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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Religion to Shakespeare

Religion. See also Philosophy.
    Alden: The Dove and the Serpent, Death and Sleep, The Parable of the Prodigal
    Amiel: The Personality of Jesus, The Efficacy of Religion
    Thomas Aquinas: On the Value of Our Concepts of the Deity, How Can the Absolute be a Cause?, On the Production of Living Things
    Augustine: The Godly Sorrow that Worketh Repentance, Consolation, The Foes of the City, The Praise of God, A Prayer, Gatherings from St. Augustine by Alfred the Great
    Avesta, From the
    Babylonian Cosmogonic Poetry
    Bacon: A Prayer or Psalm, Translation of the 137th Psalm
    Beecher: Selected Paragraphs, Poverty and the Gospel
    Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint: Monastic Luxury, Sermon on the Death of Gerard
    Bible, New Testament, The, F. W. Farrar
    — Old Testament, The, and the Jewish Apocrypha, Toy
    — Wycliffe’s: Luke xv. 11–32, 1 Corinthians xiii., John xx. 1–31, Apocalypse v. 1–14
    — of the Dadu Panthis, Religious Poetry from the
    Bonaventura, Saint: On the Beholding of God in His Footsteps in this Sensible World
    Bossuet: Upon the Unity of the Church, Funeral Oration on Henrietta of France
    Bright: The Irish Established Church
    Browne, Sir Thomas: Christian Morals, Hydriotaphia, Religio Medici
    Brownson: Saint-Simonism
    Bunyan: The Pilgrim’s Progress
    Bushnell: Religious Music
    Calvin: Prefatory Address to the Institutes, Election and Predestination, Freedom of the Will
    Channing: Spiritual Freedom
    Chateaubriand: Christianity Vindicated
    Chrysostom: That Real Wealth Is from Within, Encouragement during Adversity, Concerning the Statutes
    Darmesteter: Judaism
    Darwin: His Religious Views
    Descartes: The Idea of God
    Desjardins: The Conversion of the Church
    Draper, J. W.: The Vedas and their Theology, The Koran
    Edwards: His Religious History, The Excellency of Christ, The Essence of True Virtue
    Egyptian: The Negative Confession (Book of the Dead)
    Erasmus: Spiritual Christianity, The Shipwreck, Correspondence relating to Scholasticism and Theology
    Farrar: Paul before Festus and Agrippa, Christ and Pilate, The New Testament
    Fénelon: Doubt, Dangers of a Questioning Mind, The Internal Dissensions of Christians
    Fichte: Morality and Religion, Elevating Power of Religion, Spiritual Light and Truth
    Francis of Assisi, Saint: The Canticle of the Sun
    — de Sales, Saint: The Supernatural and Estatic Life
    Franklin: His Religion (Letter)
    Hearn: The Shintō Faith
    Hegel: The Atonement, The Fall, The Doctrine of the Trinity, The Meaning of Christianity, The Nature of Evil
    Hobbes: Of Almighty God
    Johnson, Samuel: A Private Prayer
    Josephus: The Greek Version of the Hebrew Scriptures, The Hebrew Faith, Worship and Laws
    Kabbalah, The, Binion
    Koran, The
    — From the
    Lamennais: A Spiritual Allegory, Words of a Believer
    Lessing: Heresy
    Lucretius: The Evil of Superstition
    Luther: On the Improvement of the Christian Body, The Liberty of the Christian, Reply at the Diet of Worms, Commentary on Psalm CI.
    Macaulay: The Church of Rome, Loyola and the Jesuits
    Mahābharata: Divine Song
    Maimonides: Extract from Will, A Proof of the Unity of God, Concerning the Incorporeality of God, etc.
    Martineau: The Transient and the Real in Life
    Massillon: The Death-Bed of a Sinner, Fasting, Hypocritical Humility in Charity, The Blessedness of the Righteous, Picture of Society, Prayer
    Maurice: Divinity of Christ, The Kingdom of Heaven
    Mazzini: Faith and the Future
    Montesquieu: Religion
    Morley: The Church and the Encyclopædia
    Mulford: The Personality of Man, The Personality of God, The Teleological Argument, The Scriptures
    Newman: Apologia pro Vitâ Suâ
    Newton: The First Cause (Principia)
    Parker: Mistakes about Jesus
    “Qu’ran,” see Koran.
