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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume III: March. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

March 21

St. Enna, or Endeus, Abbot

HIS father, Conall Deyre, was lord of Ergall, a large territory in Ulster, in which principality Enna succeeded him; but by the pious exhortations of his sister, St. Fanchea, abbess of Kill-Aine, at the foot of Mount Bregh, in the confines of Meath, he left the world, and became a monk. Going abroad, by her advice, he lived some time in the abbey of Rosnal, or the vale of Ross, under the abbot Mansenus. At length returning home, he obtained of Ængus, king of Munster, a grant of the isle of Arra, or Arn, wherein he founded a great monastery, in which he trained up many disciples, illustrious for sanctity, insomuch that the island was called Arran, of the Saints. His death must have happened in the beginning of the sixth century. The chief church of the island is dedicated to God in his name, and called Kill-Enda. His tomb is shown in the church-yard of another church, in the same island, named Teglach-Enda. See F. Colgan, March 21.  1