Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A priest must be the guardian of truth.German.

A priest’s pocket is not easily filled.Danish.

Bad priests bring the devil into the church.

Either fight not with priests or beat them to death.German.

Give the priest a drink for the clerk is thirsty.Italian.

If a priest be a priest, if a ploughman be a ploughman.Modern Greek.

It is just the priest should live by the altar.French.

Lang standing and little offering makes a poor priest.

Like priest, like people.

Priests pay each other no tithes.German.

Priests pray for enemies but princes kill.Shakespeare.

Priests should not prate out of the confessional.

Such as the priest, such is the clerk.

That priest is a fool who decries his relics.Italian.

The bites of priests and wolves are hard to heal.German.

The priest does more than the physician.German.

The priest forgets that he was a clerk.

The priest to his book; the peasant to his plough.Danish.

The priests ought not to survive their temples.Tacitus.

The quarrel of priests is the devil’s jubilee.German.

Vilify not your parish priest.

When the priest visits you do not be overjoyed; he will soon begin to beg.Russian.