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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class I. Words Expressing Abstract Relations
Section III. Quantity
2. Comparative Quantity
Quantity by Comparison with a Similar Object

33. Superiority. [Supremacy.]

   NOUN:SUPERIORITY, majority, plurality; greatness [See Greatness]; advantage; pull [slang]; preponderance, preponderation; vantage ground, prevalence, partiality; personal superiority; scepter, sovereignty, sovranty [poetic]; nobility (rank) [See Nobility]; Triton among the minnows, primus inter pares [L.], nulli secundus [L.]; superman, overman; captain; crackajack [slang, U. S.].
  SUPREMACY, supremeness, supremity [rare], primacy, paramountcy, preëminence; lead; maximum, record; crest, climax; culmination (summit) [See Summit]; transcendence; ne plus ultra [L.]; lion’s share, Benjamin’s mess; excess, surplus (remainder) [See Remainder]; redundance [See Redundance].
   VERB:BE SUPERIOR &c. adj.; exceed, excel, transcend; outdo, outbalance, outweigh, outrank, outrival, out-Herod Herod; pass, surpass, get ahead of; overtop, override, overpass, overbalance, overweigh, overmatch; top, o’ertop, cap, beat, cut out [colloq.]; beat hollow [colloq.]; outstrip [See Overrun]; eclipse, throw into the shade, take the shine out of [colloq.], put one’s nose out of joint [colloq.]; have the upper hand, have the whip hand of, have the advantage; turn the scale; play first fiddle (importance) [See Importance]; preponderate, predominate, prevail; precede, take precedence, come first; come to a head, culminate; beat &c. all others, bear the palm; break the record; take the cake [slang, U. S.].
  become or render larger (increase) [See Increase], (expand) [See Expansion].
   ADJECTIVE:SUPERIOR, greater, major, higher; exceeding &c. v.; great [See Greatness]; distinguished, ultra; vaulting; more than a match for.
  SUPREME, greatest, maximal, maximum, utmost, paramount, preëminent, foremost, crowning, hegemonic [rare]; first-rate (important) [See Importance], (excellent) [See Goodness]; unrivaled; peerless, matchless; second to none, sans pareil [F.]; unparagoned, unparalleled, unequaled, unapproached, unsurpassed; superlative, inimitable, facile princeps [L.], incomparable, sovereign, without parallel, nulli secundus [L.], ne plus ultra [L.]; beyond compare, beyond comparison; culminating &c (topmost) [See Summit]; transcendent, transcendental; plus royaliste que le Roi [F.].
  INCREASED &c. (added to) [See Increase]; enlarged (expanded) [See Expansion].
   ADVERB:BEYOND, more, over; over the mark, above the mark; above par; upwards of, in advance of; over and above; at the top of the scale, at its height.
  [IN A SUPERIOR OR SUPREME DEGREE] eminently, egregiously, preëminently, surpassing, prominently, superlatively, supremely, above all, of all things, the most, to crown all, par excellence [F.], principally, especially, particularly, peculiarly, a fortiori [L.], even, yea, still more.
  1. I shall not look upon his like again.—Hamlet
  2. Deos fortioribus adeses.—Tacitus
  3. The doors of opportunity are marked “push” and “pull.”—Cynic’s Calendar
  4. Eclipse first and the rest nowhere.—Annals of Sporting
  5. Great men are the true men, the men in whom Nature has succeeded.—Amiel