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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VIII: August. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

August 28

St. Julian, Martyr at Brioude

HE was descended from, one of the best families of Vienne in Dauphiné. He served with the tribune Ferreol; and knew well how to reconcile the profession of arms with the maxims of the gospel. Crispin, governor of the province of Vienne, having declared himself against the Christians, our saint withdrew to Auvergne, not that he dreaded the persecution, but that he might be at hand to be of service to the faithful; for being acquainted, that he was sought after by the persecutors, of his own accord he presented himself before them saying: “Alas, I am too long in this bad world; oh! how I burn with desire to be with Jesus.” He had scarcely uttered these words, when they separated his head from his body. It was near Brioude; but the place of his interment was for a long time unknown, until God revealed it to St. Germain of Auxerre, when he passed by Brioude on his return from Arles, about the year 431. His head was afterwards translated to Vienne with the body of St. Ferreol. St. Gregory of Tours relates a great number of miracles wrought by his intercession. The same author mentions a church dedicated at Paris under the invocation of the holy martyr; it is that which is near the bridge called Petit pont, and has successively gone under the name of St. Julian the Old, and St. Julian the Poor. See St. Greg. of Tours, de Glor. Mart. l. 2, Bosquet, l. 3, p. 176. Tillem. t. 5, &c.  1