    Ranke: The Rise of the Jesuits in Germany
    Renan: The Jews and Civilization
    Robertson: The Early Development of Christ, The Universal Nature of Christ
    Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron): On Matter and Form
    Swedenborg: Individuality Eternal, The Internal Sense of the World, How Heaven and Earth are Brought into Association, The Church Universal, His Ethics, Marriage Love, The Second Coming of the Lord
    Taylor: On the Authority of Reason, The True Prosperity, The Merits of Adversity, Endurance, Husband and Wife, Brief Excerpts
    Thomas à Kempis: Divine Love, Eternal Life, Patience in Adversity
    van Dyke: Modern Doubt
    Weiss: Constancy to an Ideal
    Wesley: The New Birth, Our Stewardship, The Kingdom of Heaven, The Love that Endureth All Things, A Catholic Spirit, The Last Judgment
    White: The Reconstructive Force of Scientific Criticism, Mediæval Growth of the Dead Sea Legends
    Woolman: Journal
    Zoroaster, A Psalm of
Religious History, Narrative of His, Edwards
Reliques, Mahony
Remarks on the Right of Petition, Calhoun
Rembrandt, Blanc (The Dutch School of Painters)
Remember (Poem), Rossetti
Reminiscence (Poem), Aldrich
Remorse (Poem), Platen
Renaissance, The, Michelet
in Italy, The, Symonds
Renan, Ernest, Ferdinand Brunetière
— — Darmesteter
— — “History of Israel,” France
— — Study of M., Bourget
Renée Mauperin, Goncourt
Renewal (Poem), Tolstoy
Renouncing of Love, A (Poem), Wyatt
Reply at the Diet of Worms on the Second Day of his Appearance, Luther
Republic, The, Cicero
— — Plato
of God, The, Mulford
Repudiated Responsibility (Poem), Watson
Representative Men, Emerson
Reproaches to a Dissipated Student, Egyptian
Requiem (Poem), Stevenson
Rescuing Angel, A, Edgren-Leffler
Resignation, Joannes Barbucallus
The (Poem), Chatterton
Resolution and Independence (Poem), Wordsworth
Rest (Poem), Rossetti
at Noon, Meleager
in the Beloved (Poem), Freiligrath
Retirement (Poem), Vaughan
Retreat from Moscow, The (Poem), Hugo
Retreate, The (Poem), Vaughan
Retrospective Reviews, Le Gallienne
Return of the Native, The, Thomas Hardy
Reuter, Fritz
Revenge, Of, Bacon
Revenues (Poem), Jackson
Rêveries, Rousseau
Reveries of a Bachelor, D. G. Mitchell
Review Writing, Bagehot (The First Edinburgh Reviewers)
Revival, The (Poem), Vaughan
Revolt of Mother, The, Freeman
— — Tiamat (Poem), Anon.
Revolution of 1848, The (Poem), Welhaven
Rhadamistus and Zenobia, Crébillon
Rhea Silvia’s Dream (Poem), Ennius (Annals)
Rhine Wine (Poem), Claudius
Rhodes, James Ford
Rhodora, The (Poem), Emerson
Rich Man Loses His Child, A, A Poor Man Loses His Cow (Poem), Cats
Richard Cœur de Lion
Richardson, Samuel
Richepin, Jean, M. M. Dondo
Riddle of the Universe, The, Haeckel
Riddles (Poem), Schiller
Riders to the Sea, Synge
Rig-Veda, Hymns of the
Right use of Prayer, The, de Vere
Rikke-Tikke-Tak, Conscience
Riley, James Whitcomb, W. D. Howe
Rilke, Rainer Maria
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The (Poem), Coleridge
Rinaldo (Poem), Tasso
Ring and the Book, The (Poem), Robert Browning
Riquet, France
Risālahs, The, Sa’dī
Rise of Silas Lapham, The, Howells
— — the Dutch Republic, The, Motley
Ritchie, Anne Thackeray
Ritu-Sanhāra, Kālidāsa
— –Sanhâra (Poem), Kālidāsa, Edwin Arnold’s Translation
Rivals, The, Sheridan
Rivas, Linares
Riverita, Valdés
Roba di Roma, Story
Robbers, The, Schiller
Robert Burns (Poem), Halleck
Elsmere, Ward
of Lincoln (Poem), Bryant
Roberts, Charles G. D.
