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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

General Index

Essays to Finnish Literature

    Addison: Fans
    Aguilar: Friendship
    Arnold, Matthew: Intelligence and Genius, Sweetness and Light, Oxford
    Ascham: Gentleness in Education, Study and Exercise
    Atterbom: The Genius of the North
    Bacon: Of Truth, Of Revenge, Of Simulation and Dissimulation, Of Travel, Of Friendship, In Praise of Knowledge
    Bagehot: The Virtues of Stupidity, Taste, The Search for Happiness, On Early Reading, Morality and Fear, The Tyranny of Convention, How to be an Influential Politician
    Barbauld: Against Inconsistency in Our Expectations
    Beecher: Book-Stores and Books
    Berkeley: Tar-Water
    Birrell: Benvenuto Cellini, Dr. Johnson, The Office of Literature, On the Alleged Obscurity of Mr. Browning’s Poetry, Truth-Hunting
    Brandes: Björnson, The Historical Movement in Modern Literature
    Brooks: The Courage of Opinions, Literature and Life, Personal Character
    Bushnell: Work and Play, The Age of Homespun
    Cowley: Of Myself
    Darmesteter: Ernest Renan, Judaism
    De Quincey: Charles Lamb, The Bishop of Beauvais and Joan of Arc
    Desjardins: The Present Duty
    Dowden: Shakespeare
    Eliot: The Happy Life
    Emerson: Friendship, Nature, Compensation, Love, Circles, Self-Reliance, History
    Everett: The March of Improvement
    Freeman: The Altered Aspects of Rome, The Continuity of English History, Race and Language
    Gladstone: Macaulay
    Gottschall: Heinrich Heine
    Green, T. H.: Value and Influence of Works of Fiction
    Harrison: The Choice of Books and Other Literary Pieces
    Hazlitt: Table Talk
    Henley: Longfellow and the Water-World
    Higginson: My Outdoor Study, Mademoiselle’s Campaigns
    Holberg: Epistles
    Hume: Of Refinement in the Arts
    Hunt: The Old Lady, The Old Gentleman
    Huxley: On a Piece of Chalk, Materialism and Idealism, Evolution and Ethics, On the Physical Basis of Life
    Ingersoll: Life
    James, Henry: The New Novel
    James, William: The Moral Equivalent of War
    Jefferies: Nature Near London
    Johnson: Milton, Old Age and Death, Wealth
    Jonson: On Shakespeare, On Style
    Lamb: Imperfect Sympathies, Dream-Children: A Revery, A Quakers’ Meeting, Mrs. Battle’s Opinions on Whist
    Lang: A Bookman’s Purgatory, Letter to Monsieur de Molière, Valet de Chambre du Roi
    Le Gallienne: A Seaport in the Moon, Essay-Writing
    Lemaître: On the Influence of Recent Northern Literature
    Lessing: The Education of the Human Race, Hamburg Dramaturgy, Laocoön, The Meaning of Heresy, On Love of Truth
    Locke: Essay Concerning Human Understanding
    Lowell: On a Certain Condescension in Foreigners, Uncle Zeb
    Mabie: Country and People
    Macaulay: On Barère, On Gleig’s “Memoirs of Warren Hastings,” On “John Milton,” On Lord Mahon’s “History of the War of the Succession in Spain,” On Mackintosh’s “History of the Revolution in England,” On Ranke’s “History of the Popes
    Macphail: Psychology of the Suffragette
    Maeterlinck: The Inner Beauty, The Tragical in Daily Life
    Maine: The Effects of Observation of India on Modern European Thought
    Maistre: The Traveling-Coat, A Friend, The Library
    Matthews: American Character
    Mazzini: Faith and the Future, On Carlyle
    Montaigne: Of Friendship, Of Books, Of Repentance
