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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Corn Laws to Drake

Corn Laws, Speech on the, Bright
Corneille, Pierre, F. M. Warren
Cornelia (Poem), Propertius
Cornish Wreckers, The, Baring-Gould (The Vicar of Morwenstow)
Cornwall, Barry, see Procter, Bryan Waller.
Coronation in Presburg, A, Mendelssohn (Letters)
Correggio (Poem), Oehlenschläger
Correspondence, see Letters.
Corsica, An Account of, Boswell
Cortegiano, Il, Castiglione
Cortés, Díaz del Castillo (Conquest of Mexico)
Cosmos, Humboldt
Cotter’s Saturday Night, The (Poem), Burns
Couch, Sir Arthur Thomas, see Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur Thomas.
Counsels (Poem), Runeberg
Count Julian, Landor
of Carmagnola, Chorus from (Poem), Manzoni
— — Monte Cristo, The, Dumas, Sr.
Countess Cathleen, The, Yeats
of Carlisle, The (Poem), Waller
Country and People, Mabie
Doctor, The, Balzac
House, The, Galsworthy
Letter-Carrier, The (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Country Life (Poem), Bilderdijk
— — (Poem), Hölty
of Horace and Virgil, The, Boissier
Courage of Opinions, The, Brooks
Court Fool, The, Weiss (Wit, Humor and Shakespeare)
Lady, A (Poem), E. B. Browning
of Charles IV., The, Galdós
Courtier, Book of the, Castiglione
Courtiers, The (Poem), Florian
Courtier’s Life, The, Barclay (Eclogues)
Courtin’, The (Poem), Lowell
Courting of T’Nowhead’s Bell, The, Barrie
Cousin, Victor
Pons, Le, Balzac
Cousine Bette, La, Balzac
Cowards (Poem), Aleardi
Cowley, Abraham, T. R. Lounsbury
Cowper, William
William, Bagehot
Crabbe, George
Crabbed Age and Youth (Poem), Shakespeare
Craddock, Charles Egbert, see Murfree, Mary Noailles.
Cradle-Song (Poem), Bellman
— — (Poem), Blake
— — (Poem), Holland
Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock
Crainquebille, Putois, Riquet, and Other Profitable Tales, France
Cranford, Gaskell
Crashaw, On the Death of (Poem), Cowley
Craven, Madame Augustus (Pauline de la Ferronays)
Crawford, Francis Marion
Creation (Poem), Noyes
— (Poem), Ovid
Epic (Poems), Anon.
of the World; The
Creative Evolution, Bergson
Crébillon, Prosper Jolyot, Robert Sanderson
Crécy, The Battle of, Froissart (Chronicles)
Crichton, Ainsworth
Cricket, The (Poem), Cowper
Crime and Punishment, Dostoyevsky
of Sylvestre Bonnard, The, France
Crisis, The, Churchill
— — Paine
Critic, The, Sheridan
Critical Essays and Literary Notes, Bayard Taylor
Miscellanies, Morley
Criticism, Schopenhauer
Critique of Judgement, The, Kant
— — Pure Reason, The, Kant
Crito, Plato
Croce, Benedetto, Arthur Livingston
Crockett, S. R.
Croly, George
Cromwell, Carlyle
Cross of Christ, The (Hymn), Bowring
— — Snow, The (Poem), Longfellow
Crossing the Bar (Poem), Tennyson
Crossways, The, Árnason
Crowded Street, The (Poem), Bryant
Cruelle Énigme, Bourget
Crusaders, The, de Vere
Crusades: Tent Life in the Holy Land, Prime
Cry of the Children, The (Poem), E. B. Browning
— — — Dreamer, The (Poem), O’Reilly
Cry of the Human, The (Poem), E. B. Browning
Ctesiphon, Oration against, Æschines
Cuarto Poder, El, Valdés
Cuba, in 1511, de las Casas
Cuban Allies, On Our, Dunne
Cuckoo Song (Poem), Anon.
