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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Lemaître to Manon Lescaut

Lemaître, Jules
Lenore (Poem), Bürger
Leone Leoni, Sand
Leonidas of Tarentum
Leopardi, Giacomo, Katherine Hillard
Lerberghe, Charles van
Lermontov, Mikhail Yurevich
Lesage, Alain René, J. G. Cooke
Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim, E. P. Evans
Lessing’s Estimate of Himself (Hamburg Dramaturgy)
Let Dogs Delight to Bark and Bite (Poem), Watts
Lethe (Poem), Thomas
Letter to Dr. Styles, Jefferson
— — his Wife, Luther
— — James Madison, Jefferson
— — Melanchthon, Luther
— — Mr. Hopkinson, Jefferson
— — Monsieur de Molière, Valet de Chambre du Roi, Lang
— — Robert Skipwith, A, Jefferson
— — the American People, A, Galsworthy
— — to the King, A (Poem), Marot
    Abelard and Héloïse
    Adams, Abigail: To her Husband, 1775–77, To her Sister, From France, From London
    — John: The Character of Franklin
    — J. Q.: To his Father at the Age of Ten, At the Age of Eighteen
    Alciphron: Epistolæ
    Alcuin: To Charlemagne
    Bacon: To Lord Burghley, To the Lord Chancellor, Touching the History of Britain, To Villiers on his Patent as Viscount
    Beethoven: To Dr. Wegeler, To Bettina Brentano, To Countess Guicciardi, To His Brothers, To the High Court of Appeals, To Baroness von Drossdick, To Zmeskall, To His Brother Johann, To Stephan V. Breuning
    Bentham: To George Wilson, To Lord Lansdowne
    Bismarck: To Frau von Arnim, To Oscar von Arnim, Confidential Dispatch to Manteuffel, To His Wife
    Browne, Sir Thomas: A Letter to a Friend
    Burney: Letters
    Chesterfield: To His Son—Concerning Manners, The Control of One’s Countenance, Dress as an Index to Character, Some Remarks on Good Breeding
    Chrysostom: To Olympias on Encouragement in Adversity
    Cicero: To Tiro, To Atticus, Sulpicius to, Reply to Sulpicius, To Terentia, Vacillation in the Civil War, Cæsar to, Pompey to, Cælius to, Matius to
    Cowper: To William Unwin on the Immutability of Human Nature, To Rev. John Newton
    Darwin: To Miss Julia Wedgwood, To J. D. Hooker, To T. H. Huxley, To E. R. Lankester
    du Deffand, Madame: To the Duchesse de Choiseul, To Mr. Crawford, To Horace Walpole
    Erasmus: Views on Life and Conduct, Relating to the Monks, To Luther, Letter to Adrian VI.
    Franklin: To Madame Helvétius, To Madame Brillon, To Lord Kames, To John Alleyne
    Fröbel: The Letters of Fröbel
    Fuller: To Elizabeth Hoar, on George Sand, To R. W. Emerson, on Carlyle
    Galsworthy: A Letter to the American People
    Jefferson: To Robert Skipwith, To Mr. Hopkinson, To Dr. Styles, To James Madison
    Johnson: To Lord Chesterfield, To his Aged Mother, To Mr. Joseph Baretti, To his Aged Servant, To Boswell, To Mrs. Lucy Porter, To Mr. Perkins, To Mrs. Thrale
    Luther: To Melanchthon, To his Wife, To his Son Hans, aged Six
    Marot: A Rhymed Letter to the King
    Maurice: To Rev. J. de La Touche, To Rev. Charles Kingsley
    Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: To F. Hiller, To Herr Advocat Conrad Schleinitz, To his Sister, Letters from Italy and Switzerland
