Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
1. Vitality
2. Special Vitality

366. Animal.

   NOUN:ANIMAL KINGDOM, fauna, brute creation.
  ANIMAL, creature, created being; creeping thing, living thing; dumb animal, dumb friend, dumb creature; brute, beast.
  mammal, quadruped, bird, reptile, fish, crustacean, shellfish, mollusk, worm, insect, zoöphyte; plankton, nekton, benthos; animalcule [See Littleness].
  beasts of the field, fowls of the air, denizens of the day; flocks and herds, live stock, domestic animals; wild animals, ferœ naturœ [L.], game.
  [DOMESTIC ANIMALS] horse (beast of burden) [See Carrier]; cattle, kine, ox; bull, bullock; cow, milch cow, Alderney, Jersey, calf, heifer, shorthorn, yearling, steer, stot [prov. Eng.]; sheep; lamb, lambkin, ewe lamb, pet lamb; ewe, ram, tup, wether, tag [prov. Eng.], teg [prov. Eng.]; pig, swine, boar, hog, sow; yak, zebu, Indian buffalo.
  DOG, hound, canine; pup, puppy; whelp, cur [contemptuous].
  house -, watch -, sheep -, shepherd’s -, sporting -, hunting -, fancy -, lap -, toydog; collie; mastiff; bulldog, English bulldog, Boston bull, bull terrier, French bull; police dog, bloodhound, greyhound, staghound, deerhound, foxhound, coach dog, bandog, lurcher, Russian or Siberian wolfhound, boarhound, St. Bernard, husky or Eskimo dog; otter-hound; harrier, beagle, spaniel, pointer, setter, retriever, Newfoundland; water -dog, – spaniel; pug, poodle; turnspit; terrier; fox -, Airedale -, Yorkshire-, Irish -, Skye -, toy- terrier; Dandie Dinmont; dachshund, badger dog; brindle; Pomeranian, cocker spaniel, King Charles spaniel, toy spaniel, spitz dog; chow or chow-dog, Japanese poodle.
  pariah dog, pye-dog or pie-dog [India]; mongrel, mut or mutt [slang].
  FEMALE, bitch, slut, brach, brachet, lady [euphemistic].
  CAT, feline, puss, pussy, grimalkin, tomcat or tom, gib [rare], Angora, Persian, Maltese, tortoiseshell, mouser; tabby; kitten, kit, catling, kitling [dial.].
  [WILD ANIMALS] DEER, buck, doe, fawn, stag, hart, hind, roe, roebuck, caribou, elk, moose, reindeer, sambar, wapiti or American elk, mule deer, black-tailed deer or Virginia deer, fallow deer, red deer.
  ANTELOPE, gazelle, nilghau, eland, gnu, hartebeest, springbok or spring-buck, oryx, steinbok, ibex; American antelope or pronghorn, chamois, koodoo or kudu.
  armadillo, peba, poyou, tatouay; wild ass’ kiang, dziggetai, onager; bear, polar bear’ grizzly bear, brown bear; beaver; bison, buffalo; musk ox, giraffe, okapi, tapir; wild boar; babiroussa or babirussa; ape, monkey, gorilla, marmoset, chimpanzee, lemur, baboon, orang-utan or orang-outang; kangaroo, opossum; wild horse, zebra; elephant, hathi [Hind.]; fox, reynard, Reynard, vixen [fem.], varmin or varmint [dial.], prairie fox, gray fox, red fox, arctic fox; dingo, coyote; wildcat, lynx, bobcat; skunk; hippopotamus, rhinoceros, lion, tiger (wild beast) [See Evildoer]; squirrel, chipmunk, gopher, prairie dog, ferret, stoat, weasel, mongoose, raccoon or coon, bandicoot, rat, mouse; bat, flying mouse, flying phalanger, flying squirrel; flying fox, flying lemur, colugo.
  LIZARD, saurian, iguana; eft, newt, chameleon, gecko, Gila monster, dragon, horned toad, horned lizard.
