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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Table Talk to Utopia

Table Talk, Hazlitt
— –Talk, Selden
— — of Samuel Rogers, Recollections of the, Rogers
Tacitus, C. E. Bennett
Tagore, Rabindranath, Brooks Henderson
Tahitian Literature, John LaFarge
Taine, Hippolyte Adolphe, Ferdinand Brunetière
and Prince Napoleon, Brunetière
Take Oh! Take (Poem), Shakespeare
Taketori Monogatari, Minamoto Jun
Tale of Troy, The, Alpheus
— — Two Cities, A, Dickens
Tales of a Wayside Inn, Longfellow
— — the Mermaid Tavern (Poems), Noyes
— — Two Countries, Kielland
Talisman, The, Scott
Talkative Tortoise, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Talmud, The, Max Margolis
Tam o’ Shanter (Poem), Burns
Tamagatsuma, Motoori
Tamburlaine, Marlowe
Tampa Robins (Poem), Lanier
Tancred, Beaconsfield
Tar-Water, Essay on, Berkeley
Tarafah ibn al ’Abd al-Bakri
Tarantella, Blind
Tarkington, Booth, F. T. Baker
Tartarin of Tarascon, Daudet
Tartarus and the Styx (Poem), Hesiod
Tartuffe, Molière
Task, The (Poem), Cowper
Tasso, Torquato, J. F. Bingham
Taste, Bagehot (Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Browning)
Tatler, The, Steele
Taylor, Bayard, A. H. Smyth
Sir Henry
Jeremy, T. W. Higginson
Teapot, The, Andersen
Tears (Poem), Philemon
Tears, Idle Tears” (Poem), Tennyson
Tegnér, Esaias, W. M. Payne
Telemachus, Fénelon
Telling the Bees (Poem), Whittier
Tempest, The, Shakespeare
Temple, The (Poems), Herbert
House, E. B. Stoddard
of Kwannon, The, Hearn (Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan)
— — Love, The (Poem from), Davenant
— — Zeus at Olympia, The, Pausanias
Temptation, Krasiński
Ten Tales, Coppée
Years of Exile, Staël
Tennyson, Alfred, Henry van Dyke
— (Poem), Aldrich
— (Poem), van Dyke
Tent Life in the Holy Land, Prime
Terence, T. B. Lindsay
Terentius, Epigram on (Poem), Cæsar
Tess, Thomas Hardy
Tethys’s Festival, Song from, Daniel
Thackeray, William Makepeace, W. C. Brownell
— — — Ritchie (Memoirs)
The Death of, John Brown
Thanatopsis (Poem), Bryant
Thanet, Octave (Alice French)
Thangbrand the Priest (Poem), Longfellow
Thanksgiving, A (Poem), Herrick
That Lass o’ Lowrie’s, Burnett
Thaxter, Celia
Theatre, see Drama.
Theatrical managers, Berlioz
Thebaid (Poem), Statius
Their Wedding Journey, Howells
Theocritus, J. W. Mackail
Theodosius the Emperoure
Theogony (Poem), Anon.
— (Poem), Hesiod
Theology, see Religion.
Theory of Moral Sentiments, The, Adam Smith
— — the Earth, The, Cuvier
There Are Crimes and Crimes, Strindberg
Is a Land of Pure Delight (Hymn), Watts
no Devil, Jókai
— — — God (Poem), Clough
was a Time when I was very Little (Poem), Baggesen
Thesmophoriazusæ, Aristophanes
Theuriet, André
They are All Gone (Poem), Vaughan
Thierry, Augustin, Frédéric Loliée
Thiers, Adolphe, Adolphe Cohn
Third, The, Sienkiewicz
Philippic, The, Demosthenes
Thistle and the Rose, The (Poem), Dunbar
Thomas, Augustus
Edith Matilda
Thomas à Kempis, John Malone
Thompson, Francis, Joyce Kilmer
of Angel’s (Poem), Harte
Thomson, James (1700–1748)
James (1834–1882)
Thoreau, Henry D., John Burroughs
Thoreau’s Flute (Poem), Alcott
Thou Art, O God” (Poem), Thomas Moore
Hidden Love of God, Whose Height (Hymn), Wesley
Very Present Aid (Hymn), Wesley
Whom My Soul Admires Above (Hymn), Watts
Thought and Existence (Poem), Parmenides
Thoughts, Pascal
at a Railway Station (Poem), Calverley
Thousand and One Days in the East, Bodenstedt
— Nights and a Night, see The Arabian Nights.
