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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section VIII. Causation
2. Connection Between Cause and Effect

159. [Degree of Power.] Strength.

   NOUN:STRENGTH; power [See Power]; energy [See Energy]; vigor, force; main -, physical -, brute- force; spring, elasticity, tone, tension, tonicity.
  [COMPARISONS] adamant, steel, iron, oak, heart of oak; iron grip; bone.
  VIRILITY, vitality; stoutness &c. adj.; lustihood, stamina, nerve, muscle, sinew or sinews, thews and sinews, physique; grit, pith, pithiness.
  ATHLETICS, athleticism; gymnastics, acrobatism, agonistics, feats of strength.
  ATHLETE, gymnast, pancratiast, acrobat; Atlas, Hercules, Antæus, Samson, Cyclops, Briareus, Colossus, Polyphemus, Titan, Brobdingnagian, Goliath; tower of strength; giant refreshed
  STRENGTHENING &c. v.; invigoration, refreshment, refocillation [obs.].
  [SCIENCE OF FORCES] dynamics, statics.
   VERB:BE STRONG &c. adj., be stronger; overmatch.
  RENDER STRONG &c. adj.; give strength &c. n.; strengthen, invigorate, potentiate [rare], brace, nerve, fortify, buttress, sustain, harden, caseharden, steel, gird; screw up, wind up, set up; gird -, brace-up one’s loins; recruit, set on one’s legs [colloq.]; vivify; refresh [See Refreshment]; refect [archaic], reinforce or reënforce (restore) [See Restoration].
   ADJECTIVE:STRONG, mighty, vigorous, forcible, hard, adamantine, stout, robust, sturdy, husky [colloq., U. S.], doughty, hardy, powerful, potent, puissant, valid.
  RESISTLESS, irresistible, invincible, proof against, impregnable, unconquerable, indomitable, inextinguishable, unquenchable; incontestable; more than a match for; overpowering, overwhelming; all-powerful, all-sufficient; sovereign.
  ABLE-BODIED; athletic, gymnastic, carobatic, agonistic, palæstral [rare]; Herculean, Briarean, Brobdingnagian, Titanic, Cyclopean, Atlantean; muscular, brawny, wiry, well-knit, broad-shouldered, sinewy, sinewous [rare], strapping, stalwart, gigantic.
  MANLY, manlike, manful; masculine, male, virile, in the prime of manhood.
  UNWEAKENED, unallayed, unwithered, unshaken, unworn, unexhausted; in full force, in full swing; in the plentitude of power.
  SOUND; stubborn, thick-ribbed, made of iron, deep-rooted; strong as -a lion, – an ox, – a horse – brandy; sound as a roach; in fine feather, in high feather [both colloq.]; like a giant refreshed.
   ADVERB:STRONGLY &c. adj.; by force &c. n.; by main force &c. (by compulsion) [See Compulsion].
  1. Our withers are unwrung.—Hamlet
  2. Blut und Eisen.
  3. Cœlitus mihi vires.
  4. Du fort au diable.
  5. En habiles gens.
  6. Ex vi termini.
  7. Flecti non frangi.
  8. He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill.—Burke
  9. Inflexible in faith, invincible in arms.—Beattie