    Morley: Condorcet
    Pater: The Classic and the Romantic in Literature
    Phillips, Wendell: The Lost Arts
    Schurz: Abraham Lincoln
    Smith, Sydney: The Education of Women, John Bull’s Charity Subscriptions, Wisdom of Our Ancestors, Latin Verses, Mrs. Siddons, Dogs, Hand-Shaking, Small Men, Macaulay, Specie and Species, Review of the Novel “Granby
    Steele: On Behavior at Church, Mr. Bickerstaff visits a Friend, On Coffee-Houses, On the Effects of Public Mourning, On the Art of Growing Old, On Flogging at Schools, The Art of Story-Telling
    Warner: What I Know about Gardening
    Wasson: The Genius of Woman, Social Texture
    Whipple: Domestic Service
    White: The Bacon–Shakespeare Craze, Big Words for Small Thoughts
    Willis: When Tom Moore Sang
    Wilson: The Truth of the Matter, The West in American History
Essays in Criticism, Matthew Arnold
— — Fallacy, Macphail
— — Puritanism, Macphail
of Elia, Lamb
Essex, Henry de, Thomas Fuller (Worthies of England)
Esther Vanhomrigh, Woods
Waters, George Moore
Estrella de Sevilla, Vega
Étape, L’, Bourget
Eternal Beam of Light Divine (Hymn), Wesley
Goodness, The (Poem), Whittier
Ethics of Elfland, The, Chesterton
Principles of, Spencer
Étrangère, L’, Dumas, Jr.
Étude Réaliste (Poem), Swinburne
Étui de Nacre, L’, France
Eugénie Grandet, Balzac
Eulogy on Sophocles (Poem), Phrynichus
Eumenides, The, Æschylus
Eunuchus, Terence
Euphranor, Fitzgerald
Euphrates Valley, The Literature of the, F. A. Vanderburgh
Euripides, W. C. Lawton
Euripides’ Lyric Verse (Parody), Aristophanes
Euripides, Prologues of (Parody), Aristophanes
European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne, History of, Lecky
— War, see War of the Nations.
Evan Harrington, Meredith
Evans, Mary Ann, see Eliot, George.
Evangeline (Poem), Longfellow
Eve of St. Agnes, The (Poem), Keats
Evelina, Burney
Evelyn, John
Hope (Poem), Robert Browning
Evening (Poem), Allingham
Evening (Poem), Tyutchev
Hymn (Poem), Keble
Song (Poem), Lanier
Everett, Edward
Everlasting Mercy, The (Poem), Masefield
Every Man in His Humour, Jonson
One His Own Chimera, Baudelaire
Everybody’s Business is Nobody’s Business, Defoe
Evgeny Onyegin (Poem), Pushkin
Evil, The Nature of, Hegel (Philosophy of History)
Evolution, Tyndall (Belfast Address)
and Ethics, Huxley
— — Independent Creation, Darwin (Origin of Species)
Creative, Bergson
— See also Science.
The Last Link, Haeckel
Evolutionist at Large, The, Grant Allen
Ewald, Johannes, W. M. Payne
Ex-Voto, Eekhoud
Examination Paper, on ‘Pickwick,’ An, Calverley
Except the Lord Build the House (Poem), Carpenter
Excursions, Thoreau
Execution of Montrose, The (Poem), W. E. Aytoun
Exile of Erin, The (Poem), Campbell
Expedition of Humphrey Clinker, The, Smollett
Experience (Poem), Piron
Eyebright (Poem), Symonds
Faber, Cecilia Böhl de, see Caballero, Fernán.
    La Fontaine
Fables, On the Migration of, F. M. Müller (Chips from a German Workshop)
Fabre, Jean Henri, Leland Hall
Fadl ibn al-Abbas, Al
Faery Queene, Spenser
Fair as the Day” (Poem), Platen
Fair-Haired Eckbert, The, Tieck
Fair Haven, The, Samuel Butler
Fair Ines (Poem), Hood
Lady, A (Poem), Antar
Maid of the Exchange, The, Heywood
Shadow Land (Poems), Thomas
Summer-Time (Poem), Raimon de Miraval
Fairies, The, (A Child’s Song) (Poem), Allingham
Fairy Book, Laboulaye
— — Macé
Queen, The (Poem), Spenser
Fairy Tales and Folk Stories.
