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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VI. Time
1. Absolute Time

110. [Long Duration.] Diuturnity.

   NOUN:DIUTURNITY [rare]; a long time, length of time; an age, æon or eon, a century, an eternity; slowness [See Slowness]; coeternity, sempiternity, perpetuity [See Perpetuity]; blue moon [colloq.], coon’s age [U. S.], dog’s age [colloq.].
  DURABLENESS, durability; persistence, eternalness, lastingness &c. adj.; continuance, standing; permanence (stability) [See Stability]; survival, survivance; longevity (age) [See Age]; distance of time.
  PROTRACTION of time, prolongation of time, extension of time; delay (lateness) [See Lateness].
   VERB:LAST, endure, stand, remain, abide, continue [See Time]; brave a thousand years.
  TARRY &c. (be late) [See Lateness]; drag on, drag its slow length along, drag a lengthening chain; protract, prolong; spin out, eke out, draw out, lengthen out; temporize; gain time, make time, talk against time.
  OUTLAST, outlive; survive; live to fight again.
   ADJECTIVE:DURABLE, endurable [rare]; lasting &c. v.; of long duration, of long standing; permanent, chronic, long-standing; diuturnal [rare]; intransient, intransitive; intransmutable, persistent; lifelong, livelong; longeval [rare], longevous, endless, fixed, immortal, perdurant [rare], perdurable, long-lived, macrobiotic, evergreen, perennial; sempervirent [rare], sempervirid; unintermitting, unremitting; perpetual [See Perpetuity].
  LINGERING, protracted, prolonged, spun out &c. v.; long-pending, longwinded; slow [See Slowness].
   ADVERB:LONG; for a long time, for an age, for ages, for ever so long, for many a long day; long ago &c. (in a past time) [See Preterition]; longo intervallo [L.].
  all the day long, all the year round; the livelong day, as the day is long, morning, noon and night; hour after hour, day after day &c.; for good, for good and all; permanently &c. adj.; semper eadem (Queen Elizabeth’s motto) [L.], semper et ubique [L.].