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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

The Reader’s Digest of Books

Hadow to Josephus

William Henry Hadow, ed. 1859–1937. The Oxford History of Music
Ernst Haeckel. 1834–1919. History of Creation
The Riddle of the Universe
H. Rider Haggard. 1856–1925. Allan Quatermain
Thornton Jenkins Hains. 1866–1953. Captain Gore’s Courtship
Edward Everett Hale. 1822–1909. In His Name
Ludovic Halévy. 1834–1908. The Abbé Constantin
Thomas Chandler Haliburton. 1796–1865. The Clockmaker
Granville Stanley Hall. 1844–1924. Adolescence
Charles Hallock. 1834–1917. The Fishing Tourist
Our New Alaska
Philip Gilbert Hamerton. 1834–1894. Human Intercourse
Alexander Hamilton, et al. 1757–1804. The Federalist
Anthony Hamilton. 1645?–1719. Memoirs of Count Grammont
Sir Edward Bruce Hamley. 1824–1893. Lady Lee’s Widowhood
Knut Hamsun. 1859–1952. Shallow Soil
Will Nathaniel Harben. 1858–1919. The Inner Law
Arthur Sherburne Hardy. 1847–1930. But Yet a Woman
His Daughter First
Thomas Hardy. 1840–1928. Far from the Madding Crowd
Jude the Obscure
The Return of the Native
Tess of the d’Urbervilles
Augustus John Cuthbert Hare. 1834–1903. Cities of Northern and Central Italy
Days Near Rome
Henry Harland. 1861–1905. As It was Written
Beatrice Harraden. 1864–1936. Ships that Pass in the Night
Joel Chandler Harris. 1848–1908. Uncle Remus
Miriam Coles Harris. 1834–1925. Rutledge
Frederic Harrison. 1831–1923. The Choice of Books
Henry Sydnor Harrison. 1880–1930. Queed
Henry Harrisse. 1829–1910. John Cabot, the Discoverer of North America, and Sebastian, His Son
Bret Harte. 1836–1902. Gabriel Conroy
The Luck of Roaring Camp
Ernest Abraham Hart. 1835–1898. Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and the New Witchcraft
May Laffan Hartley. 1849–1916. Hogan, M.P.
The Honorable Miss Ferrard
Gerhart Hauptmann. 1862–1946. Atlantis
The Fool in Christ
The Sunken Bell
The Weavers
Paul Haupt, ed. 1858–1926. The Polychrome Bible
Julian Hawthorne. 1846–1934. Garth
Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1804–1864. The Blithedale Romance
English Notebooks
The House of the Seven Gables
The Marble Faun
Mosses from an Old Manse
Our Old Home
The Scarlet Letter
Twice-Told Tales
Isaac Israel Hayes. 1832–1881. An Arctic Boat Journey in the autumn of 1854
Ian Hay (John Hay Beith). 1876–1952. The Right Stuff
John Hay. 1838–1905. The Bread-Winners
Castilian Days
Charles Downer Hazen. 1868–1941. Contemporary American Opinion of the French Revolution
William Hazlitt. 1778–1830. Table Talk, or, Original Essays
Lafcadio Hearn. 1850–1904. Gleanings in Buddha Fields
Japan, an Attempt at Interpretation
Annie French Hector (Mrs. Alexander). 1825–1902. Her Dearest Foe
Heinrich Heine. 1797–1856. Die Harzreise
Pictures of Travel
Heliodorus of Emesa. Third Century. Æthiopica
Sir Arthur Helps. 1813–1875. Life of Hernando Cortes
Friends in Council
The Spanish Conquest in America
Isaac Henderson. 1850–1909. Agatha Page
O. Henry. 1862–1910. The Four Million
Lord Herbert of Cherbury. 1583–1648. An Autobiography of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury
William Henry Herndon. 1818–1891. Abraham Lincoln; The True Story of a Great Life
Robert Herrick. 1868–1938. Clark’s Field
One Woman’s Life
The Real World
Henrik Hertz. 1798–1870. King René’s Daughter
Maurice Hewlett. 1861–1923. The Forest Lovers
The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay
Paul Heyse. 1830–1914. Children of the World
Thomas Heywood. c. 1570–1641. A Woman Killed with Kindness
Robert Smythe Hichens. 1864–1950. The Call of the Blood
The Garden of Allah
The Green Carnation
Thomas Wentworth Higginson. 1823–1911. Army Life in a Black Regiment
George Birkbeck Hill, ed. 1835–1903. Johnsonian Miscellanies
Wilhelmine von Hillern. 1836–1916. Only a Girl
Hermann V. Hilprecht, ed. Bible Lands
Hippocrates. c. 460–c. 370 B.C. Works of Hippocrates
Thomas Hobbes. 1588–1679. Leviathan
John Atkinson Hobson. 1858–1940. The Industrial System
Hugo von Hofmannsthal. 1874–1929. Death and the Fool
William Hogarth. 1697–1764. The Analysis of Beauty
Edward Singleton Holden. 1846–1914. The Mogul Emperors of Hindustan
Josiah Gilbert Holland. 1819–1881. Bitter-Sweet
Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1809–1894. The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
Elsie Venner
The Guardian Angel
A Mortal Antipathy
The Poet at the Breakfast Table
Homer. fl. 850 B.C. The Iliad
The Odyssey
Richard Hooker. 1554–1600. The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity
Anthony Hope. 1863–1933. Phroso
The Prisoner of Zenda
Thomas Hope. 1770?–1831. Anastasius
Horace. 65–8 B.C. The Art of Poetry
William Garrett Horder. 1841–1922. The Treasury of American Sacred Song
Ernest William Hornung. 1866–1921. A Bride from the Bush
Edward Howard House. 1836–1901. Yone Santo
Blanche Willis Howard. 1847–1898. Guenn, A Wave of the Breton Coast
One Summer
Bronson Howard. 1842–1908. Shenandoah
Edgar Watson Howe. 1853–1937. The Story of a Country Town
Frederic Clemson Howe. 1867–1940. European Cities at Work
William Dean Howells. 1837–1920. Annie Kilburn
April Hopes
A Chance Acquaintance
A Foregone Conclusion
A Hazard of New Fortunes
Italian Journeys
The Lady of the Aroostook
The Landlord at Lion’s Head
A Modern Instance
The Undiscovered Country
William Howitt. 1792–1879. The Life and Adventures of Jack of the Mill
Abbé Évariste Régis Huc. 1813–1860. Christianity in China, Tartary, and Thibet
William Henry Hudson. 1841–1922. Green Mansions
Thomas Hughes. 1822–1896. The Scouring of the White Horse
Tom Brown’s School Days
Victor Hugo. 1802–1885. Les Misérables
Notre-Dame of Paris
Toilers of the Sea
James Huneker. 1857–1921. Iconoclasts, A Book of Dramatists
Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (The Duchess). 1855–1897. Airy Fairy Lilian
Sir William Wilson Hunter. 1840–1900. The Annals of Rural Bengal and Orissa
Henry Neville Hutchinson. 1856–1927. Marriage Customs in Many Lands
Lucy Hutchinson. 1620–1681. Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson
Laurence Hutton. 1843–1904. Literary Landmarks of London
Richard Holt Hutton. 1826–1897. Theological and Literary Essays
Thomas Henry Huxley. 1825–1895. Lay Sermons, Addresses, and Reviews
Joris-Karl Huysmans. 1848–1907. En Route
Ibn al-’Awwam. fl. 12th Century. Agriculture
Henrik Ibsen. 1828–1906. The Doll’s House
Hedda Gabler
Peer Gynt
The Wild Duck
Elizabeth Inchbald. 1753–1821. A Simple Story
Jean Ingelow. 1820–1897. Don John
Off the Skelligs
Washington Irving. 1783–1859. The Alhambra
History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus
Diedrich Knickerbocker: History of New York
Tales of a Traveller
Samuel Isham. 1855–1914. The History of American Painting
Isocrates. 436–338 B.C. The Apodosis
Helen Hunt Jackson. 1830–1885. Ramona
Joseph Jacobs. 1854–1916. The Jews of Angevin England
William Wymark Jacobs. 1863–1943. Captains All
Henry James. 1843–1916. The Ambassadors
The American
The Bostonians
Daisy Miller
The Europeans
The Golden Bowl
The Portrait of a Lady
The Princess Casamassima
The Turn of the Screw
The Wings of a Dove
William James. 1842–1910. Pragmatism
The Principles of Psychology
Talks to Teachers on Psychology
Anna Brownell Jameson. 1794–1860. Sacred and Legendary Art
Thomas Allibone Janvier. 1849–1913. The Aztec Treasure-House
Jean Paul (J. P. F. Richter). 1763–1825. Fruit, Flower, and Thorn Pieces
Sir Richard Claverhouse Jebb. 1841–1905. Classical Greek Poetry
Richard Jefferies. 1848–1887. The Amateur Poacher
Joseph Jefferson. 1829–1905. The Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson
John Edward Jenkins. 1838–1910. Ginx’s Baby
Douglas William Jerrold. 1803–1857. The Chronicles of Clovernook
Mrs. Caudle’s Curtain Lectures
William Stanley Jevons. 1835–1882. Methods of Social Reform
Sarah Orne Jewett. 1849–1909. The Country of the Pointed Firs
The Tory Lover
Charles Frederick Johnson. 1836–1931. Three Americans and Three Englishmen
Richard Johnson. 1573–c. 1659. The Seven Champions of Christendom
Samuel Johnson. 1709–1784. Lives of the Poets
Samuel Johnson. 1822–1882. Oriental Religions
Mary Johnston. 1870–1936. Audrey
The Long Roll
To Have and to Hold
Charles Johnstone. 1719?–1800? Chrysal; or, The Adventures of a Guinea
Mór Jókai. 1825–1904. Black Diamonds
Eyes Like the Sea
The Green Book
Henry Arthur Jones. 1851–1929. The Liars
Michael and His Lost Angel
Ben Jonson. 1572–1637. Epicene; or The Silent Woman
Every Man in His Humour
Volpone; or, The Fox
Josephus. 37–100. History of the Jews