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Petrarch to Religio Medici

Petrarch, J. F. Bingham
Petronella (Poem), Gower
Petronius, H. W. Preston
Phædo, Plato
Phædrus, Plato
Phantom or Fact? (Poem), Coleridge
Phèdre, Racine
Phenomenology of Spirit, Hegel
Phidias, Pliny the Elder (Natural History)
Philaster; or, Love Lies A-Bleeding, Beaumont and Fletcher
Philemon, Menander and the Lost Attic Comedy, W. C. Lawton
Philina’s Song (Poem), Goethe
Philip, My King (Poem), Craik
II., History of, Prescott
Van Artevelde, Henry Taylor
Philistine of Berlin, The, Heine (Italy)
Phillips, Stephen, Brooks Henderson
Wendell, G. W. Smalley
Philoctetes, Sophocles
Philomela’s Ode (Poem), Greene
Philosophical Dictionary, Voltaire
Philosophy. See also Conduct of Life; Maxims; Religion.
    Alcuin: Disputation between Pepin the most Noble and Royal Youth and Albinus the Scholastic
    Aristotle: On the Soul, On Philosophy, On Essences
    Balfour: Defense of Philosophic Doubt, Foundations of Belief
    Bentham: On the Principle of Utility
    Bergson: Creative Evolution, Bergson’s Philosophy
    Boethius: Of the Greatest Good
    Buckle: Moral versus Intellectual Principles in Human Progress
    Burton, Robert: Melancholy
    Bushnell: Work and Play
    Carlyle: Labor, The World in Clothes
    Chinese: Maxims
    Comte: The Evolution of Belief, The Study of Law Substituted for that of Causes, Subjection of Self-Love to Social Love, The Cultus of Humanity, The Domination of the Dead, The Worship of Woman
    Croce: What is Art?
    Cousin: Pascal’s Skepticism
    Descartes: Logical Thought, A Method of Inquiry
    Desjardins: The Present Duty
    Edwards: The Idea of Nothing, Action and Agency
    Epictetus: From the Discourses, The Enchiridion, Fragments
    Erasmus: Fools
    Fichte: Characteristics of the Age, Morality and Religion
    Fischer: The Motive to Philosophy
    Franklin: The Way to Wealth
    Hegel: Transition to the Greek World, The Egyptian Problem, The Greek World, The Meaning of Christianity, The Doctrine of the Trinity, The Nature of Evil, The Fall, The Atonement
    Herder: Human Development, The Apotheosis of Humanity
    Hobbes: On Love, Certain Qualities in Men, Of Almighty God
    Hume: Of Refinement in the Arts, Treatise of Human Nature
    Huxley: Materialism and Idealism
    Ibn Sina (Avicenna)
    James, William
    Jean Paul (J. P. F. Richter): Consolation
    Joubert: Aphorisms
    Kant: The Beautiful, the Pleasant, and the Good, Reason in General, Metaphysics as a Science
    La Rochefoucauld: Society, Conversation
    Locke: Pleasure and Pain
    Lucretius: On the Evil of Superstition, The Foolishness of Luxury, The Nothingness of Death, The End of All, The Spirituality of Material Things
    Maeterlinck: The Inner Beauty
    Marcus Aurelius: Meditations
    Nietzsche: The Will to Power, Anti-Christianity, Anti-Democracy, “Thus Spake Zarathustra”: the Superman
    Pascal: Extracts from the “Thoughts
    Plato: From the “Protagoras,” From the “Phædo,” From the “Apology,” From the “Phædrus,” From the “Gorgias,” From the “Republic,” From the “Statesman
    Schopenhauer: Extracts from “The World as Will and Idea,” The Value of Personality
    Selden: Extracts from his “Table-Talk
    Seneca: Time Wasted, Independence, The Rival School, Inconsistency, Leisure
    Socrates: Refuses to Escape from Prison, Justice and Injustice, Before his Trial
    Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron): Matter and Form
    Spencer: Manners and Fashions
    Spinoza: The Improvement of the Understanding, Mental Freedom, Superstition and Fear
    Stevenson: Idealism—Striving and Failing
    Strauss: Græco-Roman Cultivation
    Swedenborg: The Contiguity and Harmony of the World, The Perfect Man the True Philosopher
    Tagore: The Second Birth (“Personality”)
    Thoreau: Work and Pay, Walking
    Voltaire: War, Appearances, The Contradictions of this World, The Ignorant Philosopher, Climate, Luxury, Miscellaneous Excerpts
Philosophy, A System of Synthetic, Spencer
of History, Hegel
— — the History of Man, Herder
Phœnix and Turtle, The (Poem), Shakespeare
Phormio, Terence
Physics and Politics, Bagehot
Physiology of Taste, Brillat-Savarin
Piacere, Il, D’Annunzio
Piankhy, The Stela of, Egyptian
Pibroch of Donuil Dhu (Poem), Scott
Picciola, Saintine
Pickwick,” An Examination Paper on, Calverley
Picture, A (Poem), Blicher
of Domestic Happiness, A (Poem), Boscán
— — T. C., The (Poem), Marvell
Piece of String, The, Maupassant
Pierre and His People, Gilbert Parker
— — Jean, Maupassant
— de Bourdeille, see Brantôme, the Abbé de.
