life, Seraphic Fire, Wesley
    Love Divine, All Love Excelling, Wesley
    Missionary Hymn, the, Heber
    Morning, Keble
    Nativity, The, Milton
    Nearer, my God, to Thee, S. F. Adams
    O Little Town of Bethlehem, Brooks
    Our God, Our Help in Ages Past, Watts
    Praise to God, Barbauld
    Psalm, 137th, Bacon
    “Raghuvança,” Hymn from the Kālidāsa
    Safe Stronghold, Our God is Still, A, Luther
    Saint Bernard’s Hymn
    Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity, Heber
    Spacious Firmament on High, The, Addison
    Sun-Day Hymn, A, Holmes
    There Is a Land of Pure Delight, Watts
    Thou Hidden Love of God, Whose Height, Wesley
    Thou Very Present Aid, Wesley
    Thou Whom My Soul Admires Above, Watts
    To Amen Ra, Egyptian
    — Jupiter, Callimachus
    — the Aten, Egyptian
    — Usertesen III., Egyptian
    — Zeus, Cleanthes
    Trinity Sunday, Heber
    Vedic Hymns
    Vesper Hymn, Abelard
    Watchman! What of the Night, Bowring
    Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest, Watts
    When I Survey the Wondrous Cross, Watts
    Zoroaster, A Psalm of
Hymns to Amen Ra (Poems), Egyptian
to the Night, Novalis
Hyperion (Poem), Keats
I am So Sad, O God! (Poem), Słowacki
Heard You, Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ (Poem), Whitman
I’ Ho Pien di Sospir Quest’ Aer Tutto” (Poem), Petrarch
I Remember, I Remember (Poem), Hood
I See the Days are Long (Poem), Guillaume de Cabestaing
Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (Poem), Wordsworth
Iago’s Soldier Songs (Poem), Shakespeare
ibn Gabirol, see Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron).
Sina, Thomas Davidson
Ibrahîm ibn Kunaif
Ibsen, Henrik, W. H. Carpenter
Iceland First Seen (Poem), Morris
Fisherman, An; A Story of Love on Land and Sea, Loti
Icelandic Literature.
    Árnason, Jón
    Eddas, The
    Icelandic Legends, Árnason
    Icelandic Literature, William Sharp
    Sigurjónsson, Jóhann
Icelandic Popular Legends and Tales, Árnason
Ichabod (Poem), Uhland
— (Poem), Whittier
Identity (Poem), Aldrich
Idoménée, Crébillon
Idyl of an Invalid, The, Valdés
— — the Roses (Poem), Ausonius
VII. (Poem), Theocritus
Idyll (Poem), Runeberg
Idyllia, Theocritus
Idylls of the King, Tennyson
If I Were Dead” (Poem), Patmore
“— This Were Faith” (Poem), Stevenson
You but Knew (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
Il Penseroso (Poem), Milton
Iliad, The, Homer
Illusions of Doctor Faustinus, The, Valera
Illustrations of Universal Progress, Spencer
Imaginary Correspondence of Pericles and Aspasia, Landor
verses of Alexander Selkirk (Poem), Cowper
Imitation of Christ, Thomas à Kempis
Immen-see, Storm
Immermann, Karl Leberecht
Immigration, Speech in the Virginia Legislature, Henry
Immortality, Bible
Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
of Genius, The (Poem), Propertius
Impatience (Poem), Thaxter
Impeachment of Night, The (Poem), Michaelangelo
Imperfect Sympathies, Lamb
Implacability (Poem), Al-Fadl
Importance of Being Earnest, The, Wilde
Imports of Athens (Poem), Hermippus
In a Gothic Church (Poem), Carducci
— — Winter Night (Poem), Liliencron
— — Year (Poem), Robert Browning
After Days (Poem), Dobson
