Robert Christy, comp. Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages. 1887.


A work ill done must be twice done.

A work well begun is half ended.Plato.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work, even cotton spinning, is noble—work alone is noble.Carlyle.

Better direct well than work hard.

Better sit idle than work for naught.

By the work we know the workman.La Fontaine.

By work you get money, by talk you get knowledge.Haliburton.

By working in a smithy one becomes a smith.French.

Church work goes on slowly.

Do the head work before the hand work.

Fire and love do not say, “Go to your work.”Spanish.

Good material is half the work.German.

Good works will never save you, but you cannot be saved without them.

Great gain makes work easy.

He was born on a Sunday: he likes work ready done.French.

He who would rest must work.Italian.

In truth they must not eat, who will not work in heat.

It’s all in the day’s work.

It is not the long day but the heart that does the work.Italian.

Man’s work is from sun to sun,
Woman’s work is never done.

Men work but slowly that have poor wages.

Mighty work must be done with few words.Danish.

Most hands despatch apace and make light work.

Never was good work done without much trouble.Chinese.

Slow work produces fine goods.

Sour work—sweet sleep.German.

The result tests the work.George Washington.

The time is never lost that is devoted to work.Emerson.

Thy hand is never the worse for doing thy own work.

’Tis not prating but working that brings in the harvest.

To work for a dead horse or goose.

To work for the bishop. (Prayers but no pay.)Spanish.

We cannot all be noblemen, there must be some to do the work.Hans Andersen.

When every one minds his own business the work is done.Danish.

When he should work every finger is a thumb.

Where there are too many there is little work.German.

Work done expects money.Portuguese.

Work first and then rest.Ruskin.

Work makes riches, and the weaver’s tool builds the store-house.German.

Work has a bitter root but sweet fruit.German.

Work makes the workman.

Work produces virtue, and virtue honor.German.