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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Shameful Death to Syrinx

Shameful Death (Poem), Morris
Shandon Bells, The (Poem), Mahony
Sharing of the Earth, The (Poem), Schiller
Shaw, George Bernard, Clayton Hamilton
She Came and Went (Poem), Lowell
Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways (Poem), Wordsworth
“— is Here, She is Here” (Poem), Anon.
Walks in Beauty (Poem), Byron
Was a Phantom of Delight (Poem), Wordsworth
Shenshin, Afanasy Afanasevich
Sheep-Washing, The (Poem), Thomson
Sheldon, Edward
Shelley, Percy Bysshe, G. E. Woodberry
Shenstone, William
Shepherds’ Song (Poem), Heywood
Shepherd’s Song on the Lord’s Day, The (Poem), Uhland
Wife’s Song, The (Poem), Greene
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley, Brander Matthews
Sheridan’s Ride (Poem), Read
Sherlock Holmes, see The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
Shintō Faith, The, Hearn (Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan)
Ship in the Desert, The (Poem), Miller
of Fools, The, Barclay
— — — — Brant
Shipwrecked Sailor, The, Egyptian
Shirley, Charlotte Brontë
Short Sixes, Bunner
Studies on Great Subjects, Froude
Shorthouse, John Henry
Shropshire Folk-Lore, C. S. Burne
Si Descendero in Infernum, Ades (Poem), Lowell
Sibyl, Beaconsfield
Sicilian Summer, A (Poems), Henry Taylor
Sick King of Bokhara, The (Poem), Matthew Arnold
Man and the Angel, The (Poem), Gay
Siddons, Mrs., Sydney Smith
To Mrs. (Poem), Baillie
Sidney, Sir Philip, Pitts Duffield
Siege of Corinth, The (Poem), Byron
Sienkiewicz, Henryk, C. H. Genung
Siete Partidas, Las, Alfonso the Wise
Sigüenza y Góngora, Carlos de
Sigurd Slembe, Björnson
the Völsung, Story of (Poem), Morris
Sigurjónsson, Jóhann
Silas Lapham, Howells
Marner, Eliot
Silent Sorrow (Poem), Jāmī
Woman, The, Jonson
Silk, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
Sill, Edward Rowland
Silurian Beach, The, Agassiz (Geological Sketches)
Silvæ (Poem), Statius
Silver Age, The, Heywood
Silvia (Poem), Shakespeare
Simile, A (Poem), Prior
Simmias of Thebes
Simms, William Gilmore
Simon, Sand
Simonides, Walter Miller
Simonde de Sismondi, Jean Charles, H. J. Desmond
Simple Story, A (Poem), Jasmin
Simulation and Dissimulation, Of, Bacon
Sin and Death (Poem), Björnson
of Joost Avelingh, The, Maartens
Sina, Ibn, see Ibn Sina (Avicenna).
Since Cleopatra Died (Poem), Higginson
Sindbad the Seaman and Sindbad the Landsman (The Arabian Nights)
Sir Charles Grandison, Richardson
George Tressady, Ward
Gibbie, MacDonald
Humphrey Gilbert (Poem), Longfellow
Patrick Spens (Poem), Anon.
Roger de Coverley at the Play, Addison
Siren with the Heart of Ice, The (Poem), Jasmin
Siris, Berkeley
Siska van Roosemael, Conscience
Sister Philomène, Goncourt
San Sulpicio, Valdés
Sister’s Story, A, Craven
Sit Down, Sad Soul” (Poem), B. W. Procter
Six French Poets, Lowell
Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity (Hymn), Heber
Skalda-spiller, Eyvind
Skeleton in Armor, The (Poem), Longfellow
— — the Cupboard, The (Poem), Locker-Lampson
Sketch Book, The, Irving
Sketches in Italy, Symonds
Skipper Ireson’s Ride (Poem), Whittier
Sky Is a Drinking-Cup, The (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
Skylark, The (Poem), Hogg
Slave, The (Poem), Campbell
and Philosopher (Poem), Anon.
