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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

The Reader’s Digest of Books

Fabre to Guyot

Ferdinand Fabre. 1827–1898. The Abbé Tigrane
Jean-Henri Fabre. 1823–1915. The Mason-Bees
Lanoe Falconer (Mary Elizabeth Hawker). 1848–1908. Cecilia de Noel
Mademoiselle Ixe
Michael Faraday. 1791–1867. Experimental Researches in Electricity
Salvatore Farina. 1846–1918. Il Signor Io
Benjamin Leopold Farjeon. 1833–1903. Grif
Jeffery Farnol. 1878–1952. The Broad Highway
George Farquhar. 1677?–1707. The Beaux’ Stratagem
Frederic William Farrar. 1831–1903. Gathering Clouds: A Tale of the Days of St. Chrysostom
Edgar Fawcett. 1847–1904. An Ambitious Woman
Social Silhouettes
Cornelius Conway Felton. 1807–1862. Greece, Ancient and Modern
François Fénelon. 1651–1715. Adventures of Telemachus
James Fergusson. 1808–1886. A History of Architecture in all Countries
Guglielmo Ferrero. 1871–1942. Greatness and Decline of Rome
Susan Edmonstone Ferrier. 1782–1854. Destiny
The Inheritance
Octave Feuillet. 1821–1890. The Romance of a Poor Young Man
Henry Fielding. 1707–1754. Amelia
The History of Jonathan Wild the Great
Joseph Andrews
Tom Jones
Annie Adams Fields. 1834–1915. Life and Letters of Harriet Beecher Stowe
James Thomas Fields. 1817–1881. Yesterdays with Authors
Louis Figuier. 1819–1894. Primitive Man
George Finlay. 1799–1875. A History of Greece
John Fiske. 1842–1901. Periods in the Modern History of America
The Beginnings of New England
Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy
The Destiny of Man
Clyde Fitch. 1865–1909. The Truth
Gustave Flaubert. 1821–1880. Madame Bovary
Julia Constance Fletcher (George Fleming). 1853–1938. Kismet
Phineas Fletcher. 1582–1650. The Purple Island
Antonio Fogazzaro. 1842–1911. The Patriot
The Politician
Mary Hallock Foote. 1847–1938. Cœur d’Alene
The Led Horse Claim
John Ford. 1586–c. 1640. Perkin Warbeck
Paul Leicester Ford. 1865–1902. The Hon. Peter Sterling
Janice Meredith
John Forster. 1812–1876. The Life of Charles Dickens
William Forsyth. 1812–1899. Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero
Jessie Fothergill. 1851–1891. The First Violin
Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler. 1860–1929. Concerning Isabel Carnaby
John Foxe. 1516–1587. The Book of Martyrs
George Fox. 1624–1691. Journal
John Fox, Jr. 1863–1919. The Heart of the Hills
The Kentuckians
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
Anatole France. 1844–1924. The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard
The Garden of Epicurus
The Gods Are Athirst
L’Histoire Contemporaine
Penguin Island
The Red Lily
Benjamin Franklin. 1706–1790. His Autobiography
Sir James George Frazer. 1854–1941. The Golden Bough
Robert Watson Frazer. 1854–1921. The Literary History of India
Harold Frederic. 1856–1898. The Damnation of Theron Ware
Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman. 1852–1930. Jerome, a Poor Man
The Portion of Labor
Gustav Frenssen. 1863–1945. Jörn Uhl
Klaus Hinrich Baas
Sigmund Freud. 1856–1939. Psychopathology of Everyday Life
Gustav Freytag. 1816–1895. Debit and Credit
The Lost Manuscript
Technique of the Drama
Friedrich Fröbel. 1782–1852. Pedagogics of the Kindergarten
Jean Froissart. c. 1337–1410? The Chronicles of Froissart
James Anthony Froude. 1818–1894. Cæsar
Life of Thomas Carlyle
The Nemesis of Faith
Oceana; or, England and her Colonies
Short Studies on Great Subjects
The Two Chiefs of Dunboy
Henry Blake Fuller. 1857–1929. The Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani
The Cliff-Dwellers
With the Procession
Margaret Fuller. 1810–1850. Woman in the Nineteenth Century
Thomas Fuller. 1608–1661. Good Thoughts in Bad Times
The Holy State and The Profane State
Émile Gaboriau. 1832–1873. File No. 113
Benito Pérez Galdós. 1843–1920. Doña Perfecta
Leon Roch
Trafalgar, a tale
Galen. c. 130–c. 200. Complete Works of Galen
John Galsworthy. 1867–1933. The Country House
The Dark Flower
