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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Drama to English Constitution

    Æschylus: “Prometheus,” “The Suppliants,” “The Seven Against Thebes,” “Agamemnon,” “The Libation-Pourers,” “The Eumenides
    Alfieri: “Agamemnon
    Andreyev: “Anathema,” “The Black Maskers
    Aristophanes; “The Achnarnians,” “The Knights,” “The Clouds,” “The Birds,” “The Peace,” “Thesmophoriazusæ,” “The Frogs
    Atterbom: “Islands of the Blest, The
    Augier: “Giboyer’s Boy,” “The Adventuress,” “M. Poirier’s Son-in-Law,” “The Fourchambaults
    Baillie: “De Montfort”
    Barrie: “The Admirable Crichton,” “Peter Pan,” “What Every Woman Knows
    Beaumarchais: “The Barber of Seville,” “The Marriage of Figaro
    Beaumont and Fletcher: “The Maid’s Tragedy,” “Philaster
    Björnson: ”Sigurd Slembe
    Bourget: “Tribun
    Brieux: “Blanchette,” “False Gods,” “The Red Robe,” “The Three Daughters of Monsieur Dupont,” “Woman on Her Own
    Calderón: “The Secret in Words,” “The Wonderful Magician,” “La Vida Es Suena
    Canning: “The Rovers
    Chapman: “Tragedy of Charles Duke of Byron
    Chatterton: “Goddwyn
    Chekhov: “The Cherry Orchard
    Colman: “The Jealous Wife
    Congreve: “Love for Love,” “The Mourning Bride
    Coppée: “For the Crown
    Corneille: “The Cid,” “Horace,” “Polyeucte
    Crébillon: “Atreus and Thyestes,” “Electra,” “Rhadamistus and Zenobia
    Croly: “Catiline
    Çūdraka: “Mricchakatikā
    D’Annunzio: “The Daughter of Jorio
    Delavigne: “Louis XI.”
    Dumas, Jr.: “L’Étrangère,” “A Friend of the Sex,” “The Money Question,” “A Prodigal Father
    Echegaray: Epilogue of “Mariana,” “The Great Galeoto,” “Madman or Saint?”
    Euripides: “Bacchæ,” “Hippolytus,” “Hecuba,” “Medea,” “Alcestis,” “The Trojan Women,” “Fragments
    Ewald: “The Fishers
    Fletcher: “Bonduca,” “The Faithful Shepherdess
    Foote: “The Lame Lover
    Ford: “Perkin Warbeck,” “The Broken Heart,” “The Lover’s Melancholy
    France: “The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife
    Galsworthy: “The Pigeon
    Goethe: “Faust
    Gogol: “The Inspector,” “Marriage
    Goldoni: “The Café
    Gorky: “The Lower Depths
    Grillparzer: “Sappho
    Hagoromo: “Robe of Feathers
    Hauptmann: “The Weavers,” “Hannele,” “The Sunken Bell,” “Henry of Auë,” “Michael Kramer
    Hertz: “King René’s Daughter,” “Svend Dyring’s House
    Hofmannsthal: “The Adventurer and the Singer
    Holberg: “Ulysses von Ithacia,” “The Political Pewterer,” “Erasmus Montanus
    Hugo: “Hernani
    Ibsen: “The Pretenders,” “A Doll’s House,” “Peer Gynt
    Japanese: “Dwarf Trees
    Jonson: “Every Man in His Humour,” “Sejanus,” “The Silent Woman
    Juana Inés de la Cruz: “Divine Narcissus
    Kālidāsa: “Çakuntalā,” “Vikramorvaçī,” “Mālavikāgnimitra
    Krasiński: “The Undivine Comedy
    Lessing: “Nathan the Wise,” “Minna von Barnhelm,” “Emilia Galotti
    Lope de Vega: “Estrella de Sevilla
    MacKaye: “The Canterbury Pilgrims,” “The Scarecrow
    Madách: “Tragedy of Man”
    Maeterlinck: “The Death of Tintagiles,” “Monna Vanna
    Marlowe: “Doctor Faustus,” “Edward the Second,” “The Jew of Malta,” “Tamburlaine
    Massinger: “The Maid of Honour,” “A New Way to Pay Old Debts
    Menander: “The Arbitrants
    Molière: “L’Avare,” “The Misanthrope,” “Les Preécieuses Ridicules,” “Tartuffe
    Musset: “No Trifling with Love
    Oehlenschläger: “Axel and Valborg,” “Hakon Jarl
    Pailleron: “Cabotins,” “Le Monde, ùu, L’On s’Ennuie