    Abraham Lincoln’s Speeches
    Moral Influence of Slavery, The, Jefferson (Notes on Virginia)
    Origin of the Right of Slavery among the Roman Civilians, Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws)
    Utopia, More
Sleep, Thomas Dekker
— (Poem), Alcázar
The (Poem), E. B. Browning
Sleeping Beauty, The, Mendès
— — in the Wood, The, Perrault
Slighted Love (Poem), Bilderdijk
Slosson, Annie Trumbull
Słowacki, Juliusz
Slumber Did My Spirit Seal, A (Poem), Wordsworth
Small Men, Sydney Smith
Smith, Adam, R. T. Ely
Francis Hopkinson
of his Own Fortunes, The, Keller
Smithying of Sigfrid’s Sword, The (Poem), Uhland
Smoke (Poem), Thoreau
Smollett, Tobias George, Pitts Duffield
Snider, Denton J.
Snorra Edda
Snow, Kielland
Snow-Bound (Poem), Whittier
Queen, The, Andersen
Social Contract, The, Rousseau
Texture, Wasson
Socialism, A Prophetic View of, Hook (John Bull)
    Karl Marx, Walling
    Manifesto of the Communist Party, The, Marx
Society (Poem), Howells
upon the Stanislaus, The (Poem), Harte
Sociology, see Economics and Sociology.
Principles of, Spencer
The Study of, Spencer
Socrates, Curtius (History of Greece)
Diogenes Laertius
H. W. Smith
and Euthydemus, Xenophon (Memorabilia)
in Prison, Plato (Crito)
Sodoma’s “Christ Scourged” (Poem), Woodberry
Softly Sighs the April Air (Poem), Arnaut de Maroill
Soggarth Aroon (Poem), Banim
Soldier’s Bride, A (Poem), Ovid
Dream, The (Poem), Campbell
Soliloquy of Sejanus, Jonson
— — Teura (Poem), Tahitian
Solitary Reaper, The (Poem), Wordsworth
Solitude, Thoreau (Walden)
— (Poem), Goethe
— (Poem), Lampman
Soll und Haben, Freytag
Solo e Pensoso i Più Deserti Campi” (Poem), Petrarch
Sologub, Feodor
Solomon and the Ant (Poem), Edwin Arnold
Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron)
Solomon’s Wisdom, Josephus (Antiquities)
on his Dictatorship (Poem)
To the Athenians (Poem)
Some Account of Thomas Tucker, Cooke
Changes in Modern Life, Sumner
Song (Poem), Allingham
— (Poem), Blake
— (Poem), Bodenstedt
— (Poem), Bogdanovich
— (Poem), Carew
— (Poem), Donne
— (Poem), Dryden
— (Poem), Florian
— (Poem), Heinrich von Morungen
— (Poem), Heinrich von Veldeke
— (Poem), Heywood
— (Poem), Johann Hadloub
— (Poem), Konrad von Würzburg
— (Poem), Kraft von Toggenburg
— (Poem), S. W. Mitchell
— (Poem), Molière (Alceste)
— (Poem), Prior
— (Poem), Riley
— (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
— (Poem), Shenstone
— (Poem), Steinmar
— (Poem), Stoddard
— (Poem), Suckling
— (Poem), Taylor
— (Poem), Walther von der Vogelweide
— (Poem), Wolfram von Eschenbach
by Glycine (Poem), Coleridge
for Music, A (Poem), Hood
for the Crowning of Pomare (Poem), Tahitian
from the “Hippolytus” (Poem), Euripides
— — — Suds (Poem), Alcott
— — “Volpone” (Poem), Jonson
of April (Poem), Pascoli
— — Fionn, The (Poem), Anon.
— — Hiawatha (Poem), Longfellow
— — Lament (Poem), Petőfi
— — Reproof (Poem), Tahitian
— — the Bell, The (Poem), Schiller
— — — Bower (Poem), Rossetti
— — — Camp, The (Poem), Taylor
— — — Chattahoochee (Poem), Lanier
— — — Cider (Poem), Holland
— — — Cossack, The (Poem), Mahony
— — — Field-Marchal, The (Poem), Arndt
— — — Future, A (Poem), Lanier
— — — Ichthyosaurus (Poem), Scheffel
— — — “Marner” (Poem), Anon.