  CROCODILIAN, crocodile, mugger or magar [India], gavial [India], alligator, cayman, American crocodile.
  whale, sperm whale, baleen whale; shark, porpoise, walrus, seal, octopus, devilfish; swordfish; pike; salmon (food) [See Food].
  [BIRDS] feathered tribes, feathered songster, singing bird, warbler, dicky-bird [colloq.].
  canary, vireo, linnet, finch, goldfinch, brown thrasher, siskin, crossbill, aberdevine, chewink, peewee, lapwing [Scot.], titmouse or chickadee, nightingale, lark; magpie, cuckoo, mocking bird, catbird, laughing jackass, starling, myna or mina; bobolink, reedbird, ricebird, cardinal bird, cowbird, crow, rook, jackdaw, raven; pigeon, dove, cushat, ringdove, wood pigeon; swan, cygnet, goose, gander, duck, drake, wild duck, mallard; flamingo, heron, crane, stork, kingfisher, sandpiper, lyre bird, robin, thrush, hermit thrush, veery, mavis, missel thrush, ouzel or ousel, blackbird, red-winged blackbird; kingbird, fly-catcher; woodpecker, flicker; sparrow, song sparrow, chipping sparrow, vesper sparrow; swallow, swift, martin, sand martin, oriole, bluebird, meadow lark; bird of paradise, parrot, parrakeet or parakeet; penguin, pelican; gull, sea gull, albatross, petrel, stormy petrel or Mother Carey’s chicken, fulmar or Mother Carey’s goose; ostrich, emu; owl, bird of night; hawk, vulture, buzzard, turkey buzzard; eagle, bird of freedom, bird of Jove.
  GAME, black game, black grouse, ruffed grouse, grouse, blackcock, duck, plover, rail, snipe; pheasant [See Food].
  POULTRY, fowl, cock, rooster, chanticleer, dunghill fowl, barndoor fowl, barnyard fowl, hen, Partlet, chicken, chick, chickabiddy; guinea fowl, guinea hen; peafowl, peacock, bird of Minerva, peahen.
  [INSECTS] bee, honeybee, queen bee, drone; ant, white ant, termite; wasp, sawfly, locust, grasshopper, cicada, cicala, cricket; dragon fly, June fly, caddis fly; beetle; butterfly, moth; fly, May fly, thrips, aphid, bug; ant lion, hellgramite or hellgamite, earwig; springtail, podura, lepisma; buffalo bug, buffalo carpet beetle (injurious insects) [See Evildoer].
  VERMIN, lice, cooties [slang], flies, fleas, cockroaches or roaches, water bugs or Croton bugs, bugs, bedbugs, Norfolk Howards [slang], mosquitoes; rats, mice, weasels.
  SNAKE, serpent, viper; asp, adder, coral snake or harlequin snake, krait [India], cobra, cobra de capello, king cobra, rattlesnake or rattler, copper-head, constrictor, boa constrictor, boa, python, Kaa [Kipling], ophidian.
  [MYTHOLOGICAL] dipsas (pl. dipsades), basilisk, cockatrice, amphiobæna, Python, Hydra.
  salamander; griffin or griffon or gryfon; chimæra; Cerberus.
   ADJECTIVE:ANIMAL, zoic, zooid or zooidal, zoölogical.
  equine; bovine, vaccine; canine; feline; fishy, piscatory, piscatorial; molluscous, vermicular; gallinaceous, rasorial, solidungulate, soliped; planktonic, nekteric, benthonic.
  OPHIDIAN, ophiologic, ophiomorphous, reptilian, anguine, ophic [rare], snakelike, serpentiform [rare], viperine, colubrine.
  1. The whole creation groaneth and travaileth.—Bible
  2. Hark! hark! the lark at heaven’s gate sings.—Cymbeline
  3. The mavis singing Its love song to the morn.—Jefferys
  4. Those feathery things, the hounds.—Masefield
  5. Some crush-nosed human-hearted dog.—Browning