    Mirabeau: To the King of Prussia, To Vitry, To Chamfort
    Montagu: To E. W. Montagu, I, II, To Mr. Pope, To Mrs. S. C., To the Countess of Mar, I, II, To the Abbé X——, To the Countess of Bute, I, II, III
    More: To Lady More
    Newton: To Francis Astor
    Niebuhr: Letter to Jacobi, On the Importance of the Imagination
    Pliny: To Minutius Fundanus, To Socius Senecio, To Nepos, To Marcellinus, To Calpurnia, I, II, To Tacitus, To Maximus, To Fuscus, To the Emperor Trajan
    Plutarch: To his Wife on their Daughter’s Death
    Sand: A Traveler’s Letters, Her Daughter, Venice
    Sévigné: To her Cousin, M. de Coulanges, To her Daughter, Madame de Grignan
    Voltaire: To Madame du Deffand, To Dupont, To Rousseau, To an Italian Nobleman, To Theuriet
    Walpole: To Sir Horace Mann, To the Earl of Hertford, To George Montagu, Esq., To Mr. Gray, To the Countess of Ossory
Letters, Burney
Pliny the Younger
and the Life of Francis Bacon, The, Spedding
concerning the English Nation, Voltaire
from My Windmill, Daudet
on the French Coup d’État, Bagehot
to Dead Authors, Lang
Lettice White (Poem), Ingelow
Letty’s Globe (Poem), Turner
Leva, La, Pereda
Lever, Charles
Levia Gravia (Poems), Carducci
Leviathan, Hobbes
Lewes, George Henry
Libation-Pourers, The, Æschylus
Liberty of Prophesying, The, Jeremy Taylor
Lie, Jonas
Life, Ingersoll
A, Maupassant
— (Poem), Barbauld
— (Poem), Procter
— (Poem), Sill
and Death (Poem), Amphis
— — — of Jason, The (Poem), William Morris
— — — — John of Barneveld, Motley
— — Old Age, Heine
— — Opinions, Ewald
— — Song (Poem), Lanier
for Song (Poem), Bruno
Hidden (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Lesson, A (Poem), Riley
— –Mask of Abraham Lincoln, On the (Poem), Gilder
of Flowers, The (Poem), Landor
— — the Bee, Maeterlinck
on the Mississippi, Twain
Well Lost (Poem), Bruno
Life’s Wandering, A, Anon.
Light Conceits of Lovers (Poem), Campion
of Asia, The, Edwin Arnold
— — Life, Seraphic Fire (Hymn), Wesley
Lights of Canopus, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Liliencron, Detlev von, Ludwig Lewisohn
Lily of the Valley, The (Poem), Atterbom
— — — — — (Poem), Croly
Lincoln, Abraham, Hay
— — H. W. Mabie
— — Schurz
— — (Fiction), Churchill (The Crisis)
— — (Poem), S. W. Mitchell
— — On the Life-Mask of (Poem), Gilder
— — Speeches, Lincoln
Lindsay, Vachel, Erskine
Lines (Poem), Woodberry
on the Burial of the Champion of his Class at Yale College (Poem), Willis
Printed Under Milton’s Portrait (Poem), Dryden
to an Inconstant Mistress (Poem), Robert Ayton
— — — — — (Poem), Adapted by Robert Burns
Linnaeus, John Muir
Lion-Makers, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Lions, The (Poem), Hugo
Lion’s Ride, The (Poem), Freiligrath
Skeleton, The (Poem), Turner
Lister’s “Granby,” Sydney Smith
Literary and Political Addresses, Lowell
Essays, Lowell
History of the American Revolution, Tyler
Judgments, Joubert
Lapses, Leacock
Literature. See also Anecdotes; Books and Reading; Drama; Essays; Fables, Fairy Tales; Fiction; Humor; Hymns; Oratory; Poetry, also names of Literatures, e.g., American Literature.