Robertson, Frederick William
Robespierre in Paris, 1770, Lewes
Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne (Poem), Anon.
Redbreast “A Child’s Song” (Poem), Allingham
Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances
Edwin Arlington, W. B. Henderson
Crusoe, Defoe
Rochefoucauld, François, duc de La, see La Rochefoucauld.
Rock of Cashel, The, de Vere
Rocking Hymn, A (Poem), Wither
Rod, Édouard, Grace King
Roderick Random, Smollett
Rodman the Keeper, Woolson
Rogers, Samuel
Roi des Montagne, Le, About
Rokeby, Scott
Rolla (Poem), Musset
Rolland, Romain, Leland Hall
Roma (Poem), Carducci
Roman de l’Énergie nationale, Barrès
Empire, The Holy, Bryce
History, Characters and Events of, Ferrero
Law and Legal Education, Maine
Poets of the Later Empire, H. W. Preston
Russe, Vogüé
Romance of a Mummy, The, Gautier
of a Poor Young Man, Feuillet
— — the Swan’s Nest (Poem), E. B. Browning
Romancers, The, Rostand
Romances (Poems), Heine
    Altered Aspects of Rome, The, Freeman
    Antony and Cleopatra, Ferrero (Characters and Events of Roman History)
    Battle of Lake Trasimene, The, Livy (History of Rome)
    Burning of the City, The, Tacitus (Annals)
    Catiline’s Conspiracy, History of, Sallust
    Causes which Destroyed Rome, Two, Montesquieu (Grandeur and Decadence of the Roman Empire)
    Chorus of Spirits at the Storming of Rome by the Constable of Bourbon, 1527 (Poem), Byron (The Deformed Transformed)
    Coliseum, The (Poem), Byron
    Fall of Rome, The, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
    February in Rome (Poem), Gosse
    Final Ruin of Rome, The, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
    Ghetto in Rome, The, Story (Roba di Roma)
    Gallic Wars, The, Cæsar
    Gladiatorial Shows on the Roman People, The Moral Influence of, Lecky (History of European Morals)
    Græco-Roman Civilization, Strauss (Life of Jesus)
    Grandeur and Decadence of the Roman Empire, The, Montesquieu
    History of Rome, Duruy
    — — — The, Livy
    — — — Mommsen
    — — — Niebuhr
    Horatius at the Sublician Bridge, Livy (History of Rome)
    Public Spirit in Rome, Bossuet (Discourse upon Universal History)
    Roman Civilization under Nero, Farrar (Early Days of Christianity)
    — Law and Legal Education, Maine
    Rome Ancient and Modern, Staël (Corinne)
    Senate, Servility of the, Tacitus (Annals)
    Spring in Rome, Story (Roba di Roma)
    St. Peters, Mendelssohn (Letters)
    To Rome (Poem), Byron
    Vestal Virgins, The, Aulus Gellius (Attic Nights)
    Work of the Roman Empire, The, Bryce (The Holy Roman Empire)
Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare
Romola, Eliot
Rondeau (Poem), Hunt
Ronsard, Pierre, Katharine Holland
to his Mistress (Poem), Ronsard
Ronsard’s Book of Love, On (Poem), de Heredia
Rookery, The (Poem), Turner
Roosevelt, Theodore, Brander Matthews
Rosalind’s Madrigal (Poem), Lodge
Rose, The (Poem), Pushkin
and the Ring, The (Poem), Locker-Lampson
— — Thorn, Anon.