    Andersen: The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Teapot, The Ugly Duckling, What the Moon Saw, The Lovers, The Snow Queen
    Arabian Nights: The Story of the City of Brass, The History of King Omar Ben Ennuman, and his Sons Sherkan and Zoulmekan, Sinbad the Seaman and Sinbad the Landsman
    Árnason: The Merman, The Fisherman of Götur, The Magic Scythe, The Man-Servant and the Water-Elves, The Crossways
    Aryan Folk-Lore: The Kinvad Bridge (From the “Zend-Avesta”), The Bridge of Dread (North of England), The Legend of Bomere Pool (Shropshire), The Lake of the Demons (Catalonia), Fairy Gifts and their Ill-Luck (Sweden), A Sleeping Army (Silesia), The Black Lamb (Ireland), Death-Bed Superstitions (Sussex), The Witched Churn, The Bad Wife and the Demon (Russia), Hangman’s Rope (Russia), May-Day Song (Berkshire), Old English Charms and Folk Customs, Yule-Log Ceremony, The Changeling (English), The Magic Sword (Norway)
    Asbjörnsen: Gudbrand of the Mountain-Side, The Widow’s Son
    Baring-Gould: St. Patrick’s Purgatory
    Celtic: The Miller of Hell, Signs of Home, Oisin in Tirnanoge, The Coming of Cuculain
    Eddas, The
    Ethics of Elfland, The, Chesterton
    Grimm Brothers: Little Briar-Rose, The Three Spinners
    Hoffmann: The Golden Pot, Nutcracker and the King of Mice
    Laboulaye: The Story of Coquerico, The Twelve Months
    MacDonald: At the Back of the North Wind
    Macé: The Necklace of Truth
    Nodier: The Golden Dream
    Perrault: Little Red Riding-Hood, The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Blue Beard, Toads and Diamonds
Faith, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
and Patience of the Saints, Jeremy Taylor
— — the Future, Mazzini
Faith Healer, The, Moody
Faithful Shepherdess, The, (Poem) Fletcher
Faithfulness (Poem), Petőfi
Faithless Sally Brown (Poem), Hood
Falkland, The Character of Lord, Clarendon
Fall of Poland, The (Poem), Campbell
— — the House of Usher, The, Poe
False Gods, Brieux
Step, A (Poem), E. B. Browning
Fame, Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)
Fancy (Poem), Keats
Fänrik Ståls Sägner (Poems), Runeberg
Fans, An Essay on, Addison
Fantasy, Serao
Far-Away Princess, The, Rostand
Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy
— — — World (Poem), Lamartine
Farewell, A (Poem), Kingsley
— (Poem), Landor
— (Poem), Symonds
— (Poem), Whittier
Address, Washington
of Sir Charles Baldwin to His Wife, The (Poem), Chatterton
to Folly, Greene
— — His Fellow-Officers (Poem), Catullus
— — Italy (Poem), Landor
— — Sir John Norris and Sir Francis Drake, A (Poem), Peele
Faríd-uddín Attar
Faris (Poem), Mickiewicz
Farrar, Frederic William
Farthest North, Nansen
Fatality (Poem), Katari
Father, The, Björnson
I Stretch My Hands to Thee (Hymn), Wesley
of the Forest, The (Poem), Watson
Fathers and Children, Turgenev
Father’s Return (Poem), Mickiewicz
Fatima Playing on her Stringed Instrument (Poem), Bodenstedt
Faun with the Mirror, The, Régnier
Faust, Goethe
Fear After the Trouble (Poem), Cats
No More (Poem), Shakespeare
Fearful Responsibility, A, Howells
Fearless, The, Galdós
Feast of the Learned, The, Athenæus
February in Rome (Poem), Gosse
Federalist, The, Alexander Hamilton
— — Madison
Feet of the Beloved, The (Poem), Symonds
Felicitas, Dahn
Female Phaeton, The (Poem), Prior
Fénelon, François de Salinac de la Mothe, T. J. Shahan
Ferdinand and Isabella, Prescott
Ferrero, Guglielmo, Arthur Livingston
Ferrier, Susan Edmonstone
Ferronays, Pauline de la, see Craven, Madame Augustus.
