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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

The Nurse’s Watch

By Clemens Brentano (1778–1842)

From ‘The Boy’s Wonderhorn’: Englished by Charles Timothy Brooks

THE MOON it shines,

My darling whines;

The clock strikes twelve:—God cheer

The sick both far and near.

God knoweth all;

Mousy nibbles in the wall;

The clock strikes one:—like day,

Dreams o’er thy pillow play.

The matin-bell

Wakes the nun in convent cell;

The clock strikes two:—they go

To choir in a row.

The wind it blows,

The cock he crows;

The clock strikes three:—the wagoner

In his straw bed begins to stir.

The steed he paws the floor,

Creaks the stable door;

The clock strikes four:—’tis plain

The coachman sifts his grain.

The swallow’s laugh the still air shakes,

The sun awakes;

The clock strikes five:—the traveler must be gone,

He puts his stockings on.

The hen is clacking,

The ducks are quacking;

The clock strikes six:—awake, arise,

Thou lazy hag; come, ope thy eyes.

Quick to the baker’s run;

The rolls are done;

The clock strikes seven:—

’Tis time the milk were in the oven.

Put in some butter, do,

And some fine sugar, too;

The clock strikes eight:—

Now bring my baby’s porridge straight.