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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VII: July. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

July 1

St. Thierri, Abbot

[Abbot of Mont-d’Hor, near Rheims.]  HE was born in the district of Rheims. His father, Marquard, was abandoned to every infamous disorder. An education formed on the best Christian principles in the house of such a person would more than probable be blasted by his bad example; but our saint was happily removed, and educated in learning and piety, under the edifying example of the holy Bishop Remigius.  1
  He married in complaisance to his relations; but easily persuaded his wife to embrace the virgin state; and becoming himself a monk, he was made superior of an abbey founded by St. Remigius on Mont-d’Hor, near Rheims. Some time after he received holy orders, and became famous by the many extraordinary conversions he wrought through the zeal and unction wherewith he exhorted sinners to repentance; among these was his own father, who persevered to his death under the direction of his son. He succeeded also, in conjunction with St. Remigius, in converting an infamous house into a nunnery of pious virgins. According to the most common opinion, he died on the 1st of July, 533. It is said that King Thierri assisted at his funeral, and esteemed himself honoured in being one of his bearers to the grave. His relics, lest they should be exposed to the impiety of the Normans, were hidden under ground, but discovered in 976, and are still preserved in a silver shrine. He is mentioned on this day in the Roman Martyrology. See Mabillon, Act. t. 1. p. 614. Bulteau, Hist. de l’Ordre de St. Ben. t. 1. p. 287; Baillet ad 1. Jul. and Gall. Christ. Nov. t. 9. p. 180.  2