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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

The Reader’s Digest of Books

Kane to Marlitt

Elisha Kent Kane. 1820–1857. Arctic Explorations, the Second Grinnell Expedition
Immanuel Kant. 1724–1804. The Critique of Pure Reason
Julia Kavanagh. 1824–1877. Nathalie
Augustus Henry Keane. 1833–1912. Africa
Annie Keary. 1825–1879. Castle Daly
A Doubting Heart
Frances Anne (Fanny) Kemble. 1809–1893. Records of a Girlhood
Records of Later Life
George Kennan. 1845–1924. Tent Life in Siberia
Charles Rann Kennedy. 1871–1950. The Servant in the House
John Pendleton Kennedy. 1795–1870. Horseshoe Robinson
James Kent. 1763–1847. Commentaries on American Law
Frederic George Kenyon. 1863–1952. The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Ellen Key. 1849–1926. The Woman Movement
Omar Khayyám. 1048–1131. Rubáiyát
Basil King. 1859–1928. The Inner Shrine
Bolton King. 1860–1937. Thomas Okey. 1852–1935. Italy of To-day
Charles King. 1844–1933. The Colonel’s Daughter
Clarence King. 1842–1901. Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada
Alexander William Kinglake. 1809–1891. Eōthen
Charles Kingsley. 1819–1875. Alton Locke
Hereward the Wake
Henry Kingsley. 1830–1876. Leighton Court
Rudyard Kipling. 1865–1936. Ballads and Barrack-Room Ballads
Captains Courageous
A Diversity of Creatures
The Jungle Books
The Light that Failed
Puck of Pook’s Hill
William Kirby. 1817–1906. The Golden Dog
Ellen Warner Olney Kirk. 1842–1928. The Story of Margaret Kent
John Foster Kirk. 1824–1904. History of Charles the Bold
Joseph Kirkland. 1830–1894. Zury; The Meanest Man in Spring County
Nathan Chapman Kouns. 1833–1890. Arius the Libyan
Sonya Kovalevsky. 1850–1891. Vera Vorontsoff
Józef Ignacy Kraszewski. 1812–1887. The Jew
Aleksandr Kuprin. 1870–1938. The Duel
Édouard René Lefebvre Laboulaye. 1811–1883. Abdallah; or, The Four-leaved Shamrock
Paris in America
Jean de La Bruyère. 1645–1696. Caractères ou Mœurs de ce Siècle
John LaFarge. 1835–1910. An Artist’s Letters from Japan
Selma Lagerlöf. 1858–1940. Jerusalem
The Story of Gösta Berling
The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
Alphonse de Lamartine. 1790–1869. Jocelyn
Charles Lamb. 1775–1834. The Essays of Elia
Charles and Mary Lamb. Tales from Shakespeare
Félicité Robert de Lamennais. 1782–1854. Roman Affairs
Friedrich, Baron de La Motte-Fouqué. 1777–1843. Aslauga’s Knight
Rodolfo Amedeo Lanciani. 1847–1929. Ancient Rome in the Light of Recent Discoveries
Pagan and Christian Rome
Walter Savage Landor. 1775–1864. Imaginary Conversations
Pierre Lanfrey. 1828–1877. The History of Napoleon the First
Andrew Lang. 1844–1912. Ballades and Verses Vain
Books and Bookmen
Custom and Myth
Letters to Dead Authors
William Langland. 1332?–1400? The Vision of Piers Plowman
Sidney Lanier. 1842–1881. The English Novel: A Study in the Development of Personality
Pierre-Simon Laplace. 1749–1827. The Mechanism of the Heavens
François, duc de La Rochefoucauld. 1613–1680. Maxims
George Parsons Lathrop. 1851–1898. An Echo of Passion
Spanish Vistas
Johann Caspar Lavater. 1741–1801. Physiognomy
Emily Lawless. 1845–1913. Grania: The Story of an Island
George Alfred Lawrence. 1827–1876. Guy Livingstone
John Lawrence Hammond. 1872–1949. Barbara Hammond. 1873–1961. The Village Labourer
William Cranston Lawton. 1853–1941. Art and Humanity in Homer
Layamon. Twelfth/Thirteenth Century. The Brut
Austen Henry Layard. 1817–1894. Nineveh and Its Remains and Monuments of Nineveh
Henry Charles Lea. 1825–1909. A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages
Superstition and Force
Stephen Leacock. 1869–1944. Literary Lapses
Edward Lear. 1812–1888. Book of Nonsense
William Edward Hartpole Lecky. 1838–1903. Democracy and Liberty
History of England in the Eighteenth Century
History of European Morals
Robert Edward Lee. 1843–1914. Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee
Sir Sidney Lee. 1859–1926. A Life of William Shakespeare
Vernon Lee (Violet Paget). 1856–1935. Miss Brown
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. 1814–1873. The Tenants of Malory
Mikhail Lermontov. 1814–1841. A Hero of Our Times
Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu. 1842–1912. Israel among the Nations
Alain René Lesage. 1688–1747. Asmodeus, The Lame Devil
The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane
Charles Robert Leslie. 1794–1859. The Memoir of John Constable
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. 1729–1781. Laokoon
Nathan the Wise
Charles Lever. 1806–1872. The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer
Tom Burke of “Ours
Sidney Kilner Levett-Yeats. c. 1858–1916. The Chevalier d’Auriac