— — — Nine Singers, The (Poem), Bruno
— — — Open Road (Poem), Whitman
— — — Pirate, The (Poem), Espronceda
— — — Reapers, The (Poem), Theocritus
— — — Sea (Poem), Maginn
— — — Shirt, The (Poem), Hood
— — — Sirens (Poem), William Browne
— — — Sword and Other Verses, The (Poems), Henley
— — — Wandering Ængus, The (Poem), Yeats
— — Thyrsis, The, Theocritus
— — Widsith, the Far Traveler (Poem), Anon.
— : That Women are but Men’s Shadows (Poem), Jonson
— : The Heart of a Tar (Poem), Dibdin
— : The Lover’s Lute Cannot be Blamed Though It Sing of His Lady’s Unkindness (Poem), Wyatt
to Celia (Poem), Jonson
— — Marie (Poem), Ronsard
Songs, Beaumont and Fletcher
— (Poem), Gilder
of Experience (Poems), Blake
— — Innocence (Poems), Blake
— — Summer, The (Poem), Blind
— — the Common Day, Roberts
— — — Sierras (Poem), Miller
to the Harp (Poems), Egyptian
Sonnet, de Vere
— (Poem), Drayton
— (Poem), Gilder
— (Poem), Kollar
— (Poem), Mickiewicz
— (Poem), Ronsard
— (Poem), Timrod
on First Looking into Chapman’s Homer (Poem), Keats
— — Seeing the Elgin Marbles (Poem), Keats
to Britain (Poem), W. E. Aytoun
Written on a Blank Page in Shakespeare’s Poems (Poem), Keats
Sonnets (Poems), Boker
— (Poems), Masefield
— (Poems), Shakespeare
from the Portuguese (Poems), E. B. Browning
to Cælia (Poem), William Browne
— — His Mother (Poem), Heine
— — Stella (Poem), Sidney
Sophocles, J. P. Mahaffy
Sordello (Poem), Robert Browning
Sorrow (Poem), Anon.
— (Poem), Thaxter
and Joy (Poem), Petőfi
Sorrowful Fytte, A (Poem), Alfred the Great (Boethius)
Sorrow’s Barren Grave (Poem), Heracleitus
Sorrows of Werther, The (Poem), Thackeray
Sotileza, Pereda
Soul, The, Swedenborg
— — (Poem), Dobell
of Paris, The, Banville
On the, Aristotle
Sound the Loud Timbrel (Poem), Thomas Moore
Southey, Robert
Souvenirs du Peuple, Les (Poem), Béranger
Entomologiques, Fabre
Souvestre, Émile
Sower, The (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Spacious Firmament on High, The (Hymn), Addison
Spaedom of the Norns (Poem), Anon.
    Bull-Fight, The, Caballero (La Gaviota)
    Charles V. of Spain, The Abdication of, Motley (Rise of the Dutch Republic)
    Ferdinand and Isabella, Prescott
    Gipsies in Spain, Borrow (Bible in Spain)
    History of Philip II., Prescott
    Moors Persecuted into Rebellion, The, Prescott (History of Philip II.)
    Spain, Amicis
    — under Philip II., Macaulay, (Essay on Lord Mahon’s “History”)
    Spanish Armada, The, Motley (History of the United Netherlands)
Spanish-American Literature, see Latin-American Literature.
Ballads, Lockhart
Jew’s Tale, The (Poem), Longfellow
Spanish Literature.
    Alarcón, Pedro Antonio de
    Alcázar, Baltasar del
    Alfonso X of Castile
    Álvarez Quintero, Serafin and Joaquin
    Benavente, Jacinto
    Boscán, Juan
    Caballero, Fernán
    Calderón, Pedro
    Casas, Bartolomé de las
    Cid, El
    Díaz del Castillo, Bernal
    Dicenta, Joaquin
    Echegaray y Eizaguirre, José
    Espronceda, José de
    Galdós, Benito Pérez
    Halevi, Judah
    Maimonides, Moses
    Menéndez y Pelayo, Marcelino
    Pardo Bazán, Emilia
    Pereda, José Maria de
    Rivas, Linares
    Solomon ibn Gabirol (Avicebron)
    Valdés, Armando Palacio
    Valera, Juan
    Vega, Lope de
    Zorrilla y Moral, José
Spanish Moors, The, Persecuted into Rebellion, Prescott (History of Philip II.)
