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C.D. Warner, et al., comp.
The Library of the World’s Best Literature. An Anthology in Thirty Volumes. 1917.

Théophile Marzials (1850–1920)

Twickenham Ferry

“AHOY! and Oho! and it’s who’s for the ferry?”

(The brier’s in bud and the sun going down;)

“And I’ll row ye so quick and I’ll row ye so steady,

And ’tis but a penny to Twickenham Town.”

The ferryman’s slim and the ferryman’s young,

With just a soft tang in the turn of his tongue;

And he’s fresh as a pippin and brown as a berry,

And ’tis but a penny to Twickenham Town.

“Ahoy! and Oho! and it’s I’m for the ferry;”

(The brier’s in bud and the sun going down;)

“And it’s late as it is, and I haven’t a penny:

Oh, how can I get me to Twickenham Town?”

She’d a rose in her bonnet, and oh! she looked sweet

As the little pink flower that grows in the wheat,

With her cheeks like a rose and her lips like a cherry—

“And sure, but you’re welcome to Twickenham Town.”

“Ahoy! and Oho!—” You’re too late for the ferry;

(The brier’s in bud and the sun has gone down;)

And he’s not rowing quick and he’s not rowing steady,—

It seems quite a journey to Twickenham Town.

“Ahoy! and Oho!” you may call as you will:

The young moon is rising o’er Petersham Hill;

And with Love like a rose in the stern of the wherry,

There’s danger in crossing to Twickenham Town.