    Accadian-Babylonian and Assyrian Literature, Toy
    Anglo-Saxon Literature, Robert Sharp
    Antar, Holden
    Antiquity of Stories, The, Phillips (The Lost Arts)
    Arabian Nights, The, Gottheil
    Arabic Literature, Gottheil
    Argonautic Legend, The
    Arthurian Legend, The, Jones
    Assyrian Literature, Toy
    Aucassin and Nicolette, Warren
    Authorship, Schopenhauer
    Avesta, The, Jackson
    Babylonian Literature, Toy
    Bacon–Shakespeare Craze, The, White (Studies in Shakespeare)
    Ballad, The, Gummere
    Bestiaries and Lapidaries, Kuhns
    Bétinet, Avenger of Letters, Veuillot (Les Odeurs de Paris)
    Brittany, The Heroic and Legendary Literature of, William Sharp
    Celtic Literature, Sharp and Rhys
    Classic and the Romantic in Literature, The, Pater
    Classical and of Modern Literature, Spirit of, Sumner (The Scholar)
    Criticism, Amiel (Journal)
    — Schopenhauer
    Critic’s Account of his Critical Method, A, Sainte-Beuve (Nouveaux Lundis)
    Eddas, The, W. H. Carpenter
    Egyptian Literature, Griffith
    Essay on Criticism (Poem), Pope
    Essay-Writing, Le Gallienne
    Folk-Song, F. B. Gummere
    Genius of the North, The, Atterbom
    Gesta Romanorum
    Greek Anthology, The, Talcott Williams
    Heroic and Legendary Literature of Brittany, The, William Sharp
    Holy Grail, Legend of the, G. M. Harper
    Homeric Hymns, The
    Icelandic Literature, William Sharp
    Indian Literature, E. W. Hopkins
    Intelligence and Genius, Arnold (Essays in Criticism)
    Interpretation of Literature, The, Dowden (Transcripts and Studies)
    Irish Literary Renascence, L. R. Morris
    Kalevala, The, Sharp
    Latin-American Literature, M. M. Ramsey
    — — — after 1888, Alfred Coester
    Lecturing, Sarcey (Recollections)
    Literary Heresy, A, Schérer
    — Judgments, Joubert (Aphorisms)
    Literature and Life, Brooks (Essays)
    — — Poetry, Cicero (Oration)
    — of China, the, R. K. Douglas
    Literatures of France, England, and Germany, Brunetière
    Mabinogion, The, Rhys
    Magazine in America, The, Paine
    Main Currents in the Literature of the Nineteenth Century, Brandes
    Masques, Ernest Rhys
    Middle Ages, The, Hallam
    Migration of Fables, The, Müller (Chips from a German Workshop)
    Minnesingers, The, C. H. Genung
    Myths and Folk-Lore of the Aryan Peoples, William Sharp and Ernest Rhys
    New Testament, The, its Literary Grandeur, Farrar
    Nibelungenlied, The, C. H. Genung
    Office of Literature, The, Birrell
    Old Testament, The, and the Jewish Apocrypha, C. H. Toy
    Ossian and Ossianic Poetry, William Sharp and Ernest Rhys
    Pathos, Patmore (Principle in Art)
    Persons One would Wish to have Seen, Hazlitt (Table Talk)
    Pierre of Provence and the Beautiful Maguelonne, Olga Flinch
    Preliminary Discourse to the Treatise on Literature, Staël
    Profession of Authorship, The, Gissing (New Grub Street)
    Professional Reviewer, The, Bennett (The Truth about an Author)
    Provençal Literature (The Troubadours, 1090–1290), H. W. Preston
    Recent Northern Literature, The Influence of, Lemaître
    Review Writing, Bagehot (The First Edinburgh Reviewers)
    Romance: Spenser and Shakespeare, Friedrich von Schlegel (Lectures on the History of Literature)
    Shakespeare, The Example of, Guizot (Shakespeare and his Times)
    Sterility of Literature, Causes of the, Bagehot
    Style, Jonson
    — Joubert (Aphorisms)
    — Quintilian (Institutes)
    Tahitian Literature, LaFarge
    Talmud, The, Max Margolis
    Taste, Bagehot (Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Browning)
    Troubadour, The, Sismondi (Literature of the South of Europe)