    Peele: “David and Bethsabe
    Pellico: “Francesca da Rimini
    Phillips, Stephen: “Paolo and Francesca,” “Ulysses
    Piron: “La Métromanie
    Plautus: “Miles Gloriosus,” “Casina,” “Trinummus,” “Rudens,” “The Captives,” “Asinaria,” “Amphitruo
    Pushkin: “Boris Godunov
    Racine: “Bajazet,” “Andromaque,” “Phèdre
    Rostand: “Cyrano de Bergerac,” “L’Aiglon,” “Chantecler
    Sachs: “The Unlike Children of Eve
    Sardou: “Les Pattes de Mouches,” “Patrie
    Schiller: “Wallenstein
    Schnitzler: “Anatol,” “Professor Bernhardi
    Seneca: “Hercules Furens
    Shakespeare: “Tempest,” “Merry Wives of Windsor,” “Much Ado About Nothing,” “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” “As You Like It,” “Hamlet,” “Othello,” “Merchant of Venice,” “King Richard II.,” “King Henry IV.,” “King Henry V.,” “King Richard III,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Julius Cæsar,” “Antony and Cleopatra,” “King Lear,” “Macbeth
    Shakespeare and Fletcher: “Two Noble Kinsmen
    Shaw: “Candida,” “Cæsar and Cleopatra,” “Man and Superman,” “John Bull’s Other Island,” “The Doctor’s Dilemma,” “Getting Married
    Shelley: “Prometheus Unbound,” “The Cenci
    Sheridan: “The Rivals,” “The School for Scandal,” “The Critic,” “Pizarro
    Słowacki: “Mindowe
    Sophocles: “Antigone,” “Electra,” “Trachiniæ,” “Œdipus Rex,” “Œdipus at Colonus,” “Ajax
    Strindberg: “There Are Crimes and Crimes
    Sudermann: “Magda,” “Honor
    Synge: “Riders to the Sea,” “The Playboy of the Western World
    Tagore: “The Post Office
    Taylor: “Sir Henry Philip Van Artevelde
    Terence: “The Self-Tormentor
    Vondel: “Lucifer
    Webster: “The Duchess of Malfi
    Wilde: “Lady Windermere’s Fan,” “The Importance of Being Earnest
    Wilson: “Noctes Ambrosiannæ
    Yeats: “The Countess Cathleen
Drama, The, Voltaire (Letter)
    — of the Early Twentieth Century, The, Chandler
    Fools of Shakespeare, The, Weiss (Wit, Humor and Shakespeare)
    Function of the Artist, The, Wagner (Opera and Drama)
    Hamlet (Edwin Booth) at the Boston Theatre (Poem), Howe
    Jeffersons’ Rip Van Winkle, Winter (Life and Art of Joseph Jefferson)
    Origin of Masks in the Italian Comedy, The, Goldoni (Memoirs)
    Plays and Puritans, Kingsley
    Playwright, The, Dumas, Jr. (Preface to “A Prodigal Father”)
    Romantic Drama, The, A. W. von Schlegel (Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature)
    Theatrical Managers, Berlioz (Autobiography)
Dramatic Art and Literature, Lectures on, A. W. von Schlegel
Draper, John William
Draw it Mild (Poem), Béranger
Drayton, Michael
Dream, The (Poem), Byron
Allegory, A, Landor
Children: A Revery, Lamb
— –Image, The (Poem), Hölty
of Gerontius, The (Poem), Newman
— — Life, The (Poem), Fréchette
— — Maxen Wledig, The, Mabinogion
— — the Rood (Poem), Cynewulf
Pictures (Poems), Heine
of Rhonabuy, The, Mabinogion
Dreaming (Poem), Petőfi
Dreamland (Poem), 5. W. Mitchell
— (Poem), Rossetti
Dreams, Schreiner
Dreiser, Theodore
Dreyfus Case, On the, Dunne
Drifting (Poem), Read
Drink, Baudelaire
Out Thy Glass (Poem), Bellman
Drinking (Poem), Anacreon
Droz, Gustave
Drum, The (Poem), Rückert
Drummond, Henry
William of Hawthornden
William Henry, S. E. Cameron
Du Camp, Maxime
du Deffand, Madame (Marie de Vichy-Chamrond)
du Maurier, George
Duchess d’Alençon, The (Poem), Marot
of Langeais, The, Balzac
— — Malfi, The, Webster
Duclaux, Agnes Mary Frances Robinson, see Robinson, Agnes Mary Frances.
