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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume VIII: August. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

August 27

St. Syagrius, Bishop of Autun

HE is supposed to be by birth a Gaul, and was raised to the see of Autun about the year 560. He was present at almost all the councils that were held in France in his time, whether for the preservation of faith or morals. He was one of the bishops to whose prudence was committed the difficult business of re-establishing tranquillity in the monastery of St. Radegonde, at Poitiers. King Gontran, who greatly regarded his abilities, going to Paris to assist at the baptism of Clotaire II., chose him for the companion of his journey. That ceremony was performed at Nanterre in 591. St. Gregory the Great gave the most distinguishing marks of the esteem he conceived of his virtue and capacity. When he sent missionaries with St. Austin to England, he recommended them to him, and intrusted him with many important commissions. He granted him the pall, and decreed that, for the future, the bishops of Autun should have the rank of precedence, after the metropolitan of the province of Lyons, even of those who were before them in years and consecration. St. Syagrius died in 600. Ado and Usuard fix his feast on the 27th of August; but in the additions to the Martyrologies, which go under the name of St. Jerom, it is inserted on the 2nd of September. A celebrated relic of this saint is shown at Val-de-Grace at Paris. See St. Gregory of Tours, Hist. l. 9, c. 40, 41, l. 10, c. 28. St. Gregory the Great, l. 5, ep. 54, 113, l. 7, ep. 111, 118, &c. Baillet, 27 Aug. Gal. Christ. Nov. t. 4, p. 344.  1