Cuculain, The Coming of
Çuka-saptati, The
Culprit Fay, The (Poem), Drake
Culte du Moi, Barrès
Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold
Cup and the Lips, The, Musset
of Life, The (Poem), Lermontov
Cupid and Psyche, Apuleius
Mistaken (Poem), Prior
Cupples, George
Curel, François de
Curé’s Progress, The (Poem), Dobson
Curiosities of Literature, Disraeli
— — Natural History, Buckland
Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, Baring-Gould
Curse of Kehama, The (Poem), Southey
— — Minerva, The (Poem), Byron
Curtis, George William, Edward Cary
Curtius, Ernst
Cuvier, Spencer Trotter
Cybele and her Children (Poem), Thomas
Cymbeline, Shakespeare
Cynthia’s Revels, Jonson
Cypress Grove, William Drummond
Cyrano de Bergerac, Rostand
Cyropædeia, Xenophon
Dadu Panthis, The Bible of the
Daffodil (Poem), Allingham
Daguerreotype, The (Poem), Moody
Dahn, Felix
Dalin, Olof von, W. H. Carpenter
Dame Care, Sudermann
Damnation of Theron Ware, The, Frederic
Dana, Richard Henry, Sr.
— — — Jr.
Danaë’s Lament (Poem), Simonides
Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins, The, Dunbar
Dancin’ Party at Harrison’s Cove, The, Murfree
Daniel, Samuel, Rhys
Deronda, Eliot
Gray (Poem), Holland
Danish Literature
    Andersen, Hans Christian
    Baggesen, Jens
    Bergström, Hjalmar
    Blicher, Steen Steensen
    Brandes, Georg
    Danish National Song, The (Poem), Ewald
    Drachmann, Holger
    Ewald, Johannes
    Goldschmidt, Meir Aaron
    Hertz, Henrik
    Holberg, Ludvig
    Ingemann, Bernhard Severin
    Nexø, Martin Andersen
    Oehlenschläger, Adam Gottlob
    Paludan-Müller, Frederik
Danish National Song, The (Poem), Ewald
Danny Deever (Poem), Kipling
Dante, Carlyle
Dante, C. E. Norton
— (Poem), Carducci
Daphnis and Chloe, Longus
Darest thou now, O Soul” (Poem), Whitman
Dark Forest, The, Walpole
Darmesteter, Agnes Mary Frances Robinson, see Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances.
Darwin, Life and Letters
Daudet, Alphonse, Augustin Filon
Daughter of Jorio, The, D’Annunzio
D’Avalo’s Prayer (Poem), Masefield
Davenant, Sir William, Rhys
David and Absalom (Poem), Willis
— — Bethsabe, Peele
Grieve, Ward
Dawn (Poem), Willis
of Spring (Poem), Hofmannsthal
Dawning of the Day, The (Poem), Mangan
Day (Poem), Parini
— — Very
and Night Songs (Poems), Allingham
is Coming, The (Poem), Morris
— — Done, The (Poem), Longfellow
Days (Poem), Emerson
of Auld Lang Syne, Watson
— — Bruce, The, Aguilar
De Agricultura, Cato
De Habitant (Poem), W. H. Drummond
— la Ramée, Louise, see Ouida.