Festival of Adonis, The, Theocritus
Festus (Poem), Bailey
Fet, A., see Shenshin, Afanasy Shenshin.
Feud (Poem), Cawein
Feuilles Volantes, Les, Fréchette
Feuillet, Octave
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb, E. F. Buchner
Fickle and Changeable ever (Poem), Catullus
Fiction. See also Fables, Fairy Tales and Folk Stories, Humor.
    About: “The King of the Mountains,” “The Man with the Broker Ear
    Addison: “Sir Roger de Coverley at the Play,” “A Visit to Sir Roger de Coverley,” “The Vision of Mirzah
    Aguilar: “Woman’s Friendship,” “The Days of Bruce,” “Home Influence
    Ainsworth: “Crichton
    Alarcón: “The Three-Cornered Hat,” “The Child of the Ball
    Alcott: “Little Women
    Aldrich: “Père Antoine’s Date-Palm,” “Miss Mehetabel’s Son
    Allen, J. L.: “Summer in Arcady,” “Flute and Violin, and Other Kentucky Tales and Romances
    Almqvist: “The Book of the Rose
    Andreyev: “A Dilemma,” “The Seven who were Hanged
    Apuleius: “Golden Ass
    “Arabian Nights, The
    Arbuthnot: “The History of John Bull,” “Memoirs of Martinus Scriblerus
    Árnason: “Icelandic Legends
    “Aucassin and Nicolette
    Auerbach: “Ivo the Gentleman,” “On the Heights
    Austen: “Pride and Prejudice,” “Northanger Abbey,” “Emma,” “Mansfield Park
    Aytoun, W. E.: “The Modern Endymion,” “Norman Sinclair
    Baggesen: “The Labyrinth
    Balzac: “Béatrix,” “César Birotteau,” “Le Colonel Chabert,” “Comédie humaine,” “Contes,” “Country Doctor,” “Cousine Bette,” “Cousin Pons,” “Duchess of Langeais,” “An Episode under the Terror,” “Eugénie Grandet,” “La Grande Bretèche,” “Le Lys dans la vallée,” “A Passion in the Desert,” “La Peau de chagrin,” “Père Goriot,” “La Recherche de l’absolu”
    Banim: “The Publican’s Dream
    Barbauld: “A Dialogue of the Dead
    Barlow, Jane: “Strangers at Lisconnel
    Barrès: “Les Amitiés Françaises,” “Au Service de l’Allemagne,” “Colette Baudoche,” “La Colline Inspirée,” “Culte du Moi,” “Les Déracinés,” “L’Ennemi des Lois,” “La Grande Pitié des Églises de France,” “Greco,” “L’Homme Libre,” “Le Jardin de Bérénice
    Barrie: “Auld Licht Idylls,” “The Little Minister,” “Sentimental Tommy,” “Tommy and Grizel,” “A Window in Thrums
    Beaconsfield: “Coningsby,” “Endymion,” “Henrietta,” “Lothair,” “Sibyl,” “Tancred,” “Venetia,” “Vivian Grey,” “The Young Duke
    Beckford: “The History of the Caliph Vathek
    Bennett: “The Old Wives’ Tale,” “Whom God Hath Joined
    Besant: “All Sorts and Conditions of Men,” “The Rebel Queen
    Björnson: “Arne,” “Arnljot Gelline,” “The Father,” “In God’s Way,” “Kongen,” “Mary
    Black: “Macleod of Dare,” “A Princess of Thule
    Blackmore: “Alice Lorraine,” “Lorna Doone,” “Mary Anerley
    Blicher: “The Hosier,” “The Knitting-Room
    Blind: “Tarantella
    Boccaccio: “Decameron
    Borrow: “Lavengro
    Bourget: “La Barricade,” “Cruelle Énigme,” “La Démon de Midi,” “A Divorce,” “L’Émigré,” “L’Étape,” “Mensonges,” “Le Sens de la Mort
    Boyesen: “Gunnar
