Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VI. Time
2. Time with reference to a particular Period

128. Age.

   NOUN:AGE; oldness &c. adj.; old age, advanced age; senility, senescence; years, anility, gray hairs, climacteric, grand climacteric, declining years, decrepitude, hoary age, caducity [rare], eld [archaic], superannuation; second childhood, childishness; dotage; vale of years, decline of life, senectitude [rare], “sear and yellow leaf” [Macbeth]; threescore years and ten; green old age, ripe age; longevity; time of life.
  SENIORITY, eldership; elders (veteran) [See Veteran]; firstling; doyen [F.], dean, father; primogeniture.
  [SCIENCE OF OLD AGE.] nostology; gerocomy [med.].
   VERB:BE AGED &c. adj.; grow old, get old &c. adj.; age; decline, wane; senesce [rare].
   ADJECTIVE:AGED; old [See Oldness]; elderly, eldern [archaic], senile; matronly, anile; in years; ripe, mellow, run to seed, declining, waning, past one’s prime; gray, grayheaded; hoar, hoary; venerable, time-worn, antiquated, passé [F.], effete, decrepit, superannuated; advanced in life, advanced in years; stricken in years; wrinkled, marked with the crow’s foot; having one foot in the grave; doting (imbecile) [See Imbecility. Folly]; like the last of pea time.
  years old; of a certain age, no chicken [colloq.], old as Methuselah; ancestral; patriarchal (ancient) [See Oldness]; gerontic.
  OLDER, elder, oldest, eldest; senior; firstborn.
  1. Give me a staff of honor for my age.—Titus Andronicus
  2. Bis pueri senes.
  3. Peu de gens savent être vieux.
  4. Plenus annis abiit plenus honoribus.—Pliny the Younger
  5. Old age is creeping on apace.—Byron
  6. Slow-consuming age.—Gray
  7. The hoary head is a crown of glory.—Proverbs xvi, 31
  8. The silver livery of advised age.—II Henry VI
  9. To grow old gracefully.
  10. To vanish in the chinks that Time has made.—Rogers