Dudevant, Baronne, see Sand, George.
Dullard and the Plow-Shaft, The, Vishnu Sharma (Pilpay)
Dumas, Alexandre, Sr., Andrew Lang
— — Jr., Francisque Sarcey
Dunbar, William
Dunciad, The, (Poem), Pope
Dunne, Finley Peter, J. B. Fletcher
Dunsany, Lord
Duplik, Eine, Lessing
Duraid ibn as-Simmah
Durão, José da Santa-Rita
Dürer’s ‘Melancholia,’ Blanc
Durion, The, Wallace (The Malay Archipelago)
Duruy, Jean Victor
Düsseldorf, Heine (Book Le Grand)
Dutch Literature.
    Bilderdijk, Willem
    Cats, Jacob
    Dekker, Eduard Douwes
    Heijermans, Hermann, Jr.
    Hooft, Pieter Corneliszoon
    Maartens, Maarten
    Spinoza, Baruch
    Thomas à Kempis
    Vondel, Joost van den
Dutch Lullaby (Poem), Field
School of Painters, The, Blanc
Dutchman’s Fireside, The, Paulding
Dutt, Toru
Duty, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
Dwarf Trees
Dwight, John S.
Dying Flower, The (Poem), Rückert
Rose-Tree, The (Poem), Florian
E’ Mi par d’Or in Ora Udire il Messo” (Poem), Petrarch
Each and All (Poem), Emerson
Eagle and the Snake, The (Poem), Anon.
Early Days of Christianity, The, Farrar
Majority of Mr. Thomas Watts, The, Johnston
Earnest Suit to his Unkind Mistress, An (Poem), Wyatt
Earth-Bound (Poem), Noyes
Earth in Spring, The (Poem), Halevi
Earthly Paradise, The (Poem), Morris
Earth’s Enigmas, Roberts
East, The (Poem), Byron
Indies: How the Rajah Took the Census, Wallace (Malay Archipelago)
Easter Day (Poem), Clough
Kiss, The (Poem), Maykov
Story, An, Theuriet
Easy Chair, The, G. W. Curtis
Eaters, An Account of Some Great, Athenæus (Deipnosophistæ)
Eating: Savarin: Physiology of Taste
Ebers, Georg Moritz
Ecclesiazusæ, The, Aristophanes
Echegaray, José, Federico de Onís
Echeverría, Estebán
Echo (Poem), C. G. Rossetti
Echoes from the Sabine Farm, Horace
Eclogues, Virgil
— (Poems), Barclay
Economics and Sociology, see also Politics and Government; Slavery; Socialism; War; Women.