Three-Cornered Hat, The, Alarcón
Three Daughters of Monsieur Dupont, The, Brieux
Enemies, The (Poem), Rossetti
English Statesmen, Goldwin Smith
Musketeers, The, Dumas, Sr.
Ravens, The (Poem), Anon.
Spinners, The, Grimm
Stars, The (Poem), Körner
Treasures, The (Poem), Coleridge
Years She Grew in Sun and Shower (Poem), Wordsworth
Threnody (Poem), Bion
The (Poem), Emerson
Throstle, The (Poem), Tennyson
Thucydides, H. W. Smyth
Thunder (Poem), Lessing
Thunderstorm, A (Poem), Lampman
Thus Spake Zarathustra, Nietzsche
Tiberius, Tacitus (Annals)
Tibullus, G. M. Whicher
Tieck, Johann Ludwig
Tiger, The (Poem), Blake
Timber, or Discoveries Made upon Men and Matter, Jonson
Time (Poem), Filicaia
Is Fleeting (Poem), Simonides
I’ve Lost in Wooing, The (Poem), Thomas Moore
Real and Imaginary (Poem), Coleridge
Wasted, Seneca
Times, The, Emerson
Time’s Glory (Poem), Shakespeare
Timrod, Henry
Tin Soldier, The Steadfast, Andersen
Tintern Abbey (Poem), Wordsworth
Tis Noon; the Light is Fierce (Poem), de Heredia
Tis the Last Rose of Summer (Poem), Thomas Moore
Titian’s Garden and Other Poems, Spofford
To a Child of Quality (Poem), Prior
— — Comrade (Poem), Musset
— — Coquette (Poem), Campion
— — Coy Maiden (Poem), Asclepiades
— — Friend (Poem), Matthew Arnold
— — — (Poem), Hitomaru
— — Gentleman (Poem), Coleridge
— — Lady (Poem), Prior
— — — (Poem), Voltaire
— — — who Wished to Behold Marot (Poem), Marot
— — Millionaire (Poem), Lampman
— — Mountain Daisy (Poem), Burns
— — Mouse (Poem), Burns
— — Skylark (Poem), Shelley
— — Violet (Poem), Hölty
— — Waterfowl (Poem), Bryant
— — Young Lady (Poem), Wordsworth
American Comrades in Arms, Lloyd George
an Impromptu of Chopin (Poem), D’Annunzio
Aphrodite (Poem), Sappho
Aurora (Poem), Carducci
Autumn (Poem), Keats
Caius Cilnius Mæcenas (Poem), Propertius
Calvus in Bereavement (Poem), Catullus
Carnations (Poem), Herrick
Cassandra (Poem), Ronsard
Cerinthus (Poem), Tibullus
Chloe (Poem), Horace
Cynthia (Poem), Propertius
Cyriack Skinner (Poem), Milton
Daffodils (Poem), Herrick
Daisies, not to Shut so Soon (Poem), Herrick
Edmund Clerihew Bentley (Poem), Chesterton
Evening (Poem), William Collins
Find God (Poem), Herrick
Francesca (Poem), Parsons
Geeraert Vossius (Poem), Vondel
H. C. (Poem), Taylor
Hampstead (Poem), Hunt
Hartley Coleridge (Poem), Wordsworth
Helen (Poem), Poe
His Book (Poem), Horace
— — Soul (Poem), Hadrian
— — Wife—Written in Upper Burma (Poem), Heber
Italy (Poem), Filicaia
Jarifa in an Orgy, Espronceda
Keep a True Lent (Poem), Herrick
Laura (Poem), Schiller
Leonora of Esté (Poem), Tasso
Leuconoë (Poem), Horace
M—— (Poem), Mickiewicz
M. de Coulanges, Sévigné
Meadows (Poem), Herrick
Molière (Poem), Boileau
“— Mortal Men Peace Giveth These Good Things” (Poem), Bacchylides
Mrs. Siddons (Poem), Baillie
my Dear Friend, Master Benjamin Jonson, upon His “Fox” (Poem), Beaumont
— — — — Mr. Congreve (Poem), Dryden
— — Grandmother (Poem), Locker-Lampson