Monarchia, Dante
Montfort, Baillie
Profundis, Wilde
— — (Poem), E. B. Browning
Rerum Natura, Lucretius
Resurrectione Domini, Adam de Saint Victor (Hymn)
Deacon’s Masterpiece, The; Or, The Wonderful “One-Hoss Shay,” (Poem), Holmes
Dead, The, Verhaeren
— — (Poem), R. H. Stoddard
— — (Poem), Very
Church, The (Poem), Kingsley
Man, A (Poem), O’Reilly
Sea Legends, The, White (Warfare of Science with Theology)
Death, Lucretius (De Rerum Natura)
Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
— (Poem), Baudelaire
A Study of, Alden
Agony, The (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
and a Future Life (Poem), Campbell
— — the Woodcutter (Poem), La Fontaine
in Youth (Poem), Juana Inés de la Cruz
is ever before me (Poem), Egyptian
of ’Abdallâh, The (Poem), Duraid
— — Buddha, The (Dhammapada)
— — the Flowers, The (Poem), Bryant
— — — Nightingale (Poem), Hölty
— — — Poor, The (Poem), Baudelaire
— — Tintagiles, The, Maeterlinck
— — the Year, The (Poem), Aleardi
Old Age and, Johnson
Oration at a Child’s Grave, Ingersoll
De Amicis, Edmondo
Death-Bed, The (Poem), Hood
— — of Laura, The (Poem), Petrarch
Débâcle, La, Zola
Debit and Credit, Freytag
Decameron, Boccaccio
Deceiving World (Poem), Greene
Declaration of Independence, 1776, The, Jefferson
— — — The, Tyler (Literary History of the American Revolution)
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The History of the, Gibbon
Decoration Day Oration, Ingersoll
Dedication (Poem), Le Gallienne
— (Poem), Swinburne
for a Volume of Lyrics (Poem), Catullus
Hymn (Poem), Willis
Deephaven, Jewett
Defendant, The, Chesterton
Defense of Nonsense, A, Chesterton
Defense of Philosophic Doubt, Balfour
Defoe, Daniel, C. F. Johnson
Deformed Transformed, The (Poem), Byron
Degeneracy of the World (Poem), William Drummond
de Heredia, José-Maria de, M. F. Egan
Dehmel, Richard, Ludwig Lewisohn
Deipnosophistæ, Athenæus
Deirdre, Yeats
Dejection: An Ode (Poem), Coleridge
Dekker, Eduard Douwes
Delacroix’s ‘Bark of Dante,’ Blanc
Deland, Margaret
Delavigne, Jean François Casimir, Frédéric Loliée
Delectable Duchy, The, Quiller-Couch
Delight in Disorder (Poem), Herrick
Delphine, de Staël
Deluge, The, Sienkiewicz
Story (Poem), Anon.
Democracy, Lowell
in America, Tocqueville
Démon de Midi, Le, Bourget
De Morgan, William Frend, E. W. Burrill
Demosthenes, Robert Sharp
Denmark, see also Danish Literature.
Deor’s Lament (Poem), Anon.
De Quincey, Thomas, G. R. Carpenter
Déracinés, Les, Barrès
Dernière Aldine, La, Sand
Déroulède, Paul
Descartes, René
Descent into the Maelstrom, A, Poe
of Man, The, Darwin
to the Underworld, Fragments of a (Poem), Anon.
Description of a Mountain Storm (Poem), Imr-al-Kais
— — Such a One as He would Love, A, (Poem), Wyatt
Desdemona’s Last Song (Poem), Shakespeare
Desert a Beggar Born (Poem), Menander
— — — — (Poem), Theognis
Deserted City, The (Poem), Roberts
Village, The (Poem), Goldsmith
Desheredada, La, Galdós
Desiderium (Poem), Gosse
Desjardins, Paul
de Staël, Madame
Destiny, Ferrier
— (Poem), Aldrich
of Man, Fiske
Destruction of Sennacherib, The (Poem), Byron
Deutsche Grammatik, Grimm
de Vere, Sir Aubrey
Devil, The (Poem), Defoe
Devil, A Defense of the, Holberg (Epistles)
Modern History of the, Defoe
upon Two Sticks, The, Lesage
Diablo Mundo, El, Espronceda
Dialogue of the Dead, A, Barbauld
on Oratory, A, Tacitus
Dialogues of the Gods, The, Wieland
Diamond Lens, The, O’Brien
Diana of the Crossways, Meredith
Diaries, Journals, etc.
    Adams, John
    — — Quincy
    Azeglio, M. T. marquis d
    Baudelaire, Charles
    Cellini, Benvenuto
    Commines, Philippe de
    Evelyn, John
    Foote, Samuel
    Franklin, Benjamin
    Fuller, S. M.