    Agriculture, Cato
    Antiquity of Inventions, The, Wendell Phillips (The Lost Arts)
    Banking, Origin of Deposit, Bagehot (Lombard Street)
    Charities, Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws)
    Citizenship in a Republic, Roosevelt
    Comparative Worth of Different Races, The, Galton (Hereditary Genius)
    Competition, Mill (Political Economy)
    Corn Laws, The, Bright
    Destiny of Society, The, Mill (Autobiography)
    Economic Sophisms, Bastiat
    Economics, Hume (Political Discourses)
    England’s Growth in Commerce under Elizabeth, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
    Industrial War, Bastiat (Economic Sophisms)
    Invention and Discovery, Everett (The March of Improvement)
    Primitive Beliefs, Draper (Intellectual Development of Europe)
    Progress and Poverty, Henry George
    Protection—Home Industries, Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations)
    — “Petition of the, Manufacturers of Candles, etc.,” Bastiat
    — “Stulta and Puera,” Bastiat
    Punishments, The Power of, Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws)
    Race and Language, Freeman
    Savages Compared with Children, Lubbock (Pre-Historic Times)
    Social Texture, Wasson
    Societies, Early, not Free, Bagehot (Physics and Politics)
    Society, On, La Rochefoucauld (Reflections)
    Systematic Charity, Lecky (History of European Morals)
    Trade, Montesquieu (Spirit of Laws)
    Utopia, More
    Village Communities in the East and West, Maine
    Wages of Labor, The, Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations)
    Wealth and Population, the Stationary State of, Mill (Political Economy)
    Economist, Xenophon
    Eddas, The, W. H. Carpenter
    — From the (Poems)
    Edersheim, Alfred
    Edgeworth, Maria
    Edgren-Leffler, Anne Charlotte
    Edinburgh Reviewers, The First, Bagehot
    Authority over Children, Amiel (Journal)
    Claims of Childhood, Comenius
    Community of Studies, On, Aristotle (Politics)
    Education, Of, Joubert (Aphorisms)
    — Intellectual, Moral, and Physical, Spencer
    — of a Persian Boy, The, Xenophon (Cyropædia)
    — — Children, Quintilian (Institutes)
    — — the Human Race, The, Lessing (Eine Duplik)
    — — Women, The, Sydney Smith
    — — — Tocqueville (Democracy in America)
    Émile, From, Rousseau
    Errors in Teaching, Milton (Treatise on Education)
    Flogging at Schools, Steele (The Spectator)
    Gentleness in Education, On, Ascham (The Schoolmaster)
    Good Schoolmaster, The, Thomas Fuller (Holy and Profane State)
    Greek Education, Old, Mahaffy
    Inaugural Address as President of Harvard College, Eliot
    Injudicious Haste in Study, Locke (Human Understanding)
    Latin Verses—Classical Education, Sydney Smith
    Military and General Education, Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations)
    Mottoes and Commentaries of Mother Play, The, Fröbel
    “Orbis Pictus.” Author’s Preface to the, Comenius
    Polite Education in France, Taine (The Ancient Régime)
    Right of the Child, The, Fröbel (Reminiscences)
    Students of Paris, The, Ainsworth (Crichton)
    Study and Exercise, On, Ascham (Toxophilus)
    Training of Children, The, Plutarch
    — — — — Tacitus (Dialogue on Oratory)
    Universities, Defects of the, Bacon (Advancement of Learning)
Education of Man, The, Fröbel
of the Human Race, The, Lessing
— — Women, The, Sydney Smith
Edward (Poem), Anon.
the Second, Marlowe
Edwards, Jonathan, E. C. Smyth
Eekhoud, Georges
Effects of Observation of India on Modern European Thought, The, Maine
Eggleston, Edward
Eglinton, John
Egoist, The, Meredith
    Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia, Prime
    Egyptian Literature
    — Spirit, The, Hegel (Philosophy of History)
    Napoleon in Egypt, Thiers (History of the French Revolution)
    Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El Medinah and Meccah, Burton
Egyptian Literature, F. L. Griffith and K. B. Griffith
Love Songs (Poems)
Princess, An, Ebers
Eichendorff, Joseph von
Eighteenth Century, Woman in the, Goncourt
Ekkehard, Scheffel
Elder Edda, The
Eldon, Lord, Bagehot (The First Edinburgh Reviewers)
Electra, Crébillon
Elegy (Poem), Marot
— (Poem), Nibi
at the Grave of my Father (Poem), Hölty
on Franklin, The, Mirabeau
— — Lesbia’s Sparrow (Poem), Catullus
Written in a Country Church-Yard (Poem), Gray
Elene (Poem), Cynewulf
Elfin-King, The (Poem), Goethe
Elia, Essays of, Lamb
Eliot, Charles William, H. M. Ayres
George, Charles Waldstein
Elixir, The (Poem), Herbert
Elizabethan Sea-Dogs, Wood
Elms of New Haven, The (Poem), Willis
Elmwood (Poem), Aldrich
Eloa (Poem), Vigny
Elsie Venner, Holmes
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Richard Garnett
Emigrants, The (Poem), Freiligrath
in Bermudas, The (Poem), Marvell
Émigré L’, Bourget
Émile, Rousseau
Emilia Galotti, Lessing
Eminent Authors of the Nineteenth Century, Brandes
Emma, Austen
Empedocles, G. H. Palmer
Emperor of Portugallia, The, Lagerlöf
Emptied Quiver, The, Mnesalcus
En Rade, Huysmans
revenant des Noces (Poem), Anon.