Autumn (Poem), Thaxter
Death’s Despite (Poem), Thaxter
God’s Way, Björnson
Good Quarters (Poem), Déroulède
Hebrid Seas (Poem)
In Memoriam (Poem), Tennyson
Memory of Agnes (Poems), Rückert
— — — Walter Savage Landor (Poem), Swinburne
My Own Album (Poem), Lamb
October (Poem), Lampman
Old New York, Janvier
— “Qual Parte del Cielo, in Quale Idea” (Poem), Petrarch
School Days (Poem), Whittier
“— Spring Cydonian Apple-trees” (Poem), Ibycus
the Cathedral of Toledo (Poem), Zorrilla y Moral
— — Children’s Hospital (Poem), Tennyson
— — Fisher’s Cabin (Poem), Heine
— — Lane (Poem), Cawein
— — Mist (Poem), Pascoli
— — Shadow of the Beeches (Poem), Cawein
— — Spring a Young Man’s Fancy (Poem), Meleager
— — Tennessee Mountains, Murfree
— — Tunnel (Poem), Harte
— — Year ’13, Reuter
Three Days (Poem), Robert Browning
Time of Peace Prepare for War, Sumner
Inaugural Address as President of Harvard College, Eliot
Incendiarism in Ireland, Speech on, Bright
Inchcape Rock, The (Poem), Southey
Incipiunt Laudes Creaturarum, Francis of Assisi
Inconsistency, Seneca
Inconstancy Upbraided (Poem), Robert Ayton
    India (Poem), D’Annunzio
    Nabob of Arcot’s Debts, The, Burke
    Vedas, The, and Their Theology, Draper (Intellectual Development of Europe)
Indian Literature.
    Dutt, Toru
    Indian literature, E. W. Hopkins
    Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
    Tagore, Rabindranath
    Vedas, The, and Their Theology, Draper (History of the Intellectual Development of Europe)
    Vedic Literature
Indian Serenade, The (Poem), Shelley
Summer, Howells
Indiana, Sand
    Capture of the Inca, The, Prescott (Conquest of Peru)
    Huron Mission, The, Parkman (Jesuits in North America)
    Indians, A Dangerous Adventure with, Audubon (American Ornithological Biography)
    — in Cuba, de las Casas (A Relation of the First Voyage)
    — — Florida, Parkman (Pioneers of France in the New World)
    John Woolman’s Journal
    King’s Philip’s War, Bancroft (History of the United States)
    Wyandots and Algonquins, The, Roosevelt (Winning of the West)
Indifference (Poem), Petőfi
Inez (Poem), Read
Infinite, The (Poem), O’Reilly
Influence of Sea Power upon History, The, Mahan
— — the Passions, Staël
Ingelow, Jean
— — Imitation of (Poems), Calverley
Ingemann, Bernhard Severin
Ingersoll, Robert Green, R. C. E. Brown
Ingoldsby Legends, The, Barham
Ingres, Life of, Blanc
Inheritance, The, Ferrier
Inner Beauty, The, Maeterlinck
Temple Masque (Poem), William Browne
Innsprück (Poem), Anon.
Inquiries into the Human Faculty, Galton
Inquiry, The (Poem), Carew
Inscription for a Fountain (Poem), B. W. Procter
— — an Altar Dedicated to Artemis (Poem), Simonides
of Sennacherib (Poem), Anon.
— — Una, Egyptian
    Ants, The Habits of, Lubbock (Beauties of Nature)
    Bee, Life of the, Maeterlinck
    House-Cricket, The, White (Natural History of Selborne)
    Insects, Fabre (Souvenirs Entomologiques)
    Locusts, The, Newman (Callista)
    White Ants, Henry Drummond (Tropical Africa)
Inspector, The, Gogol
Inspiration (Poem), Thoreau
— (Poem), Verlaine
Institutes, The, Quintilian
of the Christian Religion, Calvin
Intellectual Life, The, Hamerton
Intelligence and Genius, Matthew Arnold (Essays in Criticism)