— — Lamp (Poem), Lamartine
— — Lyre (Poem), Zorrilla y Moral
— — Ring (Poem), Fleming
— — Wife (Poem), Statius
Myself (Poem), Fleming
Night (Poem), Shelley
Pépa (Poem), Musset
Phidyle (Poem), Horace
Priapus of the Shore, Mæcius
Primroses filled with Morning Dew (Poem), Herrick
Quintus Dellius (Poem), Horace
Satan (Poem), Carducci
Schelling (Poem), Platen
Sleep (Poem), Statius
Spain (Poem), Espronceda
— — (Poem), Zorrilla y Moral
Tarquinia Molza (Poem), Tasso
Thaliarchus (Poem), Horace
the Beloved (Poem), Sappho
— — Body (Poem), Patmore
— — Christian Nobles of the German Nation on the Improvement of the Christian Body, Luther
— — Cuckoo (Poem), Wordsworth
— — Duke Alphonso (Poem), Tasso
— — Duke of Ferrara (Poem), Tasso
— — Fringed Gentian (Poem), Bryant
— — Grasshopper and the Cricket, (Poem), Hunt
— — Memory of my Beloved Master, William Shakespeare (Poem), Jonson
— — Month of Mary (Poem), Alfonso X of Castile
— — Muse (Poem), Propertius
— — Passing Saint (Poem), Field
— — Past (Poem), Bryant
— — Princess Leonora (Poem), Tasso
— — — Lucretia (Poem), Tasso
— — Princesses of Ferrara (Poem), Tasso
— — Queen of Navarre (Poem), Marot
— — Reader (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
— — Rose upon the Road of Time (Poem), Yeats
— — Ship of State (Poem), Horace
— — Small Celandine (Poem), Wordsworth
— — Tragedian Rossi (Poem), de Heredia
— — Unknown God (Poem), Clough
— — Water-Crowfoot (Poem), Barnes
Toussaint L’Ouverture (Poem), Wordsworth
Tullus (Poem), Propertius
Ulla (Poem), Bellman
Violets (Poem), Herrick
Virgil (Poem), Horace
Will H. Low (Poem), Stevenson
Young (Poem), Klopstock
Zureida (Poem), Pushkin
—— (Poem), Shelley
—— (Poem), Uhland
Toads and Diamonds, Perrault
Toccata of Galuppi’s, A (Poem), Robert Browning
Tocqueville, Alexis de
Toilers of the Sea, The, Hugo
Told by a Brahmin (Poem), Rückert
Tolstoy, Count Aleksey Konstantinovich
Leo, W. D. Howells
Tom Bowling (Poem), Dibdin
Brown at Oxford, Hughes
Brown’s School Days, Hughes
Jones, Fielding
Tomb of Burns, The (Poem), Watson
Tommy and Grizel, Barrie
To-morrow and To-morrow, Macedonius
Tono-Bungay, Wells
Too Late (Poem), Craik
Torrence, Ridgely, Erskine
Tortoise and the Hare, The (Poem), Babrius
Tosa Nikki, Tsurayuki
Tossed on a Sea of Troubles” (Poem), Archilochus
Toujours Amour (Poem), Stedman
Toussaint l’Ouverture, Wendell Phillips
Toward Democracy, Carpenter
Toxophilus, Ascham
Toy Cart, The, Çūdraka
Toys, The (Poem), Patmore
Trachiniæ, Sophocles
Tragedy of Charles, Duke of Byron (Poem), Chapman
— — Man, Madách
— — the Till, The, Jerrold
Tragical in Daily Life, The, Maeterlinck
Train for Mariposa, The, Leacock
Tramp, The, Richepin
Trans-Caucasia and Ararat, Bryce
Transcripts and Studies, Dowden
Transformation, A (Poem), Ovid
Translation of a Romaic Song (Poem), Byron
Travel (Poem), Stevenson
Travel and Description. See also Manners and Customs; Names of Countries and Cities.