of Provence and the Beautiful Maguelonne, Olga Finch
Pigeon, The, Galsworthy
Pilgrim Fathers, Emigration of the, Everett (Oration)
— — Landing of the (Poem), Hemans
Pilgrimage, The (Poem), Herbert
Pilgrims, The (Poem), Swinburne
Pilgrim’s Isle (Poem), Parsons
Progress (Bunyan)
Pillar of the Cloud, The (Poem), Newman
Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay), C. R. Lanman
Pindar, B. L. Gildersleeve
Pine, The (Poem), Babrius
and Palm (Poem), Heine
— –Tree, The (Poem), Vazov
Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing
Pinnace, The (Poem), Catullus
Pioneers of France in the New World, The, Parkman
Piper and the Child, The (Poem), Blake
Piron, Alexis
Pitakas, The
Pitt, William, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
Pitta, Sebastião Rocha
Pizarro, Sheridan
Place in Thy Memory, Dearest, A (Poem), Griffin
Plague of Apathy (Poem), Watson
Plain Language from Truthful James (Poem), Harte
Plains of Abraham, Battle of the, Bancroft
— — — — — — Parkman (Montcalm and Wolfe)
Platen, August von
Plato, Paul Shorey
Plautus, Titus Maccius, Gonzalez Lodge
Playboy of the Western World, The, Synge
Plays, see Drama.
and Poems, Boker
Puritans, Kingsley
Plea of King Magnus, The (Poem), Björnson
Pleasures of a Country Life, The (Poem), Tibullus
— — Hope (Poems), Campbell
— — Memory (Poem), Rogers
— — the Imagination (Poem), Akenside
Pledge to the Dead, A (Poem), Winter
Pliny the Elder
— — Younger
Plutarch, E. B. Clapp
— (Poem), Agathias
and His Slave, Aulus Gellius (Attic Nights)
on Himself (Lives)
Plutus, The, Aristophanes
Poe, Edgar Allan, F. W. H. Myers
Poem of the Passion
Poèmes Antiques, Leconte de Lisle
Barbares, Leconte de Lisle
Militaires (Poems), Déroulède
Poems of Rural Life, Barnes
of the War, Boker
Poésie des Races Celtiques, La, Renan
Poet and His Songs, The (Poem), Longfellow
— — the Crowd, The (Poem), Gautier
at the Breakfast-Table, The, Holmes
Poetics, Aristotle
    Art of Poetry, The, Boileau
    — — — — (Poem), Horace
    Ballad, The, Gummere
    Discourse of Poets, A, Bruno (The Heroic Enthusiasts)
    Early Twentieth-Century Poetry, John Erskine
    Early Verse-Writing in New England, Tyler (History of American Literature)
    Future of American Poetry The, Stedman (Poets of America)
    Greek Lyric Poetry
    History and Poetry, Aristotle (Poetics)
    Landscapes of the Poets, Ruskin (Lectures on Architecture and Painting)
    Literature and Poetry, Cicero (Oration)
    Old Testament, From the
    Ossian and Ossianic Poetry, Sharp and Rhys
    Poetics, Aristotle
    Poetry, Amiel (Journal)
    — Baudelaire
    — Joubert (Aphorisms)
    — and Painting, Lessing (Laocoön)
    Poets, Philosophers and Artists Made by Accident, Disraeli (Curiosities of Literature)
    Realistic School, The, E. M. Kayden
    Roman Poets of the Later Empire, H. W. Preston
    Russian Lyric Poetry, Prince Serge Wolkonsky
    Tyrtæus, Archilochus and their Successors in the Development of Greek Lyric, H. R. Fairclough
    Word-Painting, The Limitations of, Lessing (Laocoön)
Poetry and Painting, Bodmer
in the Early Twentieth Century, John Erskine
The Art of, Boileau
Poets and Poetry of Poland, Soboleski
Poet’s Choice, The (Poem), Anacreon
Epitaph, A (Poem), Simmias of Thebes
— — — (Poem), Wordsworth
Fame, The (Poem), Ovid
Poets of America, Stedman
Poet’s Place in Life, The (Poem), Clough
Song to his Wife, The (Poem), Procter
    Appeal to Poland, Krasiński (Temptation)
    Fall of Poland, The (Poem), Campbell
    Government of Poland, The, Calhoun
