Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class II. Words Relating to Space
Section IV. Motion
1. Motion in General

272. Vehicle.

   NOUN:VEHICLE, conveyance, carriage, caravan, car, van; wagon or waggon, wain [archaic], dray, cart, lorry.
  cariole or carriole; truck, tram; limber, tumbrel or tumbril, pontoon; barrow; wheelbarrow, handbarrow; perambulator; Bath -, wheel – chair; chaise; police van, patrol wagon, black Maria [colloq., U. S.]; conestoga wagon or wain; jinrikisha or jinricksha, ricksha [colloq.], dearborn [U. S.], dump cart, hack, jigger [U. S., horse car; New Eng., heavy cart; Eng., light cart]; kittereen, mail stage, manumotor, rig, rockaway, prairie schooner [U. S.], shay [colloq.], sloven [Can.], team, tonga [India], Cape cart [S. Africa], hackery [India], ekka [India]; gharri or gharry or gari [India]; gocart.
  EQUIPAGE, turnout [colloq.]; coach, chariot, phaëton, mail phaëton, wagonette, break or brake, drag, curricle, tilbury, whisky [obs.], landau, barouche, victoria, brougham, clarence, calash, calèche [F.], britzka, araba [Oriental], kibitka; berlin; sulky, désobligeant [F.], sociable, vis-à-vis [F.], dormeuse [F.], jaunting -, outside- car; runabout; vettura [It.].
  post chaise; diligence [F.], stage, stagecoach; mail -, hackney -, glass- coach; stage wagon; car, omnibus, bus [colloq.]; fly [Eng.], cabriolet, cab, hansom, four-wheeler, growler [slang, Eng.], droshki or drosky.
  dogcart, trap [colloq.], whitechapel, buggy, char-à-bancs (pl. chars-à-bancs) [F.], shandrydan or shandradan [Scot., Ir., & dial. Eng.].
  TEAM, pair, span, tandem, randem; spike team or spike [U. S.], unicorn; four-in-hand.
  LITTER, palanquin or palankeen, sedan or sedan chair; palki, jampan, dandy or dandi, dooly or doolie, munchil [all India]; cacolet [F.]; tonjon [Ceylon], brancard, horse litter; stretcher, hurdle; ambulance.
  SLED, bob, bobsled or bobsleigh [U. S.]; cutter [U. S.]; doubleripper, double-runner [U. S.]; jumper [U. S. & Can.], sledge, sleigh, toboggan, cariole or carriole [Can.], pung [U. S.]; ski (pl. ski or skis), snowshoes, skates, roller skates.
  CYCLE, monocycle, bicycle, tricycle, quadricycle, hydrocycle, tandem; machine [colloq.], wheel [colloq.], bike [slang], safety bicycle or safety [colloq.], motor cycle or motorcycle; velocipede, hobby-horse, draisine or draisene.
  AUTOMOBILE, motor car or motorcar, limousine, sedan, touring car, roadster, coupé, motor [colloq.], machine [colloq.], car [colloq.], auto [colloq.], locomobile, autocar, steamer, electric, runabout, coupelet, racer, torpedo; truck, tractor; taxicab, taxi [colloq.], taxicoach, motor bus or motorbus; flivver [slang], jitney [colloq.], tacot [F. mil. slang].
  [ALLIED AUTOMOBILE TERMS] tonneau, chassis, hood, top, ignition, spark plug, sparking plug [Eng.], generator, distributor, magneto, self-starter, gear, gear box, differential, cylinder, manifold, intake, exhaust, carburetor or carburettor; four -, six -, eight -, twelve- cylinder; twin six, ammeter, speedometer, oil gauge, primer, clutch, universal joint, crank shaft, transmission, tire or tyre [Brit.], rim; gasoline or gasolene, petrol [Brit.]; trailer; garage; chauffeur [See Traveler].
  TRAIN; express, mail; accommodation -, passenger -, express -, special -, limited -, mail -, corridor -, parliamentary -, luggage [Brit.] -, freight -, goods [Brit.]- train; 1st-, 2d-, 3d-class- -train, – carriage, – compartment; rolling stock; cattle truck; car, coach, carriage [Brit.]; baggage-, freight -, chair -, drawing-room -, palace -, parlor -, Pullman -, sleeping-car; surface -, tram- car; trolley or trolley car [U. S. & Can.], electric car, electric [colloq.]; trollibus, trackless trolley; box car, box wagon; horse box [Brit.], horse car [U. S.]; lightning express; mail car, mail van [Brit.]; baggage car, luggage van [Brit.].
  HAND CAR, trolley or trolly.
  [UTENSILS & IMPLEMENTS] spoon, spatula, ladle, hod, hoe; spade, shovel, spaddle [obs.], loy [Ir. & U. S.]; spud; pitchfork.
   ADJECTIVE:VEHICULAR, curricular [rare], vehiculatory [rare]; ambulatory (traveling) [See Journey].
   QUOTATION:Now in building of chaises, I tell you what, There is always somewhere a weakest spot.—Holmes