Justice: A Tragedy in Four Acts
John Galt. 1779–1839. Annals of the Parish
Francis Galton. 1822–1911. Hereditary Genius
Samuel Rawson Gardiner. 1829–1902. Cromwell’s Place in History
Percy Gardner. 1846–1937. A Grammar of Greek Art
Edward Garrett (Isabella Fyvie Mayo). 1843–1914. The Crust and the Cake
William Lloyd Garrison. 1805–1879 Francis Jackson Garrison. 1848–1916. Garrison, William Lloyd, The Story of His Life
Elizabeth Gaskell. 1810–1865. Life of Charlotte Brontë
Mary Barton
Wives and Daughters
John Gauden. 1605–1662. Eikōn Basilikē
Judith Gautier. 1845–1917. The Usurper
Théophile Gautier. 1811–1872. Captain Fracasse
One of Cleopatra’s Nights
The Romance of a Mummy
John Gay. 1685–1732. The Beggar’s Opera
James Geikie. 1839–1915. Prehistoric Europe
Geoffrey of Monmouth. c. 1100–1154. Historia Britonum
Henry George. 1839–1897. Progress and Poverty
Walter Lionel George. 1882–1926. The Second Blooming
Katharine Fullerton Gerould. 1879–1944. The Great Tradition
Charles Gibbon. 1843–1890. Robin Gray
Edward Gibbon. 1737–1794. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
The Autobiography of Edward Gibbon
William Hamilton Gibson. 1850–1896. Eye Spy
My Studio Neighbors
William Gifford. 1756–1826. The Mæviad and The Baviad
George Gissing. 1857–1903. In the Year of Jubilee
New Grub Street
The Unclassed
William Ewart Gladstone. 1809–1898. Studies on Homer and the Homeric Age
Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow. 1873–1945. The Deliverance
The Wheel of Life
Rudolph Gneist. 1816–1895. History of the English Constitution
Arthur de Gobineau. 1816–1882. Romances of the East
Edwin Lawrence Godkin. 1831–1902. Problems of Modern Democracy
William Godwin. 1756–1836. Adventures of Caleb Williams
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 1749–1832. Elective Affinities
Autobiography of Goethe
Hermann and Dorothea
Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship
Nikolai Gogol. 1809–1852. Dead Souls
Taras Bulba
Oliver Goldsmith. 1730?–1774. Chinese Letters
She Stoops to Conquer
The Vicar of Wakefield
Ivan Goncharov. 1812–1891. Oblomov
Edmond de Goncourt. 1822–1896. Jules de Goncourt. 1830–1870. The History of French Society during the Revolution and the Directory
Louis Gonse. 1846–1921. The Art of Japan
Maud Wilder Goodwin. 1856–1935. Flint
The Head of a Hundred
White Aprons
Catherine Gore. 1799–1861. Mammon
Maksim Gorky. 1868–1936. Fomá Gordyéef
My Childhood
Orloff and His Wife
Sarah Grand. 1854–1943. The Heavenly Twins
Robert Grant. 1852–1940. An Average Man
The High Priestess
The Reflections of a Married Man
Unleavened Bread
Ulysses Simpson Grant. 1822–1885. Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant
Harley Granville-Barker. 1877–1946. The Madras House
Félix Gras. 1845–1901. The Reds of the Midi
Maxwell Gray (Mary Gleed Tuttiett). 1846–1923. The Silence of Dean Maitland
Thomas Gray. 1716–1771. The Letters of Thomas Gray
Horace Greeley. 1811–1872. The American Conflict
Adolphus Washington Greely. 1844–1935. Three Years of Arctic Service
Anna Katharine Green. 1846–1935. The Millionaire Baby
John Richard Green. 1837–1883. A Short History of the English People
Robert Greene. 1558–1592. A Groats-worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance
Edward Greey. 1835–1888. The Golden Lotus and Other Legends of Japan
Lady Gregory. 1852–1932. The Rising of the Moon
Henry Gréville (Alice Durand). 1842–1902. Dosia
Dosia’s Daughter
Gerald Griffin. 1803–1840. The Collegians
Herman Grimm. 1828–1901. Literature
Hugo Grotius. 1583–1645. Rights of War and Peace
Sir George Grove. 1820–1900. Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Battista Guarini. 1538–1612. Il Pastor Fido
Hélène Adeline Guerber. 1859–1929. Myths of Greece and Rome
Guillaume de Lorris. fl. 1230. Jean de Meun. c. 1240–c. 1305. The Romance of the Rose
Louise Imogen Guiney. 1861–1920. Patrins
François Guizot. 1787–1874. General History of Civilization in Europe
Arnold Guyot. 1807–1884. The Earth and Man