    Alps, Hours of Exercise in the, Tyndall
    Ararat, The Ascent of, Bryce (Trans-Caucasia and Ararat)
    Aurora, An Evening’s, Nansen (Farthest North)
    Beachy Head, Jefferies (Nature Near London)
    Cloud-Balancings, Ruskin (Modern Painters)
    Dangerous Adventure, A, Audubon (American Ornithological Biography)
    Desert, The, Kinglake (Eothen)
    Escape from Prison, The, Cellini (Memoirs)
    Escapes of Casanova and Latude from Prison, The, Casanova
    Expectations of America, Hakluyt (A Particular Discourse, etc.)
    Farthest North, Nansen
    Hebron to Bethlehem, From, Mandeville (Adventures)
    Hunting in Abyssinia, Baker (Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia)
    Impressions of Travel, Darwin (A Naturalist’s Voyage)
    Jaguar Hunt, The, Isaacs (María)
    Lapland Alps, The, Linnaeus (Lachesis Lapponica)
    — Observations, Linnaeus (Lachesis Lapponica)
    Leaves Motionless, Ruskin (Modern Painters)
    Letters from Italy and Switzerland, Mendelssohn
    Life at Sea, Dana (Two Years Before the Mast)
    Magellan’s Voyage around the World, Fiske (Discovery of America)
    Malay Archipelago, The, Wallace
    Mountain Gloom, The, Ruskin (Modern Painters)
    Nature, Description of, Ruskin (Modern Painters)
    Night among the Pines, A, Stevenson (Travels with a Donkey)
    Polar Night, The, Nansen (Farthest North)
    Rivers, Little, van Dyke
    Texan Experience, A, Grant (Personal Memoirs)
    Travel, Of, Bacon
    — The Uses of, Rousseau (Émile)
    Travels with a Donkey, Stevenson
    Wind-Storm in the Forests, A, Muir (The Mountains of California)
    Xenophon’s Retreat, Xenophon (Anabasis)
Traveler’s Letters, A, Sand
Traveller, The (Poem), Goldsmith
Travels in France, Young
with a Donkey, Stevenson
Treasure of the Humble, The, Maeterlinck
Treasure of the Deep, The (Poem), Hemans
Treatise Against Apion, Josephus
of Human Nature, Hume
on Education, Milton
— — the Love of God, A, Sales
Tree, The (Poem), Very
Trees in Art, Hamerton (Landscape)
Trelawny, Edward John, Ritchie (Memoirs)
Trial of Orthodoxy, A (Poem), Watson
Tribesman’s Valor, A (Poem), Sa’dī
Tribun, Bourget
Tribute of Noménoë, The (Poem), Breton
Tricotrin, Ouida
Trilby, du Maurier
Trimalchio’s Reminiscences, Petronius
Trinity, The, Augustine
Sunday (Hymn), Heber
Trinummus, Plautus
Triolet (Poem), Bunner
Tristan and Isolde (Poem), Gottfried von Strassburg
Tristia (Poem), Ovid
Tristram Shandy, The Life and Opinions of, Sterne
Triumph in Diplomacy, A, Watson
of Death, The, D’Annunzio
