Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VII. Change
2. Complex Change
Present Events

151. Eventuality.

   NOUN:EVENTUALITY, eventuation, event, occurrence, supervention, incident, affair, transaction, proceeding, fact; matter of fact, naked fact; phenomenon; advent.
  CIRCUMSTANCE, particular, casualty, accident, happening, adventure, passage, crisis, pass, emergency, contingency; concern, business.
  CONSEQUENCE, issue, result, termination, conclusion.
  AFFAIRS, matters; the world, life, things, doings; things -, affairs- in general; the times, state of affairs, order of the day; course -, tide -, stream -, current -, run -, march- of -things, -events; ups and downs of life; chapter of accidents (chance) [See Chance]; situation (circumstances) [See Circumstance]; memorabilia.
   VERB:HAPPEN, occur; take place, take effect; come, become of; come -off, – about, – round, – into existence, – forth, – to pass, – on; pass, present itself; fall; fall out, turn out; run, be on foot, fall in; befall, betide, bechance; prove, eventuate, draw on; turn up, crop up, spring up, cast up; supervene, survene, [obs.] issue, arrive, ensue, result, eventuate, arise, start, hold, take its course; pass off &c. (be past) [See Preterition].
  EXPERIENCE; meet with; fall to the lot of; be one’s -chance, – fortune, – lot; find; encounter, undergo; pass through, go through; endure (feel) [See Feeling].
   ADJECTIVE:HAPPENING &c. v.; going on, doing, current; in the wind, afloat; on foot, on the carpet, on the tapis; at issue, in question; incidental.
  EVENTFUL, stirring, bustling, full of incident; memorable, momentous, signal.
   ADVERB:EVENTUALLY, ultimately, finally; in the event of, in case; in the course of things; in the natural or ordinary course of things; as things go, as times go; as the world -goes, – wags; as the tree falls, as the cat jumps [colloq.]; as it may -turn out, – happen.
  1. The plot thickens.
  2. Breasts the blows of circumstance.—Tennyson
  3. So runs the round of life from hour to hour.—Tennyson
  4. Sprinkled along the waste of years.—Keble
  5. Life is our dictionary.—Emerson
  6. A Moment’s Halt—a momentary taste Of Being from the Well amid the Waste.—Omar Khayyám—Fitzgerald