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C.D. Warner, et al., comp. The Library of the World’s Best Literature.
An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

The Reader’s Digest of Books

Marlowe to Pius II.

Christopher Marlowe. 1564–1593. Doctor Faustus
Edward II.
Frederick Marryat. 1792–1848. Jacob Faithful
Masterman Ready
Mr. Midshipman Easy
Anne Marsh-Caldwell. 1791–1874. Emilia Wyndham
George Perkins Marsh. 1801–1882. Man and Nature
John Marston. 1575?–1634. History of Antonio and Mellida and Antonio’s Revenge
Harriet Martineau. 1802–1876. The Hour and the Man
Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco. 1852–1931. Cavour
Henri Martin. 1810–1883. History of France: From the Most Remote Times to 1789
William Alexander Parsons Martin. 1827–1916. A Cycle of Cathay
Karl Marx. 1818–1883. Capital
Alfred Edward Woodley Mason. 1865–1948. The Four Feathers
The Turnstile
Gaston Maspero. 1846–1916. Egypt and Chaldæa: The Dawn of Civilization
Manual of Egyptian Archæology
Philip Massinger. 1583–1640. A New Way to Pay Old Debts
David Masson. 1822–1907. The Life of John Milton
Cotton Mather. 1663–1728. Magnalia Christi Americana
Increase Mather. 1639–1723. Remarkable Providences
Brander Matthews. 1852–1929. Aspects of Fiction
His Father’s Son
Molière, His Life and His Works
Henry Maudsley. 1835–1918. Body and Mind
Guy de Maupassant. 1850–1893. The Odd Number
William Starbuck Mayo. 1812–1895. The Berber
Thomas Erskine May. 1815–1886. Democracy in Europe: A History
The Constitutional History of England
James Florant Meline. 1811–1873. Mary Queen of Scots
Herman Melville. 1819–1891. Moby-Dick
Typee and Omoo
George Meredith. 1828–1909. Beauchamp’s Career
Diana of the Crossways
The Egoist
Lord Ormont and His Aminta
Sandra Belloni
Prosper Mérimée. 1803–1870. Carmen
Letters to an Unknown
Charles Merivale. 1808–1893. A General History of Rome
Jules Michelet. 1798–1874. L’Amour
The Bird
History of France
Thomas Middleton. 1580–1627. A Trick to Catch the Old One
Pierre Mille. 1864–1941. Under the Tricolour
Hugh Miller. 1802–1856. My Schools and Schoolmasters
John Stuart Mill. 1806–1873. On Liberty
Principles of Political Economy
Considerations on Representative Government
The Subjection of Women
John Milne. 1850–1913. Earthquakes and Other Earth Movements
John Milton. 1608–1674. Paradise Lost
Paradise Regained
Tractate on Education
Donald Grant Mitchell (Ik Marvel). 1822–1908. Reveries of a Bachelor
John Ames Mitchell. 1845–1918. Amos Judd
Silas Weir Mitchell. 1829–1914. The Adventures of François
Constance Trescot
Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker
Mary Russell Mitford. 1787–1855. Our Village
Molière. 1622–1673. L’Avare
L’École des Femmes
Learned Ladies
Le Malade Imaginaire
Les Précieuses Ridicules
Michel de Montaigne. 1533–1592. Essays
Montesquieu. 1689–1755. Considerations on the Greatness and Decay of the Romans
Persian Letters
The Spirit of Laws
Frances Frederica Montrésor. 1862–1934. Into the Highways and Hedges
William Flavelle Monypenny. 1866–1912. George Earle Buckle. 1854–1935. The Life of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
William Vaughn Moody. 1869–1910. The Great Divide
George Moore. 1852–1933. Brook Kerith
Esther Waters
Evelyn Innes
Hail and Farewell
Thomas Moore. 1779–1852. Lalla Rookh
Hannah More. 1745–1833. Cœlebs in Search of a Wife
Paul Elmer More. 1864–1937. Shelburne Essays
Sir Thomas More. 1478–1535. Utopia
George Morgan. 1854–1936. John Littlejohn, of J.
Lady Sydney Morgan. 1783–1859. The Wild Irish Girl
James Justinian Morier. 1780?–1849. The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan
James Cotter Morison. 1832–1888. Madame de Maintenon
John Morley. 1838–1923. On Compromise
Diderot and the Encyclopædists
The Life of William Ewart Gladstone
Arthur Morrison. 1863–1945. A Child of the Jago
William Morris. 1834–1896. The Earthly Paradise
A Tale of the House of the Wolfings
Thomas Morton. 1764–1838. Speed the Plough
John Lothrop Motley. 1814–1877. The Life and Death of John of Barneveld
The Rise of the Dutch Republic
History of the United Netherlands
Alan Muir. Lady Beauty
John Muir. 1838–1914. The Mountains of California
Friedrich Max Müller. 1823–1900. Chips from a German Workshop
The Sacred Books of the East
The Science of Thought
Achille Murat. 1801–1847. America and the Americans
Mary Noailles Murfree (Charles Egbert Craddock). 1850–1922. His Vanished Star
In the Clouds
The Juggler
Henri Murger. 1822–1861. The Bohemians of the Latin Quarter
Eustace Clare Grenville Murray. 1824–1881. The Member for Paris
Frederic William Henry Myers. 1843–1901. Essays, Modern and Classical
