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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Valdés to Zummer an’ Winter

Valdés, Armando Palacio
Valediction Forbidding Mourning, A (Poem), Donne
Valentine, Sand
Valera, Juan
Valley of the Black Pig, The (Poem), Yeats
Value and Influence of Works of Fiction, T. H. Green
— — Power of Music, The, Luther
van Dyke, Henry, M. L. Hunt
Vanity Fair, Thackeray
— — (Poem), Alexis
of Human Life, The, Addison (The Vision of Mirzah)
— — — Wishes, The (Poem), Johnson
Varia Historia, Ælianus Claudius
Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication, The, Darwin
Varnhagen, Antonio de
Vasari, Giorgio
Vase, The, Régnier
Vathek, Beckford
Vaughan, Henry
Vazov, Ivan
Vedic Literature
Veery, The (Poem), van Dyke
Vega, Lope de, M. F. Egan
Venetia, Beaconsfield
Venetian Life, Howells
Pastoral, A (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
Vengeance (Poem), al-Find
    First Impressions of Venice, Mendelssohn (Letters)
    Ode to Venice (Poem), Byron
    St. Mark’s, Ruskin (Stones of Venice)
    Stones of Venice, Ruskin
    Venice, Howells (Venetian Life)
    — Sand (Letter)
    — (Poem), Byron
    — (Poem), Platen
    — (Poem), Symonds
Verga, Giovanni, N. H. Dole
Vergine Bella che di Sol Vestita” (Poem), Petrarch
Vergiss Mein Nicht (Poem), Musset
Verhaeren, Emile, Erksine
— — Lowell
Verlaine, Paul, Victor Charbonnel
Verlorene Handschrift, Der, Freytag
Verses (Poem), Suckling
from an Epithalamium (Poem), Catullus
Very, Jones
Vesper Bells, The (Poem), Kozlov
Hymn of Abelard, The (Poem)
Vestal Virgins, The, Aulus Gellius (Attic Nights)
Veteran Sirens (Poem), E. A. Robinson
Veterans, The (Poem), Gautier
Veuillot, Louis, Frédéric Loliée
Vicar, The (Poem), Praed
of Morwenstow, Baring-Gould
— — Wakefield, The, Goldsmith
Vichy-Chamrond, Marie de, see du Deffand, Madame.
Victor, The, Sienkiewicz
Victoria, Queen, On the Death of, Laurier
— — The Accession of, McCarthy (History of Our Own Times)
Victories of Love, The (Poem), Patmore
Victory, Conrad
Vida Es Sueno, La, Calderón
Vieux Vagabond, Le (Poem), Béranger
View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, Hallam
Views and Reviews, Henley
Vigil (Poem), Dehmel
Vignettes from Nature, Grant Allen
Vigny, Alfred de, Grace King
Vikramorvaçī, Kālidāsa
Village, The (Poem), Crabbe
Blacksmith, The (Poem), Longfellow
Communities in the East and West, Maine
Girl, The (Poem), Runeberg
Notary, The, Eötvös
Villari, Pasquale
Villette, Charlotte Brontë
Villon, François
Vindication of the Rights of Women, A, Wollstonecraft
Vine of Sibmah, The, Macphail
Violet (Poem), Winter
Virgil, W. C. Lawton
and other Roman Poets, Quintilian
Virginia, The Beginnings of, Bancroft (History of the United States)
Virtue (Poem), Herbert
Coy and Hard to Win (Poem), Simonides
Hymn to, Aristotle
The Teaching of, Plutarch (Discourses)
Viscount of Bragelonne, The, Dumas, Sr.