Aylmer (Poem), Landor
Rose-dark the Solemn Sunset (Poem), Gilder
Rose-Garden, The, Sa’dī
Rose Mary (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
of Dutcher’s Coolly, Garland
Rose-Wreath, The (Poem), Klopstock
Roses (Poem), Annius Florus
— (Poem), Ronsard
de Sâdi, Les (Poem), Lang
Rossetti, Christina Georgina, W. M. Payne
Dante Gabriel, W. M. Payne
Rossi, To the Tragedian (Poem), de Heredia
Rossignol, Le (Poem), Verlaine
Rostand, Edmond, C. H. Page
Rouge et Le Noir, Le, Stendhal
Rousseau, Jean Jacques, Morley
— — — Édouard Rod
Rouvroy, Louis de, see Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de.
Rovers, The, Canning
Royal Banquet, A (Poem), Statius
Rubáiyát (Poem), Khayyám
Rubens, Bodmer
Rückert, Friedrich
Rudens, Plautus
Ruffini, Giovanni Domenico
Ruined Chanel, The (Poem), Allingham
Ruit Hora (Poem), Carducci
Rule, Britannia” (Poem), Thomson
Rules and Exercises of Holy Dying, Jeremy Taylor
Rūmī, Jalāl-ad-dīn, A. V. W. Jackson
Runeberg, Johan Ludvig, W. M. Payne
Rural Deities, The (Poem), Tibullus
Ruskin, John, J. C. van Dyke
Russell, George William, “A. E.,” L. R. Morris
William Clark
    Greek Project of Catharine II., The, Rambaud (General History)
    Moscow, Bismarck (Letter)
    Nihilism, Pardo Bazán (Russia)
    Reign of Terror, The, Pardo Bazán (Russia)
Russian Literature.
    Andreyev, Leonid Nikolaivich
    Apukhtin, Aleksey Nikolaevich
    Artsybashev, Mikhail
    Chekhov, Anton Pavloyitch
    Dostoyevsky, Feodor Mikhailovitch
    Garshin, W. M.
    Gogol, Nikolai Vasilievitch
    Golenishchev-Kutuzov, Count
    Goncharov, Ivan Aleksandrovitch
    Gorky, Maksim
    Khomyakov, Aleksey Stephanovich
    Koltsov, Alekseï Vassilevich
    Kozlov, Ivan Ivanovich
    Kuprin, Alexander
    Lermontov, Mikhail Yurevich
    Lyric Poetry, Wolkonsky
    Maykov, Apollon Nikolayvich
    Nadson, Semeon Yakovlevich
    Nekrasov, Nikolay Alexeievich
    Polonsky, Yakov Petrovich
    Pushkin, Alexander Sergyéevitch
    Realistic Literature and the Russian Novel, Vogüé
    Shenshin, Afanasy Afanasyevich
    Sologub, Feodor
    Tolstoy, Count Aleksey Konstantinovich
    — Leo
    Turgenev, Ivan
    Tyutchev, Fyodor Ivanovich
    Zhukovsky, Vasily Andreyevich
Russia: Its People and Its Literature, Pardo Bazán
Russian Lyric Poetry, Prince Serge Wolkonsky
Poets, Specimens of the, Bowring
Scene, A (Poem), Shenshin
Soldier, The (Poem), Nekrasov
Song (Poem), Khomyakov
Rustic Song (Poem), Thomas Dekker
Ruth (Poem), Hood
Rutilius Claudius Numatianus
Ruy Blas, Hugo
Sachs, Hans, C. H. Genung
Sack of Carthage, The, Landor
Sacking of the City, The (Poem), Hugo
Sad Spring (Poem), Rückert
Sa’dī, A. V. W. Jackson
Safe Stronghold Our God is Still, A, (Poem), Luther
Saga of King Olaf, The (Poem), Longfellow
Sahagún, Francisco Bernardino
Sahara (Poem), Patmore
Sailor’s Return, The (Poem), Dobell
Saint Bernard’s Hymn
Bridget’s Milking Song (Poem), Macleod
Margaret’s Eve (Poem), Allingham
Patrick (Poem), Maginn
Patrick’s Hymn before Tarah (Poem), Mangan
— — Purgatory, Baring-Gould
Paul, The Life and Work of, Farrar
— –Pierre, Bernardin de
— –Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de
— –Simonism, Brownson (The Convert)
Victor, Adam de, M. F. Egan
Sainte-Beuve, Charles Augustin, B. W. Wells
Saintine, Joseph Xavier Boniface
Saint’s Tragedy, The (Poem), Kingsley
