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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Mansfield Park to Noble Nature

Mansfield Park, Austen
Mantik-ut-Tair (Poem), Faríd-uddín Attar
Manxman, The, Caine
Manzoni, Alessandro, M. F. Egan
Marathon, The Battle of, Snider (A Walk in Hellas)
Marble Faun, The, Nathaniel Hawthorne
Marcella, Ward
March (Poem), Cawein
Marchaunt Adventurers (Poem), Noyes
Marco Bozzaris (Poem), Halleck
Marcus Argentarius
Aurelius, J. F. Gluck
Margaret, Judd
Margherita Pusterla, Cantù
Marguerite de Navarre
María, Isaacs
Stuart, Schiller
— — i Skotland, Björnson
Mariana, Epilogue of, Echegaray
Mariatta (Poem), Kalevala
Marie, Heine
Stuart, Adieux à (Poem), Swinburne
Marius, the Epicurean, Pater
Speech of, Sallust (History of the War against Jugurtha)
Marjorie Fleming, John Brown
Marlowe, Christopher
Marmion (Poem), Scott
Marot, Clément
Marquise Une (Poem), Dobson
Marriage, Gogol
— (Poem), Gibson
of Figaro, The, Beaumarchais
Ring, The, Jeremy Taylor
Song (Poem), Shakespeare
Marryat, Frederick
Marsh, The (Poem), Gautier
Marshes of Glynn, The (Poem), Lanier
Marsyas (Poem), Roberts
Marta y María, Valdés
Martial, Caskie Harrison
Martian, The, du Maurier
Martin Chuzzlewit, Dickens
Martineau, James
Martinus Scriblerus, Memoirs of, Arbuthnot
Martyn, Edward
Martyre, La, Richepin
Marvel, Ik, see Mitchell, Donald Grant.
Marvell, Andrew
Marx, Karl, W. E. Walling
Mary, Björnson
Anerley, Blackmore
Booth (Poem), Parsons
Hamilton (Poem), Anon.
Marzio’s Crucifix, Crawford
Masefield, John, Joyce Kilmer
Masnavi, The (Poem), Rūmī
Masques, Ernest Rhys
Massacre of the Innocents, The, Eekhoud
— — — — — Maeterlinck
Massillon, Jean-Baptiste, J. F. Bingham
Massinger, Philip, A. M. Sholl
Master Builder, The, Ibsen
of the Feast, The, Petronius
Paul (Poem), Petőfi
Masters, Edgar Lee, Erskine
Match, A (Poem), Swinburne
Mater Triumphalis (Poem), Swinburne
Materialism and Idealism, Huxley
Matrimony, W. E. Norris
Matthews, Brander, E. H. Wright
Maud (Poem), Tennyson
Muller (Poem), Whittier
Maupassant, Guy de, Firmin Roz
Mauprat, Sand
Maurice, Frederick Denison
Max Havelaar, E. D. Dekker
Maximilian at the Diet of Worms, Ranke (History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations)
Maximina, Valdés
    Chinese Maxims
    Fuller, Thomas
    Jean Paul (J. P. F. Richter)
    La Rochefoucauld
    Luther: Table-Talk, Sayings
May (Poem), Barnes
— –Day Song (Poem)
Morn Song (Poem), Motherwell
May-Night (Poem), Petőfi
Maykov, Apollon Nikolayvich
Mazeppa (Poem), Byron
Mazzini, Giuseppe, Frank Sewall
Meaning of Heresy, The, Lessing
Measure for Measure, Shakespeare
Meditation (Poem), Baudelaire
Meditations, Descartes
Marcus Aurelius
Méditations (Poems), Lamartine
Meghadūta (Kālidāsa)
Meinhold, Johann Wilhelm
Melancholia (Poem), Watson
Melancholy, Ode to (Poem), Fletcher
The Anatomy of, Robert Burton
Melville, Herman
Memoirs, see Diaries, Journals, etc.