Vision, The, Bible
of a Fair Woman (Poem), Ancient Erse
— — Mirzah, The, Addison
— — Sir Launfal, The (Poem), Lowell
Visions (Poem), Calverley
Visit to Sir Roger de Coverley, A, Addison
Vita Nuova (Poem), Watson
Vitellius, Suetonius
Vittoria Corombona, Webster
Vivian Grey, Beaconsfield
Vocation, The Choice of a, Chesterfield
Vogüé, Eugène-Melchior de
Voiceless, The (Poem), Holmes
Voices, Agassiz (Methods of Study in Natural History)
from the Tomb (Poem), Heine
Volpone, Jonson
Voltaire, Adolphe Cohn
Life of, Parton
Voluntary Exile (Poem), Platen
Vondel, Joost van den
von Holst, Hermann Eduard
Vow, A (Poem), Petőfi
Wagner, Richard, Amiel (Journal)
— — C. H. Genung
— — Music of, Ingersoll
Waiting (Poem), Burroughs
Waldemar the Victorious, Ingemann
Walden, Thoreau
Walk in Hellas, A, Snider
Wallace, Alfred Russel
Wallenstein, Schiller
Waller, Edmund
Walpole, Horace
Walrus and the Carpenter, The (Poem), Carroll
Walter, Eugene
Walther von der Vogelweide and His Times, C. H. Genung
Walton, Izaak, Henry van Dyke
Waly, Waly (Poem), Anon.
Wanderer, The (Poem), Anon.
— — (Poem), Lytton
Wanderer’s Night Songs (Poem), Goethe
Storm Song, The (Poem), Goethe
Wandering Jew, The, Sue
King, The (Poem), Imr-al-Kais
Knight’s Song, The (Poem), Lockhart
Wanderings of Oisin, The (Poem), Yeats
Wanted (Poem), Holland
    Alexander’s Conquest of Palestine, Josephus (Antiquities)
    André, The Capture of, Hildreth (History of the United States)
    Angels of Buena Vista, The (Poem), Whittier
    Armada, The, Spanish, Motley (History of the United Netherlands)
    Barbara Frietchie (Poem), Whittier
    Battle between the Constitution and the Guerrière, Henry Adams
    — of Caen, The, Froissart (Chronicles)
    — — Crécy, The, Froissart (Chronicles)
    — — Hastings, The, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
    — — — — Thierry (History of the Conquest of England)
    — — Ivry, The (Poem), Macaulay
    — — Lake Trasimene, The, Livy (History of Rome)
    — — Marathon, The, Snider (A Walk in Hellas)
    — — New Orleans, The, King (New Orleans, the Place and the People)
    — — Novara, The, Ranke (History of the Latin and Teutonic Nations)
    — — Syracuse, The, Thucydides (History)
    — — the Plains of Abraham, Bancroft
    — — — — — — The, Parkman (Montcalm and Wolfe)
    Battle-Field, The (Poem), Bryant
    Capitulation of Sedan, Bismarck (Letter)
    Capture of the Inca, The, Prescott (Conquest of Peru)
    Carthage, The Sack of, Landor
    Causes of War, The, Channing
    Charge of the Light Brigade, The, Kinglake (Invasion of the Crimea)
    — — — — — — (Poem), Tennyson
    Classical Warfare, A, Characteristic Episode of, Livy (History of Rome)
    Cortez in Mexico, Prescott (Conquest of Mexico)
    Crusades, The: Tent Life in the Holy Land, Prime
    Defeat of Ariovistus and the Germans, The, Cæsar (Gallic Wars)
    — — Varus, Scene of the, Tacitus (Annals)
    Destruction of the Temple, The, Josephus (Jewish Wars)
    Gourges, Dominique de, Parkman (Pioneers of France in the New World)
    In Time of Peace Prepare for War, Sumner
    Invasion of France by King Edward III., The, and the Battle of Crécy, Froissart (Chronicles)
    King Philip’s War, Bancroft
    Military and General Education, Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations)
    Militia System, The, Hamilton
    Moral Equivalent of War, The, William James
    Navies, Importance of, Mahan (The Influence of Sea Power upon History)
    Night Ward, The, Alcott (Hospital Sketches)
    Numidian Defeat, A, Sallust (History of the War against Jugurtha)
    Platæa, The Night Attack on, Thucydides
    Prussian Militarism, Mirabeau (Letter)
    Revenge, The Last Fight of the Raleigh (Report)
    Standing Army, The, as a Peril to a Republic, Hamilton
    Surrender of General Lee, U. S. Grant (Personal Memoirs)
    Sword Song (Poem), Körner
    Two Lieutenants, The, Cæsar (Gallic Wars)
    War, Franklin
    — Voltaire (Philosophical Dictionary)
    — and Warriors, Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)
    — of 1812, The, Henry Adams (History of the United States)
    — of the Jews, The, Josephus
Wars and Peace, Tolstoy
War of the Nations.
