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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VIII. Causation
1. Constancy of Sequence in Events

155. [Assignment of Cause.] Attribution.

   NOUN:ATTRIBUTION, theory, ascription, assignment, reference to, rationale; accounting for &c. v.; ætiology or etiology, palætiology, imputation, derivation from.
  FILIATION, affiliation; filiality; pedigree (paternity) [See Paternity].
  EXPLANATION (interpretation) [See Interpretation]; reason why (cause) [See Cause].
   VERB:ATTRIBUTE TO, ascribe to, impute to, refer to, lay to, point to, trace to, bring home to; put down to, set down to; blame; blame upon [colloq.]; charge on, ground on; invest with, assign as cause, lay at the door of, father upon, saddle, filiate, affiliate; account for, derive from, point out the reason [See Cause]; theorize; tell how it comes; put the saddle on the right horse; find the real culprit.
   ADJECTIVE:ATTRIBUTED &c. v.; attributable &c. v.; referable or referrible; due to, derivable from; affiliate, derivate [rare]; owing to (effect) [See Effect]; putative; ecbatic.
   ADVERB:HENCE, thence, therefore, for, since, on account of, because, owing to; on that account; from this cause, from that cause; thanks to, forasmuch as; whence, propter hoc [L.].
  WHY? wherefore? whence? how comes it? how is it? how happens it? how come? [colloq., esp. negro], how does it happen? how so?
  IN SOME WAY, in some such way; somehow, somehow or other.
  1. That is why.
  2. Hinc illæ lachrymæ.—Horace
  3. Cherchez la femme.