Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A broken friendship may be soldered but will never be sound.

A dissimilarity of pursuits dissolves friendship.Latin.

A generous friendship no cold medium knows.Homer.

A hedge between keeps friendship green.German.

A lost friendship is an enmity won.German.

A needle’s eye is wide enough for two friends;
The whole world is too narrow for two foes.Persian.

Disparity of fortune is the bane of friendship.Petrarch.

Do not allow the grass to grow on the road of friendship.Madame Geoffrin.

Concealed grudges are dangerous in friendship.

Female friendships are of rapid growth.Benjamin Disraeli.

Friendship canna stand aye on ae side.

Friendship and company are a bad excuse for ill actions.

Friendship and importunate begging feed at the same dish.

Friendship always benefits, love sometimes injures.Seneca.

Friendship consists not in saying “What’s the best news?”

Friendship increases in visiting friends but not in visiting them seldom.

Friendship is a plant which one must often water.German.

Friendship is a sheltering tree.Coleridge.

Friendship is love with understanding.German.

Friendship is not to be bought at a fair.

Friendship is stronger than kindred.Publius Syrus.

Friendship is the balm as well as the seasoning of life.Richardson.

Friendship is the most sacred of all moral bonds.

Friendship is the perfection of love.

Friendship! mysterious cement of the soul,
Sweet’n’r of life, and solder of society!Blair.

Friendship rises but with fortune and sets when men go downward.Aaron Hill.

Friendship should be unpicked not rent.Italian.

Friendship that flames goes out in a flash.

Friendship, the older it grows the stronger it is.

Friendships are cheap when they can be bought by dropping the hat.Italian.

Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs.

In royal breasts both enmity and friendship should always give way to policy.Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine.

In the division of inheritance friendship standeth still.Dutch.

Judge before friendship then confide ’till death,
Well for thy friend, but nobler far for thee.Young.

Life has no pleasure nobler than that of friendship.Dr. Johnson.

Little presents maintain friendship.French.

No friendship lives long that owes its rise to the pot.

Nothing can be sweeter than friendship.Petrarch.

One should sacrifice everything to friendship except honor and justice.French.

Patched up friendship seldom becomes whole again.German.

Pylades and Orestes died long ago and left no successors. (These were ancient Greeks celebrated for their friendship for each other.)

Reconciled friendship is a wound ill salved.Italian, Danish.

Sudden friendship, sure repentance.

Suffering for a friend doubleth friendship.

The friendship of a great man is a lion at the next door.

The friendship of a great man is like the shadow of a bush soon gone.French.

The friendship of the great is fraternity with lions.Italian.

The friendships of the world are wind.Benjamin Disraeli.

There can be no friendship where there is no freedom.

There is scarcity of friendship but none of friends.

To live in friendship is to have the same desires and the same aversions.Sallust.

To preserve friendship one must build walls.Italian.

True friendship is imperishable.Pythagoras.

What is friendship but a name, a charm that lulls to sleep,
A shade that follows wealth or fame, and leaves the wretch to weep?Goldsmith.

When friendship goes with love it must play second fiddle.German.