    D’Annunzio: Address to the American People
    Galsworthy: A Letter to the American People
    Lloyd George: An Appeal to the Nation, September, 1914
    Wilson: Address of the President of the United States, April 2, 1917
Ward, Artemus (Charles Farrar Browne), C. F. Johnson
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Mary Augusta (Mrs. Humphry)
Warfare of Science with Theology, History of the, White
Warner, Charles Dudley, Hamilton Mabie
Washers of the Shroud, The (Poem), Lowell
Washerwomen of Night, The, Souvestre
Washington, George
Wasps, The, Aristophanes
Wasson, David Atwood
Watch of Boon Island, The (Poem), Thaxter
Watchman, The, von Dingelstedt
Watchman! What of the Night (Hymn), Bowring
Water-Babies, Kingsley
Waterloo, Erckmann-Chatrian
The Battle of (Poem), Byron
Water of Purity, Anon.
— –Witch, The, Cooper
Watson, John (Ian Maclaren)
Sir William, Brooks Henderson
Watts, Isaac
Waverley, Scott
Way of All Flesh, The, Samuel Butler
to Arcady, The (Poem), Bunner
We Twa” (Poem), Persius
Wealth, Johnson
of Nations, The, Adam Smith
Weary Pund o’ Tow, The (Poem), Baillie
Weavers, The, Hauptmann
Webster, Daniel, Choate
Daniel, Rhodes (History of the United States)
— — Carl Schurz
— — Sydney Smith
Wedekind, Frank
Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, A, Thoreau
Weiss, John
Welcome, Sweet Day of Rest (Hymn), Watts
to Death, A (Poem), Landor
Welhaven, Johan Sebastian Cammermeyer
Wells, Herbert George, E. H. Wright
Welsh Literature, see English Literature (Welsh Authors).
Wesley, John and Charles, William Potts
West in American History, The, Wilson
Westminster Abbey (Poem), Huxley
Westward Ho, Kingsley
Wha’ll Be King but Charlie (Poem), Lady Nairne
Wharton, Edith, M. L. Hunt
Thomas, Owen Wister
What d’ye Call it? (Poem), Gay
Every Woman Knows, Barrie
I Know about Gardening, Warner
is Art, Croce
— — the German’s Fatherland? (Poem), Arndt
Maids Lack (Poem), Shakespeare
Mr. Robinson Thinks (Poem), Lowell
the Moon Saw, Andersen
What’s in a Name? Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
When Daffodils Begin to Peer (Poem), Shakespeare
First You Went (Poem), Spofford
I beneath the Cold Red Earth am Sleeping (Poem), Motherwell
— — Survey the Wondrous Cross (Hymn), Watts
Lilacs Last in the Door-Yard Bloomed (Poem), Whitman
Maggy Gangs Away (Poem), Hogg
Phyllis Laughs (Poem), Hay
She Comes Home (Poem), Riley
the Frost is on the Punkin (Poem), Riley
“— — Kye Comes Hame (Poem), Hogg
“— — Wine-Cup Freely Flows” (Poem), Bacchylides
Valmond Came to Pontiac, Gilbert Parker
Where Is Fancy Bred? (Poem), Shakespeare
to Find True Joy (Poem), Alfred the Great
Whipple, Edwin Percy
Whist, Mrs. Battle’s Opinions on, Lamb
White, Andrew Dickson
Richard Grant
and Red (Poem), Shakespeare
Ants, Henry Drummond (Tropical Africa)
Rose, A (Poem), O’Reilly
Squall, The (Poem), Thackeray
Whitman, Walt, John Burroughs
Whitsun Eve (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Whittier, John Greenleaf, G. R. Carpenter
Who Knows Where (Poem), Liliencron
Whom God Hath Joined, Bennett
Widder Johnsing, The, Stuart
Widow Machree (Poem), Lover
Widow’s Mite, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
— — — (Poem), Locker-Lampson
Son, The, Asbjørnsen
Wieland, Christopher Martin
C. B. Brown
Wife and Sword (Poem), Petőfi
of Sir Isaac Harman, The, Wells
— — Usher’s Well, The (Poem), Anon.
