Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A good thing is known when it is lost.Portuguese.

A good thing is soon caught up.

A good thing one soon forgets, the bad grow old in the head.German.

A thing done has a head. (Exclamation of an ancient sculptor on finishing a statue.)

A thing done perforce is not worth a rush.

A thing is not bad if well understood.German.

A thing lost is a thing known.French.

All good things are not given to one.La Fontaine.

All things are difficult before they are easy.

All things are easy that are done willingly.

All things are good with the good.Latin.

All things are not to be granted at all times.

All things are soon prepared in a well ordered house.

All things have their uses.

All things of this world are nothing unless they have reference to the next.Spanish.

From trivial things great contests oft arise.Dutch.

Good things require time.Dutch.

Good things soon find a purchaser.Plautus.

Great things spring from casualties.Benjamin Disraeli.

He who prizes little things is worthy of great ones.German.

He who takes no care of little things will not have the care of great ones.German.

Little things are pretty.

Little things attract light minds.

Moderate things last.

Out of small things large cannot spring.German.

Small things affect light minds.

Small things become the small.Horace.

Small things make base men proud.Shakespeare.

The best thing in the world is to live above it.

The best things are the first to perish.Latin.

The best things are the worst to come by.

The greatest things are done by the help of small ones.

Things above thy height are to be looked at, not reached at.

Things are not as they are, but as they are regarded.Italian.

Things at the worse will cease or else climb upwards.Shakespeare.

Things at the worst will sometimes mend.

Things bad begun strengthen themselves by ill.Shakespeare.

Things beyond our reach are not worth our consideration.Latin.

Things coming from afar are most esteemed.

Things do not always go as man wills.German.

Things forbidden have a secret charm.Tacitus.

Things hardly attained are the longer retained.

Things ill acquired are ill expended.Latin.

Things ill got have ever bad success.Shakespeare.

Things in motion sooner catch the eye than what not stirs.Shakespeare.

Things may be fitting to be done, which are not fitting to be boasted of.Fielding.

Things not understood are admired.

Things past may be repented but not recalled.Livy.

Things promised are things due.French.

Things sweet to taste prove in digestion sour.Shakespeare.

Things unhoped for happen oftener than what we desire.Plautus.

Things unreasonable are never durable.Italian.