Saladin and the Jew Usurer, The Story of, Boccaccio
Salammbô, Flaubert
Salathiel the Immortal, Croly
Sales, Saint Francis de, Y. Blaze de Bury
Salt-Water Ballads (Poems), Masefield
Sāma-Veda, The
Samain, Albert, Erskine
Samaritaine, La, Rostand
Samuel Brohl and Company, Cherbuliez
Samurai, The (Poem), de Heredia
Sand, George, Th. Bentzon
— — S. M. Fuller (Letter)
Martins (Poem), Ingelow
Sandeau, Leonard Sylvain Jules
Sandpiper, The (Poem), Thaxter
Sands of Dee, The (Poem), Kingsley
Sang, A (Poem), Ramsay
Sanskrit Literature, see Indian Literature.
Santayana, George
Sapphics to a Rose (Poem), Sarbiewski
Sappho, Thomas Davidson
Sappho’s Letter to Phaon (Poem), Ovid
Sarcey, Francisque
Sardou, Victorien, H. H. Hughes
Sarmiento, Domingo Faustino
Sartor Resartus, Carlyle
Satire (Poem), Horace
Satires, Juvenal
The (Poems), Boileau
Satiricon, Petronius
Saturnalia (Poem), Statius
Savage Prayer, A (Poem), Theognis
Savages Compared with Children, Lubbock (Pre-Historic Times)
Savarin, Brillat, see Brillat-Savarin.
Savonarola, Life and Times of, Villari
Say Not, the Struggle Naught Availeth (Poem), Clough
Scaling of Ventour, The (Poem), Mistral
Scandinavian Literature, see Danish Literature; Icelandic Literature; Norwegian Literature, Swedish Literature.
Scarecrow, The, Mackay
Scarlet Letter, The, Nathaniel Hawthorne
Scheffel, Joseph Viktor von
Schérer, Edmond, Victor Charbonnel
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich, E. P. Evans
Goethe and, Lewes
Schlegel, August Wilhelm von
Friedrich von
Schnitzler, Arthur, Ludwig Lewisohn
Scholar, the Jurist, the Artist, the Philanthropist, The, Sumner
School for Scandal, The, Sheridan
Schoolmaster, The, Ascham
Schoolmistress, The (Poem), Shenstone
Schopenhauer, Arthur, W. M. Payne
Schreiner, Olive
Schurz, Carl, J. F. Rhodes
Schwartz, J. N. W. Van der Poorten, see Maartens, Maarten.
Science. See also Astronomy; Geology; Medicine; Natural History.
    Checks to Increase, Darwin (Origin of Species)
    Claims of Science, The, Tyndall (Belfast Address)
    Comparative Worth of Different Races, The, Galton (Hereditary Genius)
    Creative Design, Darwin (Variation of Plants and Animals under Domestication)
    Evolution and Ethics, Huxley (Collected Essays)
    — — Independent Creation, Darwin (Origin of Species)
    First Cause, The, Newton (Principia)
    Geometrical Rate of Increase, The, Darwin (Origin of Species)
    Laplace, Sketch of, Arago
    Last Link, The, Haeckel
    Medical Science in France during the Middle Ages, Rambaud (History of French Civilization)
    Natural Sciences, The Study of the, Humboldt (Cosmos)
    Natural Selection, Darwin (Origin of Species)
    Origin of the Human Species, Darwin (Descent of Man)
    Physical Basis of Life, The, Huxley
    Primitive Beliefs Dismissed by Scientific Knowledge, Draper (Intellectual Development of Europe)
    Struggle for Existence, The, Darwin (Origin of Species)
    Warfare of Science with Theology, The, White
Science and a Future Life, Myers
of English Verse, The, Lanier
— — Fairy Tales, The, E. S. Hartland
Scotch Deerhounds and Their Masters, Cupples
Song, A (Poem), Baillie
    Highland Scenery, Macleod
Scott, Sir Walter, Andrew Lang
— — — Life of, Lockhart
Scottish Cavaliers, Lays of the (Poems), W. E. Aytoun
— Literature, see English Literature: Scottish Authors.