of Martinus Scriblerus, Arbuthnot
Memorabilia, Xenophon
Memoriæ Positum (Poem), Lowell
Memorial Verses (Poem), Matthew Arnold
Memories and Studies, William James
Memory (Poem), Aldrich
Men, Certain Qualities in, Hobbes (Leviathan)
Men, Women, and Ghosts, Ward
Menæchmi, Plautus
Menander, Lawton
Menaphon, Greene
Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix
Mendès, Catulle
Mendicant Friars, Erasmus (Adages)
Menéndez y Pelayo, Marcelino, Federico de Onís
Mensonges, Bourget
Mercedes (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
Merchán, Rafael
Merchant House among the Islands, The, Flygare-Carlén
of Venice, Shakespeare
Mere Literature and Other Essays, Wilson
Meredith, George, A. M. Sholl
— — Poetry, G. E. T. Slaughter
— Owen, see Lytton, E. Robert Bulwer, Lord.
Meriasek, The Life of St.
Mérimée, Prosper, Grace King
Merlin’s Pet Fairy, Scribe
Mermaid, The (Poem), Atterbom
Merman, The, Árnason
Mérou, Martín García
Merry Lark was Up and Singing, The (Poem), Kingsley
Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare
Messiah (Poem), Pope
The (Poem), Klopstock
Metamorphoses, The, Apuleius
Metamorphosis, The (Poem), Suckling
Metaphysics, The, Aristotle
Meteorographica, Galton
Methods of Study in Natural History, Agassiz
Métromanie, La, Piron
Metz, Barrès (Colette Baudoche)
Mexico, The Conquest of, Díaz del Castillo
— — — — Prescott
Meyer, Conrad Ferdinand
— — Life of, Grimm
— — Michelet (The Renaissance)
Kohlhaas, Kleist
Kramer, Hauptmann
Michelangelo (Poem), de Heredia
Michelet, Jules, Goncourt (Journal)
— — Grace King
Mickiewicz, Adam, C. H. Genung
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A, Serao
— — — Shakespeare
Mie Prigioni, Le, Pellico
Mignon’s Song (Poem), Goethe
Milan, The Conspiracy against Carlo Galeazzo, Duke of, Machiavelli (History of Florence)
Miles Gloriosus, Plautus
Militarism, Ferrero
Militia System as Distinguished from a Standing Army, The, Hamilton (Federalist)
Milken Time (Poem), Barnes
Mill, John Stuart, R. T. Ely
Mill on the Floss, The, Eliot
Mille, Pierre, J. W. Cunliffe
Miller, Joaquin
The, Verhaeren
of Hell, The (Voyage of Maeldun)
Milton (Poem), Longfellow
John, E. S. Nadal
— — “Paradise Lost,” Johnson
— — Portrait, Lines Printed Under (Poem), Dryden
Mimi Pinson, Musset
Mindowe, Słowacki
Ministers, Holmes (The Poet at the Breakfast-Table)
Minister’s Wooing, The, Stowe
Minna von Barnhelm, Lessing
Minstrel Love,” Song from (Poem), La Motte-Fouqué
Minstrel’s Curse, The (Poem), Uhland
Mirabeau, von Holst
F. N. Thorpe
Miranda, Fogazzaro
Mirèio (Poem), Mistral
Mirgorod, Gogol
Mirror, The, Mendès
Mirza-Jussuf (Poem), Bodenstedt
Mirzah, The Vision of, Addison
Misanthrope, The, Molière
— — (Poem), Callimachus
Miscellaneous Sayings, Thomas Fuller
Misérables, Les, Hugo
Misery of Tyranny, The (Poem), Menander
Miss Bretherton, Ward
Marjoribanks, Oliphant
Miss Mehetabel’s Son, Aldrich
Tempy’s Watchers, Jewett
Missal, The (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
Mrs. Battle’s Opinions on Whist, Lamb
Eliz. Wheeler (Poem), Herrick
Siddons, Sydney Smith
Missionary Hymn, The (Hymn), Heber
Sheriff, The, Thanet
Mississippi, Life on the, Twain
Mr. Britling Sees It Through, Wells
Dooley in Peace and in War, Dunne