    Braddon: “The Christmas Hirelings,” “Mohawks
    Bremer: “The Home,” “The Neighbors
    Brontë, Charlotte: “Jane Eyre,” “Shirley,” “Villette
    Brontë, Emily: “Wuthering Heights
    Brown, C. B.: “Wieland
    Bulwer-Lytton: “The Last Days of Pompeii,” “Kenelm Chillingly
    Bunner: “Short Sixes
    Bunyan: “The Pilgrim’s Progress
    Burnett: “The Lass o’ Lowrie’s
    Burney: “Evelina,” “Cecilia
    Butler: “Erewhon,” “The Way of All Flesh
    Caballero: “La Gaviota
    Cable: “Old Creole Days
    Caine: “The Manxman
    Cantù: “Margherita Pusteria
    Cervantes: “Don Quixote
    Chamisso: “The Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl
    Chateaubriand: “Atala
    Chekhov: “The Trousseau
    Cherbuliez: “Samuel Brohl and Company
    Clarke: “His Natural Life
    Collins, Wilkie: “The Moonstone,” “The Woman in White
    Conrad: “Lord Jim,” “Victory,” “Nostromo
    Conscience: “The Iron Tomb,” “The Lost Glove,” “A Painter’s Progress,” “Rikke-Tikke-Tak,” “Siska van Roosemael
    Cooke: “Some Account of Thomas Tucker
    Cooper: “The Last of the Mohicans,” “The Prairie,” “The Water-Witch
    Coppée: “The Substitute
    Craik: “John Halifax, Gentleman
    Craven: “A Sister’s Story,” “Fleurange
    Crawford: “Marzio’s Crucifix,” “The Upper Berth
    Crockett: “The Stickit Minister,” “The Gray Man
    Croly: “Salathiel the Immortal
    Cupples: “The Green Hand
    Curtis: “Prue and I
    Dahn: “Felicitas,” “The Struggle for Rome
    Dana, R. H., Sr.: “Paul Felton
    Dana, R. H., Jr.: “Two Years Before the Mast
    Daudet: “Jack,” “Kings in Exile,” “Letters from My Windmill,” “Tartarin of Tarascon
    Defoe: “Colonel Jack,” “Robinson Crusoe,” “History of the Plague in London,” “Everybody’s Business is Nobody’s Business
    Dekker: “Max Havelaar
    De Morgan: “Alice for Short,” “Joseph Vance
    de Staël: “Delphine,” “Corinne
    Dickens: “Barnaby Rudge,” “Hard Times,” “Mugby Junction,” “A Tale of Two Cities
    Diderot: “Le Neveu de Rameau
    Dingelstedt: “The Amazon
    Dodge: “Hans Brinker
    Dostoyevsky: “Crime and Punishment,” “Poor People
    Doyle: “The Red-Headed League
    Drachmann: “Paul and Virginis of a Northern Zone
    Droz: “Making an Omelette,” “Monsieur, Madame, and Baby,” “The Seamstress’s Story
    Dumas, Sr.: “The Count of Monte Cristo,” “The Lady of Monsoreau,” “The Three Musketeers,” “The Viscount of Bragelonne
    du Maurier: “The Martian,” “Peter Ibbetson,” “Trilby
    Dunne: “Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War
    Ebers: “An Egyptian Princess
    Edgeworth: “Castle Rackrent
    Edgren-Leffler: “Open Sesame,” “A Rescuing Angel
    Eekhoud: “Ex-Voto,” “Kors Davie
    Egyptian: “The Shipwrecked Sailor,” “The Story of Sanehat,” “The Doomed Prince,” “The Story of the Two Brothers,” “The Story of Setna
    Eichendorff: “Out of the Life of a Good-for-Nothing
    Eliot: “The Mill on the Floss,” “Silas Marner,” “Adam Bede,” “Romola,” “Daniel Deronda
    Eötvös: “The Village Notary
    Erckmann-Chatrian: “Friend Fritz,” “Waterloo
