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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume IX: September. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

September 13

St. Amatus, or Amé, Abbot and Confessor

HE is commemorated in the Roman Martyrology on this day. His youth he consecrated to God in the most fervent exercises of all virtue in the monastery of Agaunum, and was called by obedience to Remiremont in Lorrain, and constituted abbot of that numerous community. Continually enlarging the capacity of his soul, by purifying his desires, and inflaming his affections more and more, he received continually new accessions of grace and virtue, and thereby made perpetual approaches towards the fountain of all perfection. He considered that a uniform religious life is not an idle dull round of the same exercises, but a daily advancing in fervour and purity of heart, by which all the regular practices of devotion and penance become, as it were, every day new. Thus persevering and improving in every grace, and in every virtue, he happily attained to the prize of eternal bliss, to which he was called about the year 627. His relics are enshrined at Remiremont, or Romberg, in the diocess of Toul. See his life, and those of his two successors, Saints Romaric and Adelphus, written in a clear plain style by a monk of that house, who lived under the two latter; extant in Mabillon, Acta Bened., t. 2, p. 135, 415, 602. See also Bulteau, Hist. Monast. d’Occid., t. 1, p. 419. The Bollandists, t. 3, Sept., p. 95.  1