Mr. Hosea Biglow to the Editor of the Atlantic Monthly (Poem), Lowell
Midshipman Easy, Marryat
Pepper, Artemus Ward
Mistral, Frédéric, H. W. Preston
Mitchell, Donald Grant
Silas Weir
Mitford, Mary Russell
Modern and Classical Essays, Myers
Endymion, The, W. E. Aytoun
History of the Devil, The, Defoe
Instance, A, Howells
Love (Poem), Meredith
Painters, Ruskin
Poets and Cosmic Law, Myers
Modernness, Baudelaire
Mohammed: Mahomet’s Death and Character, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
Mohawks, Braddon
Molière, Brander Matthews
Letter to, Lang
To (Poem), Boileau
Mommsen, Theodore, W. C. Lawton
Mon Rêve Familier (Poem), Verlaine
Tombeau (Poem), Béranger
Monarchy, Erasmus (Adages)
Monastic Luxury, St. Bernard
Monde, Le; où, L’On s’Ennuie, Pailleron
Money Question, The, Dumas, Jr.
Monk’s Wedding, The, Meyer
Monna Vanna, Maeterlinck
Monotony (Poem), Menander
Monsieur Alphonse, Dumas Jr.
Madame, and Baby, Droz
M. Poirier’s Son-in-Law, Augier
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, A. M. Sholl
— — — — — Walpole
Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de, Ferdinand Bôcher
Montalembert, Count Charles de, Oliphant
Montcalm and Wolfe, Bancroft (History of the United States)
— — — Parkman
Monte Circello (Poem), Aleardi
Montesquieu, d’Alembert (Encyclopédie)
F. N. Thorpe
Montmorency, M. Le Constable Anne de, Brantôme
Montreal, A Psalm of (Poem), Samuel Butler
Monument, A (Poem), Pushkin
Moody, William Vaughn, Joyce Kilmer
Moon, The, What it Saw, Andersen
Moonlight March, The (Poem), Heber
Moonstone, The, Wilkie Collins
Moore, George, H. M. Ayres
Thomas, Thomas Walsh
When Tom Moore Sang, Willis (Pencilings by the Way)
Moors, The Spanish, Prescott (History of Philip II.)
Moosehead Journal, A, Lowell
Moral Equivalent of War, The, William James
versus Intellectual Principles in Human Progress, Buckle (History of Civilization in England)
Morality and Fear, Bagehot (Bishop Butler)
Morals and Legislation, An Introduction to the Principles of, Bentham
More, Margaret, Thomas Fuller (Worthies of England)
Sir Thomas, A. M. Sholl
Morgante Maggiore, Il (Poem), Pulci
Morier, James Justinian
Mörike, Eduard
Morley, John
Morning (Poem), Keble
Call, A (Poem), Catullus
Song (Poem), Ingemann
Thought, A (Poem), Sill
Morris, William, W. M. Payne
Mors Benefica (Poem), Stedman
Morte d’Arthur, Malory
Moscow, Bismarck (Letter)
Moses (Poem), Vigny
as a Legislator, Josephus (Antiquities)
Mosses from an Old Manse, Nathaniel Hawthorne
Most Beautiful Woman in Paris, The, Halévy
Mother, The (Poem), Carducci
and Poet (Poem), E. B. Browning
of Pearl, France
Mother’s Grave, A (Poem), Uhland
Motherwell, William
Motley, John Lothrop, J. F. Jameson
Mottoes and Commentaries of Mother Play, The, Fröbel
Mouche, La (Poem), Béranger
Mountain Boy, The (Poem), Uhland
Mountains of California, The, Muir
Mourning Bride, The, Congreve
Garment, The, Greene
Mouse that fell into the Pot, The (Poem), Babrius
Mower, The, to the Glow-Worms (Poem), Marvel
Mower’s Song, The (Poem), Marvel
Mricchakatikā, Çūdraka
Mu ’allakât (Poems)
Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare
Mufaddaliyât (Poems)
Mugby Junction, Dickens
Muir, John
Mulford, Elisha
Müller, Frederick Max, H. A. Stimson
— Frederik Paludan, see Paludan-Müller, Frederik.