Trojan Women, The, Euripides
Trollope, Anthony, J. G. Cooke
Tropic Rain (Poem), Stevenson
Tropical Africa, Henry Drummond
Tropics Vanish, The” (Poem), Stevenson
Troubadour, The, Sismondi (Literature of the South of Europe)
Troubadours, The, 1090–1290, Preston
Trousseau, The, Chekhov
True Beauty (Poem), Beaumont and Fletcher
— –Born Englishman, The (Poem), Defoe
Christian Religion, Swedenborg
Grandeur of Nations, The, Sumner
Trumpet, The (Poem), Edwin Arnold
Trumpeter of Sakkingen, The, (Poem), Scheffel
Truth about an Author, The, Bennett
— –Hunting, Birrell
Love of, Lessing
Of, Bacon
of the Matter, The, Wilson
Tryst (Poem), Shenshin
Tsure-zure gusa, Kenkō
Tunny Fishing, The (Poem), Mistral
Turcaret, Lesage
Turgenev, Ivan, Henry James
Turk in Armenia, The (Poem), Watson
Turks, The, Alfonso X of Castile (La Gran Conquista)
Turmoil, The, Tarkington
Turner, Charles Tennyson
J. M. W., Life of, Hamerton
Turnstile, The (Poem), Barnes
Tuscan Cypress (Poem), Robinson
Tyutchev, Fyodor Ivanovich
Twa Brother, The (Poem), Anon.
Twain, Mark, Brander Matthews
Twelfth Night, Shakespeare
Twelve Months, The, Laboulaye
Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine (Poem), Praed
Twilight (Poem), Byron
Twins of Table Mountain, and Other Stories, The, Harte
Two (Poem), Bodenstedt
April Mornings, The (Poem), Wordsworth
Brides, The (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
Chiefs of Dunboy, Froude
Chords (Poem), Catullus
Doves, The (Poem), La Fontaine
Gentlemen of Verona, Shakespeare
Lovers (Poem), Mörike
Muses, The (Poem), Klopstock
Noble Kinsmen, Shakespeare and Fletcher
Songs, The (Poem), Blake
Years Before the Mast, R. H. Dana, Jr.
Tyler, Moses Coit
Tyndall, John
Typee, Melville
Tyranny of Custom (Poem), Philemon
Tyrant, The, Alfonso X of Castile (Las Siete Partidas)
Tyrtæus, Archilochus, and their Successors, H. R. Fairclough
Ugly Duckling, The, Andersen
Uhland, Johann Ludwig, C. H. Genung
Ulalume (Poem), Poe
Ulysses, Stephen Phillips
— (Poem), Tennyson
von Ithacia, Holberg
Umar ibn Rabí’a
Unchanging (Poem), Bodenstedt
Uncle Remus and His Friends, Harris
Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Stowe
Zeb, Lowell
Under the Greenwood Tree, Thomas Hardy
— — — — (Poem), Shakespeare
— — Hawthorns (Poem), Anon.
— — Moon (Poem), Yeats
Under the Pressure of Care or Poverty (Poem), Sachs
— — Yoke, Vazov
Two Flags, Ouida
Undertaking, The (Poem), Donne
Undine, La Motte-Fouqué
Undivine Comedy, The, Krasiński
Union of Seasons, Kālidāsa
United States, The.
