Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VI. Time
1. Absolute Time

106. Time.

   NOUN:TIME, duration; period, term, stage, space, tide [archaic], span, spell, season; the whole time, the whole period; course [See Course]; snap.
  INTERMEDIATE TIME, while, bit, breathing, interim, interval, pendency; intervention, intermission, intermittence, interregnum, interlude; respite.
  ERA, epoch, Kalpa, eon, cycle; time of life, age, year, date; decade (period) [See Period]; point, bell, moment (instant) [See Instantaneity]; reign [See Authority].
  glass of time, ravages of time, whirligig of time, noiseless foot of Time; scythe of Time.
   VERB:CONTINUE, last, endure, stay, go on, remain, persist, subsist, abide, run, stand, dure [archaic], perdure [rare], perennate [rare], stick [colloq.]; intervene; elapse [See Course]; hold out.
  take time, take up time, fill time, occupy time.
  PASS TIME; pass away time, spend time, while away time, consume time, talk against time; tide over; use time, employ time; seize an opportunity [See Occasion]; linger on, drag on, drag along, tarry [See Diuturnity]; waste time &c. (be inactive) [See Inactivity]; procrastinate [See Lateness].
   ADJECTIVE:CONTINUING &c. v.; on foot; permanent (durable) [See Diuturnity]; timely (opportune) [See Occasion].
   ADVERB:WHILE, whilst, during, pending; during the time, during the interval; in the course of; for the time being, day by day; in the time of, in the consulship of [humorous], when; meantime, meanwhile; in the meantime, in the interim; ad interim [L.], pendente lite [L.]; de die in diem [L.]; from day to day, from hour to hour &c.; hourly, always; for a time, for a season; till, until, up to, yet; the whole time, all the time; all along; throughout (completely) [See Completeness]; for good (diuturnity) [See Diuturnity].
  THEN, hereupon, thereupon, whereupon; anno Domini [L.], A.D.; ante Christum [L.], A.C.; before Christ, B.C.; anno urbis conditœ [L.], A.U.C.; anno regni [L.], A.R.; once upon a time, one fine morning.
  1. Time runs, time runs against.
  2. Tempus fugit.
  3. Ad calendas Græcas.
  4. Panting Time toileth after him in vain.—Johnson
  5. ’Gainst the tooth of time and razure of oblivion.—Measure for Measure
  6. Rich with the spoils of time.—Gray
  7. Tempus edax rerum.—Horace
  8. The long hours come and go.—C. G. Rossetti
  9. The time is out of joint.—Hamlet
  10. Time rolls his ceaseless course.—Scott
  11. Time the foe of man’s dominion.—Peacock
  12. Time wasted is existence, used is life.—Young
  13. Truditur dies die.—Horace]
  14. Volat hora per orbem.—Lucretius