Wild Geese (Poem), Thaxter
Mare in the Desert, The (Poem), Musset
Wilde, Oscar, J. M. Booker
Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship, Goethe
Wilhelmine von Bayreuth
Will She Come? (Poem), Heine
Ye No Come Back Again? (Poem), Lady Nairne
William I. of Germany, Death of, Vogüé
IV., King of England, McCarthy (History of Our Own Times)
and Helen (Poem), Bürger (Translations, Scott)
Williams, Rogers, Eggleston (Beginners of a Nation)
Willis, Nathaniel Parker
Wilson, Alexander, Spencer Trotter
Woodrow, R. C. E. Brown
Wind and Wave (Poem), Patmore
Windmill, The, Verhaeren
Window in Thrums, A, Barrie
Windows, Baudelaire
Windy McPherson’s Son, Anderson
Wine (Poem), Bodenstedt
of the Gauls, The (Poem), Breton
versus Water (Poem), Cratinus
Wings of a Dove, The, Henry James
Winning of the West, The, Roosevelt
Winter, William, Richard Burton
— (Poem), Claudius
— (Poem), James Thomson
— (Poem), Tsurayuki
Hues Recalled (Poem), Lampman
Pear, The (Poem), Allingham
Sleep (Poem), Thomas
Song (Poem), Hölty
— –Store (Poem), Lampman
Swallow, A (Poems), Thomas
Uplands (Poem), Lampman
Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare
— — A (Poem), Drake
Winthrop, Theodore
Wirt, William
Wisdom (Poem), Patmore
and Knowledge (Poem), Bodenstedt
of Our Ancestors, Sydney Smith
Wishing (Poem), Anon.
Wister, Owen, M. L. Hunt
Wit, Humor, and Shakespeare, Weiss
Witchcraft, A, Pleasant Treatise on
Salem, Palfrey (History of New England)
With Fire and Sword, Sienkiewicz
“— Leaves of Myrtle” (Poem), Callistratus
the Procession, H. R. Fuller
Wither, George
Without Benefit of Clergy, Kipling
Dogma, Sienkiewicz
Wives of Weinsberg, The (Poem), Bürger
Wolf and the Dog, The (Poem), La Fontaine
Wolfe, James, see Montcalm and Wolfe.
