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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume III: March. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

March 1

St. Monan, Martyr, in Scotland

ST. ADRIAN, bishop of St. Andrew’s, trained up this holy man from his childhood, and when he had ordained him priest, and long employed him in the service of his own church, sent him to preach the gospel in the isle of May, lying in the bay of Forth. The saint exterminated superstition and many other crimes and abuses, and having settled the churches of that island in good order, passed into the county of Fife, and was there martyred; being slain with above 6000 other Christians, by an army of infidels who ravaged that country in 874. His relics were held in great veneration at Innerny, in Fifeshire, the place of his martyrdom, and were famous for miracles. King David II. having himself experienced the effect of his powerful intercession with God, rebuilt his church at Innerny of stone, in a stately manner, and founded a college of canons to serve it. See King’s calendar, and the manuscript life of this martyr in the Scottish college at Paris, and the Breviary of Aberdeen.  1