    Poland and Kosciuszko, Rambaud (General History)
Polish Literature.
    Copernicus, Nicolaus
    Krasiński, Zygmunt
    Mickiewicz, Adam
    Sienkiewicz, Henryk
    Słowacki, Juliusz
Polish Literature, see also Drama of the Early Twentieth Century.
Polish Poets, Specimens of the, Bowring
Political Discourses, Hume
Economy, Mill
Pewterer, The, Holberg
Politics, The, Aristotle
Politics and Government.
    Cabinet Government, Bagehot (English Constitution)
    Catholics, The Disqualification of, Grattan (Speech)
    Confederacy in the Federal System, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Confederation, Results of the, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Constitution, The, Hamilton (Federalist)
    — — Jefferson (Letter)
    Declaration of Independence, The, Jefferson
    — — — — Tyler (Literary History of the American Revolution)
    Democracy, Lowell
    — Steps toward, Rambaud (History of Civilization in France)
    Discussion, Benefits of Free, Bagehot (Physics and Politics)
    Duty of Criticism in a Democracy, The, Godkin (Problems of Modern Democracy)
    Politicians, Socrates (Xenophon’s “Memorabilia”)
    Early Societies, Why not Free, Bagehot (Physics and Politics)
    English Constitution, The, Canning (Speech)
    Federalist, The
    German Military Bill, The, Bismarck (Speech)
    Inaugural Addresses, Lincoln
    Ireland, Incendiarism in, Bright (Speech)
    — The State of, Bright (Speech)
    King-Craft, Alfred the Great
    Legislative Instability in America, Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    Majority, Tyranny of the, Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    Mission of America, The, J. Q. Adams
    Monarchy, Erasmus (Adages)
    Nation, The, Mulford
    Nullification, J. Q. Adams
    Passion for Power, The, Channing (Life and Character of Napoleon Bonaparte)
    Peace, Do Republics Promote? Hamilton (Federalist)
    People, The, Rousseau (The Social Contract)
    Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions, The, Lincoln (Speech)
    Personal Influence in National Politics, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Petition, Remarks on the Right of, Calhoun
    Pharisaism of Reform, Curtis (Oration)
    Political Association, Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    — Compromises and Political “Log-Rolling,” Greeley (American Conflict)
    Politician, How to be an Influential, Bagehot (Bolingbroke)
    President, The, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Prince, The, Machiavelli
    Public Spirit, Clay (Speech)
    Republics, Providing for their Safety, Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws)
    Revolution, Thucydides
    Right of Petition, The, J. Q. Adams
    — — — — Calhoun (Speech)
    State, The (Poem), Alcæus
    — Rights (Speech) Calhoun
    — Sovereignty, Instances of the Evils of, Hamilton, (Federalist)
    Statesman, The, Plato
    Tyrant, The, Alfonso X of Castile
    “Utopia,” Life in, More
    Washington’s Farewell Address
Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich
Polybius, B. Perrin
Polyeucte, Corneille
Pompeii, The Last Days of, Bulwer-Lytton
Poor Fisherman, The (Poem), Alcæus
Jack (Poem), Dibdin
People, Dostoyevsky
Relation (Poem), E. A. Robinson
— — Goes a-Visiting, The, (Poem), Menander
Richard’s Almanack, Franklin
Pope, Alexander, T. R. Lounsbury
Poppies in the Wheat (Poem), Jackson
Porter, William Sydney, Stephen Leacock, see O. Henry.