    Esquiros: “Charlotte Corday
    Fénelon: “Telemachus
    Ferrier: “The Inheritance,” “Destiny
    Feuillet: “Romance of a Poor Young Man
    Fielding: “Joseph Andrews,” “Tom Jones,” “Amelia
    Flaubert: “Un Cœur Simple,” “Salammbô
    Flygare-Carlén: “The Merchant House among the Islands
    Fogazzaro: “The Patriot
    France: “The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard,” “The Book of My Friend,” “Our Lady’s Juggler,” “Crainquebille,” “Penguin Island,” “The Gods are Athrist
    Frederic: “The Damnation of Theron Ware
    Freeman: “The Revolt of Mother
    Frenssen: “Klaus Hinrich Baas
    Freytag: “The Lost Manuscript
    Froude: “Two Chiefs of Dunboy,” “On a Siding at a Railway Station
    Fuller, H. B.: “With the Procession
    Gaboriau: “File No. 113
    Galdós: “The Court of Charles IV.,” “Doña Perfecta,” “La de Bringas
    Galsworthy: “Fraternity
    Garborg: “A Freethinker
    Garland: “Rose of Dutcher’s Coolly
    Gaskell: “Cranford
    Gautier: “The Romance of a Mummy
    “Gesta Romanorum
    Goethe: “Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship
    Gogol: “Dead Souls,” “Mirgorod
    Goldschmidt: “Love Stories from Many Countries
    Goldsmith: “The Vicar of Wakefield
    Goncharov: “Oblómof
    Goncourt: “Renée Mauperin,” “Sister Philomène
    Griffin: “The Collegians
    Guérin: “The Centaur
    Hale: “The Man Without a Country
    Halévy: “The Most Beautiful Woman in Paris
    Haliburton: “The Clockmaker
    Hardy, A. S., “But Yet a Woman
    Hardy, Thomas: “Far from the Madding Crowd,” “Jude the Obscure,” “A Pair of Blue Eyes,” “The Return of the Native,” “Tess,” “Under the Greenwood Tree
    Harris: “Uncle Remus and his Friends
    Harte: “An Heiress of Red Dog
    Hauff: “The Story of the Caliph Stork
    Hawthorne, Julian: “Archibald Malmaison
    Hawthorne, Nathaniel: “The House of Seven Gables,” “Marble Faun,” “Mosses from an Old Manse,” “The Scarlet Letter
    Hearn: “Chita
    Heine: “Marie
    Heliodorus: “Æthiopica
    O. Henry: “The Cop and the Anthem
    Heyse: “Children of the World
    Holmes: “Elsie Venner
    Howells: “Their Wedding Journey,” “A Hazard of New Fortunes
    Hughes: “Tom Brown’s School Days
    Hugo: “Les Misérables,” “The Toilers of the Sea
    Huysmans: “À Rebours,” “La Cathédrale,” “En Rade,” “En Route
    Immermann: “Oberhof
    Ingemann: “Waldemar the Victorious
    Irving: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
    Isaacs: “María
    James, Henry: “The Madonna of the Future
    Janvier: “The Episode of the Marques de Valdeflores
    Japanese: “The Maid of Unai,” “Discovery of the Isle of Immortal Youth,” “The Chiushingura
    Jerrold: “The Tragedy of the Till
    Jewett: “Miss Tempy’s Watchers,” “Deephaven
    Johnston: “The Early Majority of Mr. Thomas Watts
    Jókai: “There is No Devil
    Judd: “Margaret
    Keller: “The Smith of his Own Fortunes
    Kielland: “At the Fair
    Kingsley: “Water-Babies,” “Westward Ho