    West, The, in American History, Wilson
    Words and Their Uses, White
    Writer, Of the Qualities of the, Joubert (Aphorisms)
Literature and Life, Brooks
of the South of Europe, Simonde de Sismonde
Lithology, Pliny the Elder (Natural History)
Little Billee (Poem), Thackeray
Black Boy, The (Poem), Blake
Briar-Rose, Grimm
Dorrit, Dickens
Eyolf, Ibsen
Field of Peace, The (Poem), Roberts
Minister, The, Barrie
Orphant Annie (Poem), Riley
Poems in Prose, Baudelaire
Red Riding-Hood, Perrault
Rivers, van Dyke
Women, Alcott
Lives and Sayings of the Philosophers, Diogenes Laertius
of Courtly Women, Brantôme
— — Distinguished Men and Great Captains, Brantôme
— — Illustrious Men, Plutarch
— — Notable Women, Brantôme
— — the English Poets, Johnson
— — — Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, Vasari
Livy, W. C. Lawton
Lludd and Llevelys, Mabinogion
Lochaber No More (Poem), Ramsay
Lochiel’s Warning (Poem), Campbell
Lochinvar (Poem), Scott
Locke, John
Locker-Lampson, Frederick, Elizabeth Stoddard
Lockhart, John Gibson
Locksley Hall (Poem), Tennyson
Locusts, The, Newman (Callista)
and Wild Honey, Burroughs
Lodge, Thomas
Lodging for the Night, A, Stevenson
Lohengrin (Poem), Wagner
Lombard Street, Bagehot
London, Jack, Leland Hall
London, Besant
Fuller (Worthies of England)
1802 (Poem), Wordsworth
The Great Fire in, Evelyn (Diary)
— — Plague in, Defoe
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, C. F. Johnson
and the Water-World, Henley (Views and Reviews)
Longing (Poem), Carmen Sylva
for Jerusalem (Poem), Halevi
Longings (Poem), Kingsley
Longueville, Madame de, Cousin
Lopez, Vicente Fidel
Lord Jim, Conrad
Ormont and his Aminta, Meredith
Randal (Poem), Anon.
Ullin’s Daughter (Poem), Campbell
Lorelei (Poem), Eichendorff
The (Poem), Heine
Lorenzaccio, Musset
Lorenzo Benoni, Ruffini
Lorna Doone, Blackmore
Loss and Gain, Newman
Lost Arts, The, Wendell Phillips
Caravan, The (Poem), Thomson
Chord, A (Poem), Adelaide Procter
Eden, The (Poem), Watson
Glove, The, Conscience
Manuscript, The, Freytag
Pleiad, The (Poem), Hemans
Steamship, The (Poem), O’Brien
Lothair, Beaconsfield
Loti, Pierre
Lotos-Eaters, The (Poem), Tennyson
Lotus Eating, G. W. Curtis
Louis XI., Commines (Memoirs)
— — Delavigne
XVI., King of France, Carlyle (French Revolution)
Louise et Barnavaux, Mille
Louisiana (Poem), Fréchette
Love, Emerson
Hobbes (Human Nature)
— (Poem), Herbert
— (Poem), Jāmī
— (Poem), Lodge
Among the Ruins (Poem), Robert Browning
at Sea (Poem), Swinburne
Divine, All Love Excelling (Hymn), Wesley
First, Ewald (Life and Opinions)
for Love, Congreve
in a Cottage (Poem), Willis
— — Exile (Poem), Blind
— — the Country (Poem), Tibullus
— — Springtime (Poem), Shakespeare
— — the Valley (Poem), Meredith
is All (Poem), Catullus
— –Letters of Smith, The, Bunner
of Simætha, The (Poem), Theocritus
Poems, ’Umar ibn Rabí’a
Serviceable (Poem), Patmore
Songs (Poem), Heine
Stories from Many Countries, Goldschmidt
The Life-Giver (Poem), Michaelangelo
The Nature of, Bible
Lovely Mary Donnelly (Poem), Allingham
Lover, Samuel
Prayeth Not to be Disdained, The (Poem), Wyatt
Lovers, The, Andersen
and a Reflection (Poem), Calverley
Lover’s Melancholy, The, Ford
Lovers of Gudrun, The (Poem), Morris
Lover’s Sigh, A (Poem), Anacreon
Love’s Ferriage (Poem), Agathias
Growth (Poem), Donne
Immortality, Strato
Labour’s Lost, Shakespeare
Lament (Poem), Shakespeare
Rhapsody (Poem), Shakespeare
Somnambulist (Poem), Blind
Young Dream (Poem), Thomas Moore
Low-Backed Car, The (Poem), Lover
Lowell, Amy, Erskine
James Russell, Henry James
— — — Elmwood (Poem), Aldrich
Lower Depths, The, Gorky
Lowlands of Holland, The (Poem), Anon.