Ehrman Syme Nadal. 1843–1922. Impressions of London Social Life
Fridtjof Nansen. 1861–1930. Farthest North
John Newbery, ed. 1713–1767. Mother Goose’s Melodies
Robert Henry Newell. 1836–1901. The Orpheus C. Kerr Papers
John Henry Newman. 1801–1890. Apologia pro Vita Sua
Sir Isaac Newton. 1642–1727. Principia
Martin Andersen Nexø. 1869–1954. Pelle the Conqueror
Henry Alleyne Nicholson. 1844–1899. The Ancient Life-History of the Earth
Meredith Nicholson. 1866–1947. A Hoosier Chronicle
The Proof of the Pudding
John George Nicolay. 1832–1901. John Hay. 1838–1905. Abraham Lincoln, A History
Friedrich Nietzsche. 1844–1900. Thus Spake Zarathustra
Lucretia Gray Noble. 1836–1927. A Reverend Idol
Max Simon Nordau. 1849–1923. Conventional Lies of Our Civilization
Charles Norris Williamson. 1859–1920. Alice Muriel Williamson. 1869–1933. The Lightning Conductor
Frank Norris. 1870–1902. The Octopus
The Pit
Kathleen Thompson Norris. 1880–1966. Mother
William Edward Norris. 1847–1925. Clarissa Furiosa
Heaps of Money
Caroline Elizabeth Sarah (Sheridan) Norton. 1808–1877. Old Sir Douglas
Fitz-James O’Brien. 1828–1862. The Diamond Lens
Georges Ohnet. 1848–1918. The Ironmaster
Margaret Oliphant. 1828–1897. Annals of a Publishing House
Memoir of the Life of Laurence Oliphant, and of Alice Oliphant, His Wife
Alfred Ollivant. 1874–1927. Bob, Son of Battle
Frederick Law Olmsted. 1822–1903. The Cotton Kingdom
A Journey in the Seaboard Slave States
Edward Phillips Oppenheim. 1866–1946. The Illustrious Prince
Max O’Rell (Paul Blouet). 1848–1903. John Bull and His Island
James Orton. 1830–1877. The Andes and the Amazon
Henry Fairfield Osborn. 1857–1935. Men of the Old Stone Age
Moisei Ostrogorski. 1854–1919. Democracy and the Organization of Political Parties
Wilhelm Ostwald. 1853–1932. Individuality and Immortality
Ouida (Marie Louise de la Ramée). 1839–1908. Bimbi: Stories for Children
Thomas Nelson Page. 1853–1922. Gordon Keith
Red Rock
Social Life in Old Virginia Before the War
Thomas Paine. 1737–1809. The Age of Reason
The American Crisis
William Painter. 1540?–1594. The Palace of Pleasure
John Gorham Palfrey. 1796–1881. A Compendious History of New England
Francis Turner Palgrave. 1824–1897. The Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics
William Gifford Palgrave. 1826–1888. A Personal Narrative of a Year’s Journey through Arabia, Central and Eastern (1862–63)
Hermann Agha
Abram Smythe Palmer. 1844–1917. Babylonian Influence on the Bible and Popular Beliefs
Louis-Philippe-Albert d’Orléans, Count of Paris. 1838–1894. A History of the Civil War in America
Sir Gilbert Parker. 1862–1932. The Judgment House
A Ladder of Swords
The Right of Way
The Seats of the Mighty
When Valmond Came to Pontiac
John Henry Parker. 1806–1884. An Introduction to the Study of Gothic Architecture
Theodore Parker. 1810–1860. Historic Americans
Francis Parkman. 1823–1893. France and England in North America
The Oregon Trail
Pioneers of France in the New World
Louisa Taylor Parr. 1848?–1903. Hero Carthew
James Parton. 1822–1891. Caricature and Other Comic Art
Life of Voltaire
Blaise Pascal. 1623–1662. Pensées
Walter Pater. 1839–1894. Greek Studies
Marius, the Epicurean
Coventry Patmore. 1823–1896. The Angel in the House
Friedrich Paulsen. 1846–1908. Immanuel Kant, His Life and Doctrine
James Payn. 1830–1898. Lost Sir Massingberd
Thomas Love Peacock. 1785–1866. Crotchet Castle
Gryll Grange
Headlong Hall
Frances Mary Peard. 1835–1923. The Rose-Garden
Josephine Diebitsch Peary. 1863–1955. My Arctic Journal
Robert Edwin Peary. 1856–1920. The North Pole
Georges Pellissier. 1852–1918. The Literary Movement in France during the Nineteenth Century
Jean-Gabriel Peltier, et al. 1760–1825. The Acts of the Apostles
Samuel Pepys. 1633–1703. Diary
James Breck Perkins. 1847–1910. France under Louis XV.
Charles Perrault. 1628–1703. The Adventures of Finette
Georges Perrot. 1832–1914. Charles Chipiez. 1835–1901. A History of Art in Ancient Egypt
John Punnett Peters. 1852–1921. Nippur; or, Explorations and Adventures on the Euphrates
William Matthew Flinders Petrie. 1853–1942. A History of Egypt
Ten Years’ Digging in Egypt
Thomas Peyton. 1595–1626. The Glasse of Time in the First Age
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. 1844–1911. A Singular Life
David Graham Phillips. 1867–1911. The Deluge
Stephen Phillips. 1868–1915. Paolo and Francesca
Eden Phillpotts. 1862–1960. The Secret Woman
Charles Felton Pidgin. 1844–1923. Quincy Adams Sawyer
Arthur Wing Pinero. 1855–1934. The Gay Lord Quex
The Second Mrs. Tanqueray
Pius II. 1405–1464. The Commentaries of Pius II.