    Goldoni, Carlo
    Grant, U. S.
    Guérin, Eugénie de
    — Maurice de
    Mill, John Stuart
    Ritchie, A. T.
    Trollope, Anthony
    Wilhelmine von Bayreuth
    Woolman, John
Diary of a Fat Ox, Mille
— — Samuel Pepys, The, Pepys
Díaz del Castillo, Bernal
Dibdin, Charles
Dicenta, Joaquin
Dickens, Charles
— — Chesterton
— — Laurence Hutton
— — Ritchie (Memoirs)
in Camp (Poem), Harte
Dictionary, Johnson
Diderot, Denis
and the Encyclopædists, Morley
Die, Comtesse de
Dilemma, A, Andreyev
Dimbovitza (Poem), Carmen Sylva
Dingelstedt, Franz von
Diogenes Laertius
Dionysus and the Pirates, Euripides (Three Dramas)
Dirge, A (Poem), Parsons
for Two Veterans (Poem), Whitman
from “Vittoria Corombona” (Poem), Webster
of Larra, The (Poem), Zorrilla y Moral
Disappointment (Poem), Shenstone
Discipleship, Bible
Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion, A, Theodore Parker
on Method, Descartes
— — the Inequality among Men, A, Rousseau
— — — Training of Children, A, Plutarch
Discourse upon Universal History, Bossuet
Discourses, Epictetus
Discoverer, The (Poem), Stedman
Discovery of America, The, Fiske
Disputation between Pepin, the Most Noble and Royal Youth, and Albinus the Scholastic, Alcuin
Disquisition on Government, A, Calhoun
Disraeli, Isaac
Distaff of Barberine, The, Musset
Diversity of Character (Poem), Philemon
Divided (Poem), Ingelow
Divina Commedia, Dante
— — (Poem), Longfellow
Divine and Moral Songs (Poem), Campion
Narcissus, The, Juana Inés de la Cruz
Providence, The, Swedenborg
Song, The
Divorce, A, Bourget
Dîwân (Poem), Al-Nâbighah
— (Poem), Labîd
Dixains (Poem), Marguerite de Navarre
Do Thou Love, Too! (Poem), Ambrosius
Dobell, Sydney
Dobson, Austin, Esther Singleton
Doctor and Divinity, Nicarchus
Dr. Antonio, Ruffini
Breen’s Practice, Howells
Faustus, Marlowe
Doctor’s Dilemma, The, Shaw
Doctrine of Charity, Swedenborg
— — the Sacred Scriptures, The, Swedenborg
Dodge, Mary Mapes
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, see Carroll, Lewis.
Doll’s House, A, Ibsen
Domestic Service, Whipple
Dominant Note of the Law, The (Poem), Kwaihan
Don Gonzalo Gonzalez de la Gonzalera, Pereda
Don Ignacio Loyola’s Vigil (Poem), Mahony
Don Juan, Molière
— — (Poem), Byron
Quichotte, Richepin
Quixote, Cervantes
Doña Perfecta, Galdós
Donald M’Donald (Poem), Hogg
Donnay, Maurice
Donne, John
Doomed Prince, The, “Egyptian Literature”
Dora versus Rose (Poem), Dobson
Dorothy Q. (Poem), Holmes
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, I. F. Hapgood
Doubt Not (Poem), Shakespeare
Doubting Heart, A (Poem), Adelaide Procter
Dove and the Stranger, The (Poem), Dmitriev
Dover Beach (Poem), Matthew Arnold
Doves, The (Poem), Gautier
Dow’s Flat (Poem), Harte
Dowden, Edward
Down the Valley (Poem), Greene
Downfall, The, Zola
Doyle, A. Conan
Drachmann, Holger
Dragon-Fly, The (Poem), Gautier
Drake (Poems), Noyes
Joseph Rodman
— — — On the Death of (Poem), Halleck