Science, Menéndez y Pelayo
Student, The (Poem), Longfellow
Spare Hours, John Brown
Sparrow’s Nest, The (Poem), Wordsworth
Specie and Species, Sydney Smith
Specimen Jones, Wister
Spectator, The, Addison
— — Steele
Speculations on New Year’s Day, Claudius
Speech at Cooper Union, Lincoln
Speech in the Federal Convention, in Favor of Opening its Sessions with Prayer, Franklin
on the Admission of Michigan, Calhoun
Urging Repeal of the Missouri Compromise, Calhoun
Speeches, see Oratory.
Spell, The (Poem), Verlaine
Spencer, Herbert, F. H. Collins
Spenser, Edmund, J. D. Bruce
— — Schlegel (Lectures on the History of Literature)
Sphinx’s Children, The, Cooke
Spielhagen, Friedrich
Spinning (Poem), Jackson
Spinoza, Baruch, Josiah Royce
Spinster, The, Cleghorn
Spirit of Laws, The, Montesquieu
— — Man, Bridges
Spiritual Allegory, A, Lamennais
Letters, Fénelon
Spirto Gentil che Quelle Membra Reggi” (Poem), Petrarch
Splendor Falls on Castle Walls, The” (Poem), Tennyson
Spofford, Harriet Prescott
Sportsman’s Sketches, A, Turgenev
Spring, Kālidāsa
— (Poem), Carew
— (Poem), James Thomson
— (Poem), Sosei
— (Poem), Timrod
Again (Poem), Anon.
and Winter (Poem), Shakespeare
Festival, The (Poem), Klopstock
on the Coast, Leonidas of Tarentum
Song (Poem), Hölty
Waters (Poem), Tyutchev
Stage Coach, The, Irving
Stanzas (Poem), Hood
in Memory of the Author of “Overmann” (Poem), Matthew Arnold
Written in my Library (Poem), Southey
Star Papers, Beecher
Starving Armenia (Poem), Watson
State, The (Poem), Alcæus
Statesman, The, Plato
Statius, W. C. Lawton
Steadfast Tin Soldier, The, Andersen
Steam Guillotine, The (Poem), Giusti
Stedman, Edmund Clarence
Steele, Sir Richard
Stela of Piankhy, The, Egyptian
Stendhal, F. T. Cooper
Stephen, Sir Leslie, E. H. Wright
Stephens, James
Sterne, Laurence
Stevenson, Robert Louis, Robert Bridges
Stickit Minister, The, Crockett
Stillman, William James
Stirrup Cup, The (Poem), Lanier
Stock Exchange, The, Verhaeren
Stockton, Francis Richard, F. T. Baker
Stoddard, Elizabeth Barstow
Richard Henry
Stone-Cutter, The (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Stones of Venice, The, Ruskin
Stops of Various Quills, Howells
Stories of Every-day Life, Theuriet
Storm, Theodor
The, Hearn (Chita)
Storm, The (Poem), Alcæus
— — (Poem), Defoe
Stormy Petrel, The (Poem), B. W. Procter
Story, William Wetmore
Story of an African Farm, The, Schreiner
— — Coquerico, The, Laboulaye
— — Gösta Berling, The, Lagerlöf
— — My Heart, The, Jefferies
— — — Life, The, Sand
— — — Thoughts, The, Quinet
— — Sanehat, The, Egyptian
— — Setna, The, Egyptian
— — Sigurd the Völsung, The (Poem), Morris
— — the Caliph Stork, The, Hauff
— — — Glittering Plain, The, Morris
— — — Two Brothers, The, Egyptian
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, G. S. Merriam
Strange (Poem), Sill
Strangers at Lisconnel, Jane Barlow
Strauss, David Friedrich
Strayed, Roberts
Strindberg, August, Ludwig Lewisohn
