Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section II. Inorganic Matter
2. Fluid Matter
2. Specific Fluids

338. Air.

   NOUN:AIR (gas) [See Gaseity]; common -, atmospheric- air; atmosphere; aërosphere [rare].
  THE OPEN, – air; sky, lift [archaic], welkin [archaic], the blue, blue serene, blue sky; cloud [See Bubble, Cloud].
  WEATHER, climate; rise and fall of the -barometer, – mercury.
  isopiestic line, isobar.
  exposure to the -air, – weather; ventilation.
  [SCIENCE OF AIR] aërology, aërometry, aëroscopy, aërography; meteorology, climatology; pneumatics; aëronautics; eudiometry; eudiometer, barometer, vacuometer, climatometer, aërometer, aëroscope; aneroid, baroscope, weatherglass, weathergauge, barograph.
  aërostation &c. (aëronautics) [See Navigation]; aëronaut [See Aëronaut]
  WEATHERVANE, weathercock, vane, cock.
   VERB:AIR, ventilate, perflate [rare]; fan (wind) [See Wind].
  FLY, soar, drift, hover; aviate &c. (aëronautics) [See Navigation].
   ADJECTIVE:CONTAINING AIR, flatulent, effervescent; windy [See Wind].
  ATMOSPHERIC, airy; aërial, aëriform; aëry, pneumatic.
  METEOROLOGIC or meteorological, aërological, aërometric, eudiometric or eudiometrical, barometric or barometrical, barographic, baroscopic or baroscopical; isobaric, isopiestic; aërographic or aërographical; weatherwise.
   ADVERB:IN THE OPEN AIR, à la belle étoile [F.], in the open, out of the blue, under the stars, out of doors, outdoors; al fresco [It.]; sub Jove [L.], sub dio [L.].
   QUOTATION:Heaven’s sweetest air.—Shakespeare