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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume I: January. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

February 24

St. Lethard, Bishop of Senlis, Confessor

[Called by Venerable Bede, Luidhard.]  BEDE, William of Malmesbury, and other historians relate, that when Bertha, daughter of Charibert, king of the French, was married to Ethelbert, king of Kent, about the year 566, this holy French prelate accompanied her into England, and resided at Canterbury in quality of almoner and chaplain to the queen. Though his name does not occur in the imperfect catalogue of the bishops of Senlis, which is found in the ancient copy of St. Gregory’s sacramentary, which belonged to that church in 880, nor in the old edition of Gallia Christiana, yet, upon the authority of the English historians, it is inserted in the new edition, the thirteenth, from St. Regulus, the founder of that see, one of the Roman missionaries in Gaul about the time of St. Dionysius. The relics of St. Regulus are venerated in the ancient collegiate church which bears his name in Senlis, and his principal festival is kept on the 23rd of April. St. Lethard having resigned this see to St. Sanctinus, was only recorded in England. On the high altar of St. Augustine’s monastery at Canterbury, originally called SS. Peter and Paul’s, his relics were exposed in a shrine near those of the holy king Ethelbert, as appears from the Monasticon. St. Lethard died at Canterbury about the year 596. Several miracles are recorded to have been obtained by his intercession, particularly a ready supply of rain in time of drought. See Bede, l. 1. c. 25. Will. of Malmesbury, de Pontiff. l. 1. Monas. Angl. t. 1. p. 24. Tho. Sprot, in his History of the Abbey of Canterbury, Thorn. Henschenius ad 24 Feb. Gallia Christ. Nova, t. 10. p. 1382.  1