Wolfram von Eschenbach
Wollstonecraft, Mary
Woman and Her Maid-Servants, The (Poem), Babrius
the Eighteenth Century, Goncourt
in White, The, Wilkie Collins
Killed with Kindness, A, Heywood
of Samaria, The, Rostand
on Her Own, Brieux
Woman’s Friendship, Aguilar
Love, A (Poem), Hay
“— Love and Life,” From (Poem), Chamisso
Question, A (Poem), Adelaide Procter
    American Family, The, Bourget (Outre-Mer)
    Beauty of Women, The, Firenzuola
    Characters of Women, The, Genji Monogatari
    Education of Women, The, Sydney Smith
    Genius of Woman, The, Wasson
    Journal of, Amiel
    Love and Hunger, France (Garden of Epicurus)
    Mademoiselle’s Campaigns, Higginson
    Modern Ideal of Womanhood, Wollstonecraft (Vindication of the Rights of Women)
    Moral and Intellectual Differences Between the Sexes, The, Lecky (History of European Morals)
    Old and Young Women, Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra)
    Persian Letters, Montesquieu
    Position of Women in the United States, The, Bryce (American Commonwealth)
    Psychology of the Suffragette, Macphail
    Society of Women, The, Holberg (Epistles)
    Training of a Wife, The, Xenophon (Economist)
    Womanhood, On, Ruskin (Sesame and Lilies)
    Women and Christianity, France (Garden of Epicurus)
    Worship of Woman, The, Comte (Positive Polity)
Women (Poem), Susarion
Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl, The, Chamisso
Magician, The, Calderón
Wondrous Likeness, A (Poem), Watson
Woo’d and Married and a’ (Poem), Baillie
Wood, William, J. C. Hodgins
Wood-Wax, The (Poem), Very
Woodberry, George Edward, John Erskine
Woodland, The (Poem), Geibel
Woodman, The, Quesnay de Beaurepaire
Woodspurge, The (Poem), D. G. Rossetti
Woods, Margaret L.
Woods of Westermain, The (Poem), Meredith
Woolman, John, Leland Hall
Woolson, Constance Fenimore
Wordly Wisdom (Poem), Theognis
Words and Their Uses, White
of a Believer, Lamennais
Wordsworth, William, F. W. H. Myers
Wordsworth, William, Tennyson, and Browning, Bagehot
Wordsworth’s Grave, From (Poem), Watson
Work and Play, Bushnell
— –Girl, The (Poem), Runeberg
Works and Days (Poem), Hesiod
World as Will and Idea, The, Schopenhauer
Is Too Much with Us, The (Poem), Wordsworth
of Boredom, The, Pailleron
World’s a Bubble, The (Poem), Bacon
Worship in Spring, Theætetus
Worth of Women (Poem), Schiller
Worthies of England, The, Thomas Fuller
Would You Be Young Again? (Poem), Lady Nairne
Wreck of the Grosvenor, The, Russell
— — — Hesperus, The (Poem), Longfellow
— — — “Julie Plante,” The (Poem), W. H. Drummond
Written in Sickness at Corcyra (Poem), Tibullus
Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë
Wyatt, Sir Thomas
Wycliffe, John
Xerxès, Crébillon
Ya Perezhil Svoï Zhelanya (Poem), Pushkin
Yajur-Veda, The
Yamato Monogatari
Yankee Girl, The (Poem), Whittier
Yarn of the “Loch Achray,” The (Poem), Masefield
— — — Nancy Bell, The (Poem), Gilbert
Ye Mariners of England (Poem), Campbell
Yeats, William Butler, J. C. Hodgins
Yellow Moon, The (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
Yemassee, The, Simms
Yesterday and To-morrow (Poem), O’Reilly
York, On the Saints of the Church at (Poem), Alcuin
You Are Old, Father William (Poem), Carroll
Young, Arthur
Young Captive, The (Poem), Chénier
Cocks, The (Poem), Babrius
Duke, The, Beaconsfield
Hero’s Epitaph, A, Dioscorides
Wife, The, Julianus Ægyptius
Youth and Age (Poem), Coleridge
— — — (Poem), Kingsley
— — Calm (Poem), Matthew Arnold
— — Riches, Anon.
Youths and Theseus, The (Poem), Bacchylides
Yudhisthira, The Faithfulness of (Poem), Edwin Arnold
Zara’s Earrings (Poem), Lockhart
Zend-Avesta, see Avesta.
Zenobia, Gibbon (Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
Zeynab at the Ka’bah (Poem), ’Umar ibn Rabí’a
Ziyad ibn Mu’awiyah, see Nâbighah al-Dubyâni.
Zola, Émile, Robert Vallier
Zoroaster, see The Avesta.
Zorrilla y Moral, José
Zhukovsky, Vasily Andreyevich
Zuhéir ibn Abi Sulma
Zulīkhā’s First Dream (Poem), Jāmī
Zummer an’ Winter (Poem), Barnes