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Rev. Alban Butler (1711–73). Volume XI: November. The Lives of the Saints. 1866.

November 2

St. Victorinus, Bishop and Martyr

ST. JEROM styles this father one of the pillars of the church, and tells us, that his works were sublime in sense, though the Latin style was low, the author being by birth a Grecian. He professed oratory, probably in some city of Greece; but, considering the vanity of all earthly pursuits, consecrated both his learning and labours wholly to the advancement of virtue and religion, and was made a bishop of Pettau, in Upper Pannonia, now in Stiria. This father wrote against most heresies of that age, and comments on a great part of the holy Scriptures; but all his works are lost except a little treatise on the creation of the world, published by Cave, 1 from a Lambeth manuscript: and a treatise on the Apocalypse, extant in the library of the fathers, though not entire. St. Victorinus flourished in 290, and died a martyr, as St. Jerom testifies, probably in 304. See St. Jerom, Cat. Vir. Illustr. c. 74, et Præf. in Isai. ep. ad Magn. &c. Cassiodor. de div. Lect. c. 5, 7, 9, Tillem. t. 5, Fabricius, Bibl. Eccl. in S. Hier. Cat. c. 74. et Bibl. Lat. l. 4, c. 2, sect. 23, Le Long, Bibl. Sacr. p. 1003.  1
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