Porto-Riche, Georges de
Portrait of a Rival, Pliny the Younger
— — — Scholar (Poem), Ennius
Portraits and Studies, Gottschall
of Men, Sainte-Beuve
Portuguese Literature.
    Camões, Luís de
    Portuguese Literature, H. R. Lang
Positive Philosophy, Comte
Polity, Comte
Posson Jone,’” Cable
Post, The (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Office, The, Tagore
Pot of Flowers, The (Poem), Gautier
Potiphar Papers, The, G. W. Curtis
Poussin’s Shepherds of Arcadia, Blanc
Poverty (Poem), Alcæus
— (Poem), Hayne
“— Parts Good Company” (Poem), Baillie
Power of Song, The (Poem), Schiller
Praed, Winthrop Mackworth
Pragmatism, Kallen
Prairie, The, Cooper
Songs, Garland
Praise of Folly, The, Erasmus
— — Fortune, The (Poem), Thomas Dekker
to God (Poem), Barbauld
Prayer, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
A, Augustine (The Trinity)
— — Johnson
— (Poem), Gautier
— (Poem), Hugo
The (Poem), Very
during the Battle (Poem), Körner
for Strength, A (Poem), Michaelangelo
of al-Hariri (Poem), al-Hariri
or Psalm, A, Bacon
to Ben Jonson (Poem), Herrick
Précieuses Ridicules, Les, Molière
Preface to Collected Poems, Béranger
Pre-Historic Times, Lubbock
Preludes (Poems), Cawein
Prescience (Poem), Aldrich
Prescott, William Hickling, F. N. Thorpe
Present Duty, The, Desjardins
Prester John, Mandeville
Pretenders, The, Ibsen
Pretty Maid of the Mill, The (Poem), Wilhelm Müller
Prévost d’Exiles, Antoine-François
Price of Life, The, Scribe
Pride and Prejudice, Austen
Primal Histories, The, Aleardi
Prime, William Cowper
Primrose (Poem), Mickiewicz
Prince, The, Machiavelli
and the Pauper, The, Twain
Five-Weapons, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
of Homburg, The, Kleist
Princess, The (Poem), Björnson
— — (Poem), Tennyson
of Clèves, The, La Fayette
— — Thule, A, Black
Princesse Georges, La, Dumas, Jr.
lointaine, La, Rostand
Principia, Newton
Rerum Naturalium, Swedenborg
Principle in Art, Patmore
Prior, Matthew
Prison of Geneva, The (Poem), Pascoli
Prisoner, The (Poem), Lermontov
of Chillon, The (Poem), Byron
Prisse Papyrus, The, Egyptian
Problem, The (Poem), Emerson
Problematic Nature, A, Spielhagen
Problems of Modern Democracy, Godkin
Procter, Adelaide Anne
Bryan Waller
Prodigal Father, A, Dumas, Jr.
Professor Bernhardi, Schnitzler
Progress and Poverty, Henry George
of Taste, The (Poem), Shenstone
Prolegomena, Kant
Prologue from “Every Man in His Humour,” Jonson
to Gaul (Poem), Smith
Prometheus, Æschylus
— (Poem), Bridges
— (Poem), Byron
— (Poem), Goethe
Unbound, Shelley
Propertius, Sextus, G. M. Whicher
Prophecy (Poem), Klopstock
Prophet, The (Poem), Nekrasov
Prose Fancies (Second Series), Le Gallienne
Prospect, The (Poem), E. B. Browning
Prospice (Poem), Robert Browning
Protagoras, Plato
Protection and Free Trade, see Economics.
Protesilaos (Poem), Welhaven
Protestation, The (Poem), Carew
Prothalamion (Poem), Spenser
Prout, Father, see Mahony, Francis Sylvester.
