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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Lamii (Mohammed Ben Osman Ben Ali Nakkash)

Poems from Oriental Languages: The Panegyric of Amrapolas, near Brusa

(Turkish—Sixteenth Century)

Translation in Dublin University Magazine

OH, never, never, since this world


Her banner,

And began her

Harmonious race, did Nature grace, did Fancy trace,

Elsewhere a place

So redolent of all delight

For sight

And soul as


Praised be her dales, her nightingales, her verdurous vales!

Praised be her gales,

Loaded with spicy perfumes rare;

Her fair

Mild evens,

Her blue heavens,

And those rich beams, like diamond-gleams, that light her streams,

Which poet’s dreams

Of Paradise itself were faint

To paint


As that vision!

Praised be her bright bland lakes of light, her noble night,

Begemmed and dight

With stilly hosts of traveling stars

In cars

All glancing

And advancing!

Praised be her dawn, when, night withdrawn, along the lawn

The playful fawn

Bounds with light heart and feet to meet

And greet

Day’s dun light

Ere the sunlight

Gilds wave and shore and dances o’er the emerald floor

Of earth once more!

Praised be her soil, and hers alone!

I own

None other

For my Mother!

And oh! when drest in Death’s pale vest, may Lamii rest

On her soft breast!