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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.


The Auld Stuarts Back Again

Jacobite Song, 1714

THE AULD Stuarts back again,

The auld Stuarts back again;

Let howlet Whig do what they can,

The Stuarts will be back again.

Wha cares for a’ their creeshy duds,

And a’ Kilmarnock sowen suds?

We’ll wauk their hides and file their fuds,

And bring the Stuarts back again.

There’s Ayr and Irvine, wi’ the rest,

And a’ the cronies i’ the west,

Lord! sic a scawed and scabbit nest!

How they’ll set up their crack again!

But wad they come, or dare they come,

Afore the bagpipe and the drum,

We’ll either gar them a’ sing dumb,

Or “Auld Stuarts back again.”

Give ear unto my loyal sang,

A’ ye that ken the right frae wrang,

And a’ that look and think it lang,

For auld Stuarts back again.

Were ye wi’ me to chase the rae,

Out owre the hills and far away,

And saw the lords were there that day,

To bring the Stuarts back again.

There ye might see the noble Mar,

Wi’ Athol, Huntly, and Traquair,

Seaforth, Kilsyth, and Auldubair,

And mony mae, whatreck, again.

Then what are a’ their westland crews?

We’ll gar the tailors tack again:

Can they forestand the tartan trews,

And auld Stuarts back again?