Route, Huysmans
Enchanted Castle, The, Esquiros
Enchiridion, Epictetus
Encyclopædists, Diderot and the, Morley
Encyclopédie,” d’Alembert
L’, Diderot
End of the Play, The (Poem), Thackeray
Endymion, Beaconsfield
— (Poem), Keats
Enemy, The (Poem), Baudelaire
of the People, An, Ibsen
Enfantillage (Poem), Sully Prudhomme
    Alfred, King, Battle with the Danes (Chronicle)
    Angleterre, L’ (Poem), Verhaeren
    Battle of Hastings, The, Green (History of the English People)
    — — — — Thierry (History of the Conquest of England)
    Beachy Head, Jefferies (Nature Near London)
    Cavaliers, The, Bagehot (Thomas Babington Macaulay)
    Charles I., The Martyrdom of, Disraeli (Reign of Charles the First)
    Charles and the Parliament, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
    Climate, The, Walpole (Letter)
    Coffee-House, The, Macaulay (History of England)
    Coffee-Houses, The, Steele (The Guardian)
    Commerce and Comfort, Growth in, under Elizabeth, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
    Conciliation with America, Speech on, Burke
    Continuity of English History, The, Freeman (Historical Essays)
    Corn Laws, The, Bright (Speech)
    Cornish Wreckers, The, Baring-Gould (Vicar of Morwenstow)
    Drake and the Spanish Armada, Wood (Elizabethan Sea-Dogs)
    Drum-Beat of England, The, Webster (Speech)
    Edward III., The, Invasion of France by, and the Battle of Crécy, Froissart (Chronicles)
    England, 1784–1785, Abigail Adams (Letters)
    — 1785, Mirabeau (Letter)
    England’s Navy, The Growth of, Froude (English Seamen)
    English, The, Matthew Arnold (Essays in Criticism)
    — Constitution, The, Canning (Speech)
    — Domestic Comfort in the Fifteenth Century, Hallam (The Middle Ages)
    — Mind, The, Taine (Notes on England)
    Fifteenth Century, The, Stubbs (Constitutional History of England)
    Fight at Maldon, The (Poem)
    Henry VIII., Froude (History of England)
    Highwayman, The, Macaulay (History of England)
    History of England, Froude
    — — — Macaulay
    — — the Norman Conquest of England, The, Freeman
    Homes of England, The (Poem), Hemans
    John Bull’s Charity Subscriptions, Sydney Smith
    Murder of the Young Princes, The, Holinshed (Chronicles)
    Norman Council, The, and the Assembly of Lillebonne, Freeman (History of the Norman Conquest)
    Palmerston, Lord, McCarthy (History of Our Own Times)
    Pepys’s Diary
    Revenge, The, Last Fight of the, Raleigh (Report)
    Rising of the Barons against King John, J. R. Green (History of the English People)
    Salisbury Plain, The Lark on, Holmes (Our Hundred Days in Europe)
    Stage Coach, The, Irving (Sketch Book)
    Strafford, The Fall of, Ranke (History of England)
    Travel in England, 1685, The Difficulty of, Macaulay (History of England)
    Trial of Warren Hastings, The, Macaulay (Essay on Gleig’s “Memoirs”)
    Typical English Men and Women, Taine (Notes on England)
    Victoria, Queen, The Accession of, McCarthy (History of Our Own Times)
England (Poem), Dobell
Constitutional History of, Stubbs
My Mother (Poem), Watson
to America (Poem), Watson
English Constitution, The, Bagehot