    Kipling: “Without Benefit of Clergy
    Kleist: “Michael Kohlhaas
    La Fayette: “The Princess of Clèves
    Lagerlöf: “The Story of Gösta Berling,” “Invisible Links
    Lamennais: “A Spiritual Allegory
    La Motte-Fouqué: “Undine
    Lesage: “Gil Blas,” “The Devil upon Two Sticks
    Lever: “Charles O’Malley
    Lie: “A Norse Love Story
    London: “The Sea Wolf
    Longus: “Daphnis and Chloe
    Loti: “An Iceland Fisherman
    Lover: “The Gridiron
    Lucian: “The Amateur of Lying
    Maartens: “God’s Foul,” “Greater Glory,” “An Old Maid’s Love,” “The Sin of Joost Avelingh
    Mabinogion, The
    MacDonald: “At the Back of the North Wind,” “Sir Gibbie
    Macleod: “The Old Lieutenant and his Son
    Mahony: “Father Prout
    Mallock: “The New Republic
    Manzoni: “The Betrothed
    Marguerite de Navarre: Heptameron
    Marryat: “Mr. Midshipman Easy,” “Peter Simple
    Maupassant: “A Life,” “The Piece of String,” “Pierre and Jean
    Meinhold: “The Amber-Witch
    Melville: “Typee
    Mendès: “The Foolish Wish,” “The Sleeping Beauty,” “The Charity of Sympathy,” “The Mirror,” “The Man of Letters
    Meredith: “Lord Ormont and his Aminta,” “The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
    Mérimèe: “Arsène Guillot
    Meyer: “The Monk’s Wedding
    Mille: “Barnavaux, Général,” “Caillou et Tili,” “Diary of a Fat Ox,” “Jimmy and Wilkie,” “Louise et Barnavaux,” “Paraboles et Diversions,” “Paul-Louis Durand
    Mitchell, S. W.: “Hugh Wynne
    Mitford: “Our Village
    Moore: “Esther Waters
    Morier: “The Adventures of Hajji Baba
    Morris: “The Story of the Glittering Plain
    Murfree: “The Dancin’ Party at Harrison’s Cove
    Murger: “The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter
    Musset: “Mimi Pinson
    Newman: “Callista,” “Loss and Gain
    Norris, Frank: “The Octopus
    Norris, W. E.: “Matrimony,” “No New Thing,” “Mademoiselle de Mersac
    O’Brien: “The Diamond Lens
    O’Grady: “The Coming of Cuculain
    Oliphant: “The Ladies Lindores,” “Miss Marjoribanks
    Ouida: “Bébée,” “Tricotrin,” “Under Two Flags
    Page: “The Burial of the Guns
    Palgrave: “Hermann Agha
    Pardo Bazán: “The Swan of Vilamorte
    Parker, Gilbert: “Pierre and His People,” “When Valmond Came to Pontiac
    Pater: “Marius, the Epicurean
    Paulding: “The Dutchman’s Fireside
    Peacock: “Maid Marian
    Pereda: “La Leva,” “Los Hombros de Pro,” “Don Gonzalo Gonzalez de la Gonzalera,” “Sotileza
    Petronius: “Satiricon
    Poe: “A Descent into the Maelstrom,” “The Fall of the House of Usher
    Prévost d’Exiles: “Manon Lescaut
    Quesnay de Beaurepaire: “The Woodman
    Quiller-Couch: “When the Sap Rose,” “The Paupers
    Rabelais: “Gargantua
    Reade: “Christie Johnstone,” “Peg Woffington,” “The Cloister and the Hearth
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    Kalevala, The
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Finnish Literature.
    Kalevala, The
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