Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A cold lover is a faithless friend.Italian.

A lover’s anger is short lived.Italian.

A lover’s soul lives in the soul of his mistress.Plutarch.

A reserved lover makes a suspicious husband.Goldsmith.

All are fools or lovers first or last.Dryden.

All mankind love a lover.Emerson.

An incensed lover shuts his eyes,
And tells himself many lies.Publius Syrus.

As is the lover so is the beloved.Italian.

Bagdad is not remote for a lover.Turkish.

Every lover is a soldier.Ovid.

For the lover travel and patience.Turkish.

In her first passion woman loves her lover,
In all others, all she loves is love.Byron.

Love but laughs at lovers’ perjury.Dryden.

Let him not be a lover who has no courage.Italian.

Lover and king brook no companion.Turkish.

Lovers are fools.Latin.

Lovers break not hours unless to come before their time.Shakespeare.

Lovers ever run before the clock.

Lovers live by love as larks by leeks.

Lovers’ purses are tied with cobwebs.Italian.

Lovers’ quarrels are love redoubled.Portuguese.

Lovers remember everything.Ovid.

Lovers think others blind.Italian, Spanish.

Old lover, young fool.German.

Quarrels of lovers but renew their love.

Sapient, Solitary, Solicitous and Secret are the four S’s that all true lovers should possess.Don Quixote.

The conversation of lovers is inexhaustible.Benjamin Disraeli.

The lover in the husband may be lost.Lyttleton.

The oaths of one that loves a woman are not to be believed.Spanish.

The prostrate lover when he lowest lies,
But stoops to conquer, but kneels to rise.

The reason why lovers are never weary of one another is this, they are always talking of themselves.Rochefoucauld.

The sight of lovers feeds those in love.Shakespeare.

The soul of a lover lives in the body of another.Cato.

There is more pleasure in loving than in being loved.

What law can bind lovers? Love is their supreme law.Boethius.

What woman says to her fond lover, should be written on air or the swift water.Catullus.

Who can deceive a lover?Virgil.

Whom I love I beat.Russian.

You must make a lover angry, if you wish him to love.Publius Syrus.