Provençal Literature, H. W. Preston
Lovers—Aucassin and Nicolette (Poem), Stedman
Prue and I, G. W. Curtis
Psalm of Montreal, A (Poem), Samuel Butler
CI., Commentary on, Luther
137th, Translation of the (Hymn), Bacon
Pseudoxia Epidemica, Sir Thomas Browne
Psychaura (Poem), Brownell
Psychology of the Suffragette, Macphail
Principles of, Spencer
Publican’s Dream, The, Banim
Pulci, Luigi
Pulley, The (Poem), Herbert
Pulteney, William, Epistle to Curio (Poem), Akenside
Punch Song (Poem), Schiller
Purānas, The (Poems)
Pure in Heart, The, Anon.
Purifications (Poem), Empedocles
Puritan, The, Macaulay (John Milton)
Colonies, The, Goldwin Smith (Lectures on the Study of History)
in Secular and Religious Life, The, Choate
Puritans, Plays and, Kingsley
Purple East, The (Poems), Watson
Pushkin, Alexander Sergyeevitch
— — — I. F. Hapgood
Pyeshkov, Alexei Maximovitch, see Gorky, Maksim.
Pym, John, Goldwin Smith (Three English Statesmen)
Pyrrhus, Crébillon
Pyrrhus’s Speech (Poem), Ennius (Annals)
Pythian Ode, First (Poem), Pindar
Q,” A Psychic Pstory of the Psupernatural, Leacock
Quæstiones Disputatæ, Aquinas
Quakers’ Meeting, A, Lamb
Quebec, The Battle of, Parkman (Montcalm and Wolfe)
Queen, The (Poem), Patmore
Mab’s Excursion (Poem), Drayton
Quesnay de Beaurepaire, Jules
Quest of the Sangreal, The (Poem), Hawker
Question d’Argent, La, Dumas, Jr.
Qui Reposan Quei Caste e Felici Ossa” (Poem), Petrarch
Quiller-Couch, A. T.
Quinet, Edgar, Henry Bérenger
Quintilian, H. W. Preston
Quisisana, Spielhagen
Quo Vadis, Sienkiewicz
Rabelais, François, Henry Bérenger
Race and Language, Freeman
Races, The Comparative Worth of Different, Galton (Hereditary Genius)
Racine, Jean, F. M. Warren
Rādhā and Krishna, Jayadeva (Gīta-Govinda)
Raghuvança (Poem), Kālidāsa
Raimon de Miraval
Rain, The (Poem), Verhaeren
It Raineth, The (Poem), Shakespeare
Rainbow’s Treasure, The (Poem), O’Reilly
Rainy Day, The (Poem), Longfellow
Raleigh, Sir Walter, A. H. Thorndike
Rambaud, Alfred Nicolas
Rambler, Johnson
Rameau’s Nephew, Diderot
Ramsay, Allan
Ranke, Leopold von
Rape of Lucrece, The, Heywood
— — Lucrece, The (Poem), Shakespeare
— — Proserpine, The (Poem), Claudianus
— — the Lock, The (Poem), Pope
Raphael Sanzio, Vasari
Raphael’s Song (Poem), Moody
Raven, The (Poem), Poe
Ravenna, Symonds (Sketches in Italy)
Raw Youth, A, Dostoyevsky
Read, Thomas Buchanan
Reade, Charles
Reading, see Books and Reading.
Realidad, Galdós
Realistic School, The, E. M. Kayden
Reason and Feeling (Poem), William Drummond
Rebel Queen, The, Besant
Recherche de l’absolu, La, Balzac
Recollections of Alexis de Tocqueville
— — Middle Life, Sarcey
— — My Youth, Renan
Rectorial Address before the University of Glasgow, Balfour
Red Hanrahan’s Song about Ireland (Poem), Yeats
Harlaw, The (Poem), Scott
May (Poem), Robinson
Men and White, Wister
Robe, The, Brieux
Reef, The, Wharton
Reflections, La Rochefoucauld
Registre of Hystories, A, Ælianus Claudius
Régnier, Henry de, Pierre de Bacourt
Reign of Charles the First, Commentaries on the, Disraeli
Relation of the First Voyage, A, de las Casas
Religio Medici, Sir Thomas Browne