Loyola and the Jesuits, Macaulay (Essay on Ranke’s “History of the Popes”)
Loyson, Paul Hyacinthe
Lubbock, Sir John
Lucian of Samosata, E. J. Putnam
Lucien Leuwen, Stendhal
Lucifer, Vondel
Lucile (Poem), Lytton
Luck of Edenhall, The (Poem), Uhland
Lucretius, Paul Shorey
Lullaby (Poem), Thomas Dekker
— (Poem), Giusti
Lusiads, The (Poem), Camões
Luther, Martin, Erasmus (Correspondence)
— — C. D. Hartranft
Luther’s Letter to his Little Son Hans, Aged six, Luther
Table-Talk, Luther
Lützow’s Wild Chase (Poem), Körner
Luxury, Lucretius (De Rerum Natura)
Lycidas (Poem), Milton
Lyell’s “Antiquity of Man,” Darwin (Life and Letters)
Lying in the Grass (Poem), Gosse
Lyons, Festival of Henry II. at, Brantôme (Lives of Courtly Women)
Lyra Celtica, E. A. Sharp, ed.
Lyric, Amaru
Lys dans la vallée, Le, Balzac
Lysistrata, The, Aristophanes
Lytton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-, see Bulwer-Lytton, Edward.
— — E. Robert Bulwer, Lord
Maartens, Maarten, William Sharp
Mabie, Hamilton Wright
Mabinogion, The, Ernest Rhys
McCarthy, Justin
Macaulay, Thomas Babington, Bagehot
— — — Gladstone (Gleanings of Past Years)
Macaulay, Thomas Babington, J. B. McMaster
— — — Sydney Smith
Macbeth, Shakespeare
Macbeth’s Witches, Holinshed (Chronicles)
MacDonald, George
Macé, Jean
MacGill, Patrick, Ervine
Machiavelli, Niccolò, C. P. Neill
Machines, Samuel Butler (Erewhon)
MacKaye, Percy
Mackenzie, Compton
Maclaren, Ian, see Watson, John.
Macleod, Norman
of Dare, Black
McMaster, John Bach
Macphail, Andrew, Archibald MacMechan
Madách, Imre, G. A. Kohut
Mademoiselle de Mersac, W. E. Morris
Mademoiselle’s Campaigns, Higginson
Madison, James
Madman or Saint? Echegaray
Madness of King Goll, The (Poem), Yeats
Madonna of the Future, The, Henry James
Madrigal (Poem), William Drummond
A, To Astræa (Poem), Ronsard
Maeterlinck, Maurice, William Sharp
Magazine in America, The, Paine
Magda, Sudermann
Magee, W. K. see Eglinton, John.
Magellan, Ferdinand, Fiske (Discovery of America)
Magic Scythe, The, Árnason
Maginn, Dr. William
Magyar Literature, see Hungarian Literature.
— (Poem), Edwin Arnold
Mahaffy, John Pentland
Mahan, Alfred Thayer
Mahogany-Tree, The (Poem), Thackeray
Mahon’s “History of the War of the Succession in Spain,” Macaulay
Mahony (Father Prout), Francis Sylvester, John Malone
Maid Marian, Peacock
of Athens (Poem), Byron
— — Honour, The, Massinger
— — Orleans, The, Schiller
Maid-Servant, Engaging a, Defoe (Everybody’s Business is Nobody’s Business)
Maiden from Afar, The (Poem), Schiller
of the Crag, D’Annunzio
Maidenhood (Poem), Longfellow
Maiden’s Lament, A (Poem), Sakanōe
— — The (Poem), Schiller
Maid’s Tragedy, The, Beaumont and Fletcher
Maimonides, Moses, Rabbi Gottheil
Main Currents in the Literature of the Nineteenth Century, Brandes
Maine, Sir Henry, D. M. Means
Mainsail Haul, A (Poem), Masefield
Maintenon, Madame de, at the Review, Saint-Simon (Memoirs)
Maison du chat-qui-pelote, Balzac
Maistre, Xavier de
Makamat (Poems), al-Hariri
Making an Omelette, Droz
Makura no Soshi, Shōnagon
Mālavikāgnimitra, Kālidāsa
Malay Archipelago, The, A. R. Wallace
Malbrouck (Poem), Mahony
Mallock, William Hurrell
Malory, Sir Thomas
— — — and the “Morte d’Arthur,” Ernest Rhys
Man, Amiel (Journal)
Against the Sky, The (Poems), E. A. Robinson
and Superman, Shaw
in Harmony with Nature (Poem), Very
— — the Pit, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
of Letters, The, Mendès
— — Property, The, Galsworthy
Philosophy of the History of, Herder
Man-Servant and the Water-Elves, The, Árnason
Man Was Made to Mourn (Poem), Burns
Who Married a Dumb Wife, The, France
with the Broken Ear, The, About
without a Country, The, Hale
Manalo, El (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
Manchy, The (Poem), Leconte de Lisle
Mandalay (Poem), Kipling
Mandeville, Sir John
Mandoline (Poem), Verlaine
Mandragola, Machiavelli
Mangan, James Clarence
Manifesto of the Communist Party, The, Marx
Manners and Customs.