Mummer’s Wife, A, George Moore
Mummies, A Fragment on, Sir Thomas Browne
Murfree, Mary Noailles
Murger, Henri
Music. See also Hymns.
    Auber, A Criticism of, Mendelssohn (Letter)
    Bach, Berlioz
    Beethoven, Stevenson
    Bellman, Flinch
    Gluck, Berlioz
    Italian Race as Musicians and Auditors, The, Berlioz (Autobiography)
    Music (Poem), Baudelaire
    — (Poem), Lampman
    — as a Means of Culture, Dwight
    — — an Aristocratic Art, Berlioz (Autobiography)
    — of Wagner, The, Ingersoll
    Musical Instrument, A (Poem), E. B. Browning
    Religious Music, Bushnell (Work and Play)
    Snuff-Box Treachery, The, Berlioz (Autobiography)
    Value and Power of Music, The, Luther
    Wagner, Amiel (Journal)
Musketaquid (Poem), Emerson
Musset, Alfred de, Alcée Fortier
— — — Sainte-Beuve (Causeries du Lundi)
Mutis, José Celestino
My Apprenticeship on the Farm, Reuter
Books (Poem), Longfellow
Children (Poem), Yamagami no Okura
Confidences, Locker-Lampson
Country (Poem), Woodberry
Heart and I (Poem), E. B. Browning
— — Leaps Up When I Behold (Poem), Wordsworth
— — with Hidden Tears is Swelling (Poem), Heine
Heart’s in the Highlands (Poem), Burns
Heid Is Like to Rend, Willie (Poem), Motherwell
Hickory Fire (Poem), Jackson
Imprisonment, Pellico
Last Duchess (Poem), Robert Browning
Life (Poem), Runeberg
Little May (Poem), Macleod
Lost Youth (Poem), Longfellow
Native Land (Poem), Körner
Neighbor Rose (Poem), Locker-Lampson
Outdoor Study, Higginson
Recollections, Azeglio
Recovery (Poem), Klopstock
River (Poem), Mörike
Sister Henriette, Renan
Souvenirs (Poem), Jasmin
Studies (Poem), Pushkin
Summer in a Garden, Warner
Thoughts of Ye (Poem), Hugo
Tomb (Poem), Béranger
Troubles (Poem), O’Reilly
My Wealth’s a Burly Spear and Brand” (Poem), Hybrias
Myers, Frederic William Henry
Mynstrelles Songe (Poem), Chatterton
Mystery of Amergin, The (Poem)
Mystic’s Vision, The (Poem), Blind
Myth, A (Poem), Kingsley
Myths and Folk-lore of the Aryan Peoples, William Sharp and Ernest Rhys
Nâbighah al-Dubyâni
Nabob of Arcot’s Debts, The, Burke
Nadson, Semeon Yakovlevich
Nairne, Lady, Thomas Davidson
Name of Old Glory, The (Poem), Riley
Nameless Grave, A (Poem), Paulus Silentiarius
One, The (Poem), Mangan
Pain (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
Names (Poem), Lessing
Nansen, Fridtjof
Napoleon Bonaparte, Staël (Considerations on the French Revolution)
— — (Poem), Hugo
— — in Egypt, Thiers (History of the French Revolution)
— — Ode to (Poem), Bilderdijk
— — — — (Poem), Byron
— — Taine’s Life of, Brunetière
— — The Downfall of, Grattan
Napoleon’s Address to His Army After the Disaster of Aboukir, Thiers
Naso, Publius Ovidius, see Ovid.