Scrap of Paper, A, Sardou
Scribe, Augustin Eugène
Se Lamentar Augelli, O Verdi Fronde” (Poem), Petrarch
Sea, The (Poem), B. W. Procter
— — (Poem), Stoddard
Child, A (Poem), Carman
— –Fever (Poem), Masefield
— –Limits, The (Poem), Rossetti
Longings (Poem), Aldrich
Song (Poem), Dibdin
Wolf, The, London
Seafarer, The (Poem), Anon.
Seamstress’s Story, The, Droz
Sean Dana (Poems), Smith, ed.
Seaport in the Moon, A, Le Gallienne
Seasons, The (Poems), James Thomson
Seaward (Poem), Thaxter
Seaweed (Poem), Longfellow
Second Inaugural Address, March 4th, 1865, The, Lincoln
Secret in Words, The, Calderón
Secretary, The (Poem), Prior
Seeking (Poem), Blind
Seer, The (Poem), Whittier
See’st Thou the Sea (Poem), Geibel
Seijas, Rafael
Sejanus, Jonson
Selden, John
Seldwyla Folk, Keller
Selected Essays, Darmesteter
Self-Dependence (Poem), Matthew Arnold
— –Reliance, Emerson
— –Tormentor, The, Terence
Senancour, Étienne Pivert de
Sennacherib, Inscription of (Poem), Anon.
Señorito Octavio, Valdés
Sens de la Mort, Le, Bourget
Sense of Life, The, Rod
Sensitive Plant, The (Poem), Shelley
Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, A, Sterne
Tommy, Barrie
Sento l’ Aura Mia Antica, e i Dolci Colli” (Poem), Petrarch
Separation (Poem), Eichendorff
— (Poem), Halevi
— (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
of Friends, The (Poem), Newman
Sephestia’s Song to her Child (Poem), Greene
September (Poem), Lampman
Serao, Matilde
Serapion Brethren, The, Hoffmann
Serenade (Poem), Florian
— (Poem), Longfellow
A (Poem), Stoddard
The (Poem), Uhland
Sermon for St. Bernard’s Day, A, Fénelon
on Inns, A, Chesterton
— — the Mount, The, Bible
— — — — — First Discourse upon the, Wesley
— — — — Second Discourse upon the, Wesley
Sermons, see Religion.
Sermons Preached in Trinity Chapel, Robertson
Service of God, The, Anon.
Sesame and Lilies, Ruskin
Seven Against Thebes, The, Æschylus
Dreamers, Slosson
Lamps of Architecture, The, Ruskin
who were Hanged, The, Andreyev
Wise Masters of Rome, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Sévigné, Madame de
— — — Life of, Boissier
Sexes, The Moral and Intellectual Differences Between the, Lecky (History of European Morals)
Sextain (Poem), William Drummond
Shadow of the Hand, The (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
— — — Night, A (Poem), Aldrich
Shadowy Waters, The, Yeats
Shāh-Nāmah, Firdawsī
Shakespeare, William, Edward Dowden
— — Schlegel (Lectures on the History of Literature)
— — E. H. Wright
On, Jonson
A Critical Study of His Mind and Art, Dowden
and his Times, Guizot
as a Playwright, Matthews
Bacon–Shakespeare Craze, The
Humor of, Dowden (Shakespeare: a Critical Study)
— “Macbeth’s Witches,” Holinshed
On (Poem), Milton
Oration on, Joseph Howe
Portraiture of Women, Dowden (Transcripts and Studies)
the Man, Bagehot
Wit, Humor and, Weiss