    Age of Homespun, The, Bushnell
    American Manners in 1850, Rhodes (History of the United States)
    Americans in Europe, Fuller (At Home and Abroad)
    Backwoodsmen, The, Roosevelt (Winning of the West)
    Bohemianism, Hamerton (Human Intercourse)
    Café, The, Banville (Soul of Paris)
    Childhood in Ancient Life, Mahaffy (Old Greek Education)
    Chivalry, Fitzgerald (Euphranor)
    Church, Behavior at, Steele (The Guardian)
    Coffee-House, The, Macaulay (History of England)
    Coffee-Houses, Steele (The Guardian)
    Colonists, Customs of the, Hildreth (History of the United States)
    Comedy of Manners at Versailles, The, Taine (The Ancient Régime)
    Cornish Wreckers, The, Baring-Gould (Vicar of Morwenstow)
    Coronation in Presburg, A, Mendelssohn (Letters)
    Court Life in Germany, Wilhelmine von Bayreuth (Memoirs)
    — of Urbino, The, Castiglione (Il Cortegiano)
    Courtier’s Life, The, Barclay (Eclogues)
    Dancing of Royalty, The, Brantôme (Lives of Notable Women)
    Dinner in the Grand Vizier’s Harem, Montagu (Letter)
    Domestic Service, Whipple
    Eating and Drinking, Brillat-Savarin (Physiology of Taste)
    Eighteenth Century, The, Schérer (Woman in the Eighteenth Century)
    Fans, Addison
    Fashion, La Bruyère (Characters)
    Fashion, A Year of, Walpole (Letter)
    Festival of Henry II. at Lyons, Brantôme (Lives of Courtly Women)
    — — the Queen of Hungary at Bains, Brantôme (Lives of Courtly Women)
    Fifteenth Century, The, Stubbs (Constitutional History of England)
    Funeral of George II., Walpole (Letter)
    Gauls and Germans, The, Ancient, Cæsar (The Gallic Wars)
    Germans, Early, Tacitus (Germania)
    Gladiatorial Shows, Moral Influence of, Lecky (European Morals)
    Gul’s Horne Booke, From the, Dekker
    Hand-Shaking, Sydney Smith
    Highwayman, The, Macaulay (History of England)
    Japanese Court Festivals (Makura no Soshi)
    Latian Farm, A, Cato (De Agriculture)
    Letters to His Son, Chesterfield
    Manners and Fashion, Spencer (Illustrations of Universal Progress)
    Marriages, Early, Franklin (Letter)
    Modern Life, Some Changes in, Sumner
    Mourning, Public, Steele (Tatler)
    New England Auction, Prime (Along New England Roads)
    Pepys’s Diary
    Persian Letters, Montesquieu
    Roman Civilization under Nero, Farrar (Early Days of Christianity)
    Salem Witchcraft, Palfrey (History of New England)
    Scythian Customs, Curious, Herodotus
    Stage Coach, The, Irving (Sketch Book)
    Tobacco, A Tribute to, Bodmer (Dürer)
    Troubadour, The, Sismondi (Literature of the South of Europe)
    Troubadours, The, Preston
    Washing of Hands, The, Edersheim (Life and Times of Jesus)
Manners and Fashion, Spencer
Manon Lescaut, Prévost d’Exiles