    Address to the American People on the Entry of the United States into the Great War, D’Annunzio
    America, On the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America, (Poem), Berkeley
    American Bar, The, Choate (Address)
    — Character, Matthews (The American of the Future)
    — Conflict, The, Greeley
    — Family, The, Bourget (Outre-Mer)
    — Idea, The, Webster (Oration)
    — Manners in 1850, Rhodes (History of the United States)
    — Revolution, The, Everett (Oration)
    Americans Abroad, Fuller (At Home and Abroad)
    André, The Capture of, Hildreth (History of the United States)
    Backwoodsmen, The, Roosevelt (Winning of the West)
    Beginners of a Nation, Eggleston
    Civil War, The, Grant (Memoirs)
    Colonists, Customs of The, Hildreth (History of the United States)
    Conciliation with America, Burke
    Condescension in Foreigners, On a Certain, Lowell
    Confederacy, Speech on Non-Recognition of the Southern, Bright
    Confederation, Results of the, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Constitution The, Hamilton (Federalist)
    — — Jefferson (Letter)
    Continuity of the Race, The, Webster (Speech)
    Country and People, Mabie (American Ideals)
    Declaration of Independence, The, Jefferson
    — — — — Tyler (Literary History of the American Revolution)
    Decoration Day Oration, Ingersoll
    Education of Young Women in the United States, Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    Embargo of 1807, McMaster (History of the People of the United States)
    “Expectations of America,” Hakluyt (A Particular Discourse, etc.)
    Founders, The, Bushnell (Work and Play)
    Geographical Aspects of the United States, The, and its Commerce, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Health, American, Improvement of, Rhodes (History of the United States)
    History of the People of the United States from the Revolution to the Civil War, A, McMaster
    — — — United States, Henry Adams
    — — — United States, Bancroft
    — — — — — Rhodes
    Legislative Instability in America, Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    Liberty and Union, Webster (Speech)
    Massachusetts and South Carolina, Webster (Speech)
    — Early, Bancroft (History of the United States)
    Militia System as Distinguished from a Standing Army, The, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Mission of America, The, J. Q. Adams
    Missouri Compromise, The, Calhoun (Speech)
    — — and Henry Clay, Procter
    My Country (Poem), Woodberry
    New England Sunday, A, Beecher (Norwood)
    New-Englander’s Character, The, Choate (Address)
    New Netherland, The, Bancroft (History of the United States)
    Orations, Webster
    Pilgrim Fathers, Emigration of the, Everett (Oration)
    President, The, Hamilton (Federalist)
    Puritan Colonies, The, Goldwin Smith (Lectures on the Study of History)
    — in Secular and Religious Life, The, Choate (Speech)
    Revolution, After the, Greeley (American Conflict)
    — The, Everett (Oration)
    — — Paine (Crisis)
    South-American Independence as Related to the United States, Clay (Speech)
    State Rights: Speech on the Admission of Michigan, 1837, Calhoun
    Town and Country Life in 1800, McMaster (A History of the People of the United States)
    Union, The, Madison (Federalist)
    United States, The, Ferrero (Militarism)
    — — in 1776, Paine (The Crisis)
    Virginia, The Beginnings of, Bancroft (History of the United States)
    Voyages to America of John and Sebastian Cabot, Wood (Elizabethan Sea-Dogs)
    War of 1812: Eighth of January, King (New Orleans)
    — — — The, Henry Adams (History of the United States)
    — — — Henry Clay and, Procter
    Washington’s Farewell Address
    West, The, in American History, Wilson
    Women in the United States, The, Bryce (American Commonwealth)
Universal Prayer, The (Poem), Pope
Universe, The (Poem), William Drummond
Unknown Course, The (Poem), Clough
Friends (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
Unlike Children of Eve, The, Sachs
Unseen Spirits (Poem), Willis
Unsleeping, The (Poem), Roberts
Unveiled Maid, The (Poem), ’Umar ibn Rabí’a
Up at a Villa—Down in the City (Poem), Robert Browning
— –Hill (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Upanishads, The
Upper Berth, The, Crawford
Urashima Taro (Poem)
Urbino, The Court of, Castiglione (Il Cortegiano)
Utilitarianism, Mill
Utility, The Principle of, Bentham
Utopia, More