Nathan the Wise, Lessing
Nation, The, Mulford
National Episodes, Galdós
Nationalism, Barrés (Les Amitiés Françaises)
Natural History, see also Animals, Birds, Flowers, Insects, Outdoor Life.
    Curiosities of Natural History, Buckland
    Methods of Study in Natural History, Agassiz
    Natural History, Buffon
    — — Pliny the Elder
— — of Selborne, The, White
Naturalist’s Voyage, A, Darwin
Nature, Emerson
— (Poem), Empedocles
— (Poem), Parmenides
More than Science (Poem), Rückert
Near London, Jefferies
of the Gods, Cicero
— — Things, On the, Lucretius
— — True Virtue, The, Edwards
The Perfect Works of, Pliny the Elder (Natural History)
Nè Mai Pietosa Madre at Caro Figlio” (Poem), Petrarch
Nearer, My God, to Thee (Hymn), Adams
Necker, Jacques, Staël (Considerations on the French Revolution)
Necklace of Truth, The, Macé
Neighbors, The, Bremer
Nekrasov, Nikolay Alexeievich
Nemesis of Faith, Froude
Nero, Cowardice and Death of, Suetonius
Nerto (Poem), Mistral
Netherlands, History of the Revolt of the United, Schiller
Never Too Late, Greene
New Arabian Nights, Stevenson
New Birth, The, Wesley
Day, The (Poems), Gilder
England, A Compendious History of, Palfrey
England Nun, and Other Stories, A, Freeman
— — Primer, The, McMaster (History of the People of the United States)
— — Roads, Along, Prime
— — Sunday, A, Beecher
Grub Street, Gissing
Life, The, Dante
Novel, The, James
Orleans, The Battle of, King (New Orleans, the Place and the People)
— — — Place and the People, King
Republic, The, Mallock
Sculptor, A (Poem), J. W. Howe
Testament, From the, Bible
— — The, Its Literary Grandeur, F. W. Farrar
Way to Pay Old Debts, A, Massinger
Year’s Wishes (Poem), Mickiewicz
— — Day, Speculations on, Claudius
— — Masque, A (Poems), Thomas
— — Night of a Miserable Man, The (Poem), Jean Paul (J. P. F. Richter)
York, A History of, by “Diedrich Knickerbocker,” Irving
— — Colony, Bancroft (History of the United States)
— — Coney Island, Gorky
Newcomes, The, Thackeray
Newman, John Henry, R. H. Hutton
Newton, Sir Isaac
Nexø, Martin Andersen
Nial’s Saga, Anon.
Nibelungenlied, The, C. H. Genung
From the
Nicholas Nickleby, Dickens
Niebuhr, Barthold Georg
— — — Life and Letters
Nietzsche, Friedrich, W. P. Montague
Night (Poem), Alcman
— (Poem), Blake
— (Poem), Very
— (Poem), Zhukovsky
in Venice (Poem), Hay
Piece, The,—To Julia (Poem), Herrick
Song (Poem), Claudius
Song of a Wandering Asian Shepherd (Poem), Leopardi
Thoughts (Poem), Young
Nightingale, The (Poem), Keble
— — (Poem), Symonds
and the Swallow, The (Poem), Babrius
of Wittenberg, The (Poem), Sachs
— (Poems), Musset
Nihongi, Toneri and Yasumaro
Nile, The (Poem), Hunt
— — Sources of the, Baker (The Albert Nyanza)
— — Why it overflows, Athenæus
Tributaries of Abyssinia, The, Baker
Ninety-three, Hugo
Nizami, A. V. W. Jackson
No Boy Knows (Poem), Riley
Marvel is it if I Sing (Poem), Bernard de Ventadour
New Thing, W. E. Morris
Treasure Avails without Gladness (Poem), Dunbar
Trifling with Love, Musset
Noble Nature, The (Poem), Jonson