Struggle and Peace (Poem), Ambrosius
for Rome, The, Dahn
Stuart, Ruth McEnery
Stubbs, William, E. S. Nadal
Student of Salamanca, The, Espronceda
Studies in Shakespeare, White
of Religious History and Criticism, Renan
— — the Greek Poets, Symonds
Study of Death, A, Alden
Stupidity, The Virtues of, Bagehot (Letters on the French Coup d’État)
Suárez, José Bernardo
Subjects and Laws of the Kingdom of Heaven, The, Maurice
Substitute, The, Coppée
Suckling, Sir John
Sudden Hope (Poem), Dehmel
Light (Poem), D. C. Rossetti
Sudermann, Hermann
Sudermann’s Later Work, Ludwig Lewisohn
Sue, Eugène
Suffragette, Psychology of the, Macphail
Sully Prudhomme, Firmin Roz
Sumerian Literature
Summa Theologica, Aquinas
Summer, Kālidāsa
— (Poem), Henjō
— (Poem), James Thomson
in Arcady, J. L. Allen
Mood, A (Poem), Garland
Night, A (Poem), Matthew Arnold
— — — (Poem), E. B. Stoddard
— — The (Poem), Klopstock
Sailing, Antiphilus
Summons (Poem), Körner
The (Poem), Whittier
Sumner, Charles
Sun and the Brook, The (Poem), Rückert
— –God’s Palace, The (Poem), Ovid
Sunday, Bible, From the
A New England, Beecher
Sun-Day Hymn, A (Poem), Holmes
Sunken Bell, The, Hauptmann
Crown, The (Poem), Uhland
Sunrise (Poem), Tyutchev
Sun’s Darling, The (Poem), Thomas Dekker
Sunset (Poem), de Heredia
— (Poem), Thomas
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, Leacock
Super Flumina Babylonis (Poem), Swinburne
Superstition, Lucretius (De Rerum Natura)
Supper at the Mill (Poem), Ingelow
Suppliants, The, Æschylus
Supplication, A (Poem), Cowley
Sur la Vaste Terre, Mille
Suspiria Noctis (Poem), Brownell
Swallow, The (Poem), Anacreon
Swan, The (Poem), Runeberg
of Vilamorte, The, Pardo Bazán
Swedenborg, Emanuel, Frank Sewall
Swedish Argus, The, Dalin
Swedish Literature.
    Almqvist, Carl Jonas Love
    Atterbom, Per Daniel Amadeus
    Bellman, Carl Michael
    Bremer, Fredrika
    Dalin, Olof von
    Edgren-Leffler, Anne Charlotte
    Flygare-Carlén, Emilie
    Genius of the North, The, Atterbom
    Lagerlöf, Selma
    Runeberg, Johan Ludvig
    Strindberg, August
    Swedenborg, Emanuel
    Tegnér, Esaias
Sweet and Twenty (Poem), Shakespeare
are the Thoughts (Poem), Greene
Music (Poem), Shakespeare
William’s Farewell to Black-Eyed Susan (Poem), Gay
— — Ghost (Poem), Anon.
Sweetheart, Sigh No More (Poem), Aldrich
Sweetness and Light, Matthew Arnold (Culture and Anarchy)
Swift, Jonathan, A. M. Sholl
Swinburne, Algernon Charles, W. M. Payne
Swiss Army in Italy, The, Ranke (History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations)
    Fribourg District, The, Ruskin (Modern Painters)
    Matterhorn, The, Tyndall (Hours of Exercise in the Alps)
    Vaudois Walking Trip, A, Mendelssohn
Sword-Bearer, The, Boker
Sword Song (Poem), Körner
Sylvan Year, The, Hamerton
Sylvia (Poem), Leopardi
Symonds, John Addington
Synge, John Millington, L. R. Morris
Syracuse, The Battle of, Thucydides (History)
Syrinx (Poem), Thomas