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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VII: July. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

July 22

St. Meneve, Abbot

HE was born in Anjou, of a family allied to the Emperor Charlemagne. From his infancy it was his only ambition to serve Christ with his whole heart. When he was of an age to be settled in the world, his parents obliged him to accept a ring sent him by a great lord of the country, named Baronte, as a token that he would marry his daughter; but to prevent this engagement he fled into Auvergne, and there received the monastic habit at the hands of St. Chaffre, or Theofrede, who was then œconome of the monastery of Carmery or Cormeri, so called from its founder, Carmen, duke of that country, since called St. Theofrede’s or Chaffre’s monastery, in Auvergne, four leagues from Puy, in Velay, whom he had met at Menat, and followed to this abbey. Here he lived seven years, under the holy Abbot Eudo; then returned to Menat, seven leagues from Clermont: this monastery he built in such a manner as to have borne the name of its founder. He governed it for many years with great sanctity, and died in 720. He is honoured with singular veneration in Auvergne and Anjou, and mentioned by Usuard on the 22nd of July. See Mabillon, sec. 3. Ben., part 1. Labbe, t. 2. Bibl. Novæ, p. 591. Branche, Vies des SS. d’Auvergne et Velay. Baillet, &c.  1