George Henry Lewes. 1817–1878. The Life of Goethe
Matthew Gregory Lewis (“Monk Lewis”). 1775–1818. The Monk
Tayler Lewis. 1802–1877. Six Days of Creation
Jonas Lie. 1833–1908. The Commodore’s Daughters
The Pilot and His Wife
Joseph Barber Lightfoot. 1828–1889. The Apostolic Fathers
Joseph Crosby Lincoln. 1870–1944. The Rise of Roscoe Paine
Elizabeth Lynn Linton. 1822–1898. The True History of Joshua Davidson, Christian and Communist
Henry Demarest Lloyd. 1847–1903. Wealth Against Commonwealth
John Uri Lloyd. 1849–1936. Stringtown on the Pike
John Locke. 1632–1704. An Essay Concerning Human Understanding
Some Thoughts Concerning Education
Richard Adams Locke. 1800–1871. The Moon Hoax
William John Locke. 1863–1930. The Belovèd Vagabond
The Wonderful Year
John Gibson Lockhart. 1794–1854. Adam Blair
Life of Robert Burns
Life of Sir Walter Scott
Norman Lockyer. 1836–1920. The Dawn of Astronomy
Henry Cabot Lodge. 1850–1924. Daniel Webster
Jack London. 1876–1916. Call of the Wild
The Sea Wolf
Smoke Bellew
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1807–1882. Evangeline
Longus. Second Century? Daphnis and Chloe
Pierre Loti. 1850–1923. An Iceland Fisherman
Madame Chrysanthème
The Marriage of Loti
Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury. 1838–1915. Studies in Chaucer: His Life and Writings
James Fenimore Cooper
History of the English Language
Samuel Lover. 1797–1868. Handy Andy
Rory O’More
Abbott Lawrence Lowell. 1856–1943. Governments and Parties in Continental Europe
James Russell Lowell. 1819–1891. The Biglow Papers
My Study Windows
Percival Lowell. 1855–1916. The Soul of the Far East
Robert Traill Spence Lowell. 1816–1891. The New Priest of Conception Bay
Sir John Lubbock. 1834–1913. Ants, Bees, and Wasps
The Origin of Civilisation and Primitive Condition of Man
Lucian. c. 125–after 180. Dialogues of the Dead
Sir Henry William Lucy. 1845–1924. Diary of Two Parliaments
James Meeker Ludlow. 1841–1932. The Captain of the Janizaries
Charles Fletcher Lummis. 1859–1928. The Land of Poco Tiempo
Lycophron of Chalcis. fl. Third Century B.C. Alexandra
John Lyly. 1555?–1606. Euphues, The Anatomy of Wit, and Euphues and His England
George, Lord Lyttelton. 1709–1773. Dialogues of the Dead
Maarten Maartens (J. M. W. van der Poorten Schwartz). 1858–1915. God’s Fool
The Sin of Joost Avelingh
Hamilton Wright Mabie. 1846–1916. Essays
Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay. 1800–1859. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays
Sidney McCall. Truth Dexter
Justin McCarthy. 1830–1912. The Dictator
A History of the Four Georges
George Barr McCutcheon. 1866–1928. Beverly of Graustark
Jane Cable
George MacDonald. 1824–1905. Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood
Donal Grant
Robert Falconer
Harold MacGrath. 1871–1932. The Man on the Box
Niccolò Machiavelli. 1469–1527. The History of Florence
The Prince
Percy MacKaye. 1875–1956. The Canterbury Pilgrims
Henry Mackenzie. 1745–1831. A Man of Feeling
M. Compton Mackenzie. 1883–1972. Plasher’s Mead
Sinister Street
Edward Tompkins McLaughlin. 1860–1893. Studies in Mediæval Life and Literature
John Bach McMaster. 1852–1932. A History of the People of the United States
James Macpherson. 1736–1796. Fingal
Katharine Sarah Macquoid. 1824–1917. At the Red Glove
Maurice Maeterlinck. 1862–1949. The Blind
The Blue Bird
The Intruder
The Life of the Bee
Monna Vanna
The Treasure of the Humble
John Pentland Mahaffy. 1839–1919. Old Greek Education
Rambles and Studies in Greece
Social Life in Greece from Homer to Menander
John Pentland Mahaffy. John Henry Bernard. 1860–1927. Immanuel Kant: Critical Philosophy for English Readers
Alfred Thayer Mahan. 1840–1914. The Influence of Sea-Power upon History, 1660–1783
The Life of Nelson
The Interest of America in Sea Power, Present and Future
Sir Henry Sumner Maine. 1822–1888. Ancient Law
Early Law and Custom
Lectures on the Early History of Institutions
Xavier de Maistre. 1763–1852. Voyage Around My Chamber
Charles Major (Edwin Caskoden). 1856–1913. When Knighthood Was in Flower
Richard Henry Major. 1818–1891. The Life of Prince Henry of Portugal, Surnamed The Navigator, and Its Results
Lucas Malet (Mary St. Leger Kingsley). 1852–1931. The Carissima
Colonel Enderby’s Wife
The Far Horizon
The History of Sir Richard Calmady
The Wages of Sin
William Hurrell Mallock. 1849–1923. The New Republic
Social Equality
Sir Thomas Malory. d. c. 1470. Morte D’Arthur
Anne Manning. 1807–1879. The Household of Sir Thomas More
Alessandro Manzoni. 1785–1873. The Betrothed
Giovanni Paolo Marana. 1642–1693. The Turkish Spy
E. Marlitt (Eugenie John). 1825–1887. Gold Elsie
The Old Mam’selle’s Secret