Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
1. Vitality
2. Special Vitality

367. Vegetable.

   NOUN:VEGETABLE, vegetable kingdom; flora.
  organism, plant, tree, shrub, bush, creeper, vine; herb, seedling, plantlet, exotic, annual, perennial, biennial, triennial; legume, pulse, vetch, greens; asparagus (vegetables) [See Food].
  FOLIAGE, leafage, verdure, foliation, frondescence [rare]; prefoliation, vernation; branch, bough, ramage, stem, tigella or tigelle or tigellum or tigellus; leaf, spray, leaflet, frond, foliole, bract, bractlet, bracteole, cotyledon, pad [U. S.], flag, petal, needle, sepal; spray [See Part]; petiole, petiolule, bine; shoot, tendril.
  FLOWER, blossom, bud, burgeon, blow, blowth [rare]; floweret, floret, floscule, flowering plant; inflorescence, flowerage.
  TREE, sapling, seedling, stand, pollard, dryad [fig.]; oak, elm, beech, birch, timber tree, pine, palm, spruce, fir, hemlock, yew, larch, cedar, savin or savine, juniper, chestnut, maple, alder, ash, myrtle, magnolia, walnut, olive, poplar, willow, linden, lime; apple (fruit trees) [See Food]; arboretum [See Agriculture].
  banyan, teak, acacia, deodar, pipal or pipal tree; fig tree, eucalyptus, gum tree.
  WOODLANDS, virgin forest, forest primeval, forest, wood, timberland, timber, wood lot; hurst, frith, holt [poetic or dial.], weald, wold [obs.], park, chase [Eng.], greenwood, grove, copse, coppice, bocage [F.], tope [India], clump of trees, thicket, spinet [obs.], spinney [Eng.], bosk, chaparral, ceja [Texas], motte [local, U. S.]; jungle, bush.
  UNDERGROWTH, underwood, brushwood, brake, “the mid-forest brake” [Keats], boscage, scrub, palmetto barrens, bosch [Dutch]; heath, heather, fern, bracken, furze, gorse, whin, broom, genista, sedge, rush, bulrush, bamboo; weed, moss, foggage [Scot.], lichen, Iceland moss, mushroom, toadstool, fungus; turf, turbary, mold or mould.
  GRASS, fog, second growth, second crop; herbage.
  alfalfa, lucern or lucerne, alfilaria, clover, bent or bent grass, timothy, redtop or English grass, switch grass or black bent, blue grass, Kentucky blue grass, ribbon grass, meadow grass, spear grass, wire grass, blue joint, crab grass, bunch grass, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, grama or mesquite grass, gama or sesame grass, sheep’s fescue; cereal, wheat, barley, buckwheat, maize or Indian corn, oats, rice, rye.
  GRASSLAND, greensward, green, lawn, sward, common, maidan [India], mead, meadow, pasture, pasturage, prairie, pampas, steppe, llano, savanna, campo, plain, field, campus [U. S.].
  SEAWEED, alga (pl. algæ), fucus, fucoid, conferva (pl. confervæ), confervoid, wrack, dulse, kelp, rockweed, sea lettuce, gulfweed, sargasso, sargassum; plankton, benthos; Sargasso Sea.
   VERB:VEGETATE, grow, flourish, bloom, flower, blossom; bud (expand) [See Expansion]; timber, retimber, coppice, copse; bush, plant, trim, cut.
   ADJECTIVE:VEGETABLE, vegetal, vegetive [obs.], vegetative, vegetarian; leguminous, herbaceous, herbal, botanic or botanical; arborary, arboreous, arborescent, arborical [obs.], arboreal, arboral; silvan or sylvan; treelike, dendriform, dendritic or dendritical, dendroid; grassy, verdant, verdurous; floral, floreal [rare], lignose or lignous [rare], ligneous, lignescent, wooden, woody; bosky, cespitose, copsy; mossy, turfy, turf-like; fungous, fungiform, fungoid; tigellate, radiculose, radicular, radiciform, radiciflorous, rhizanthous, radicated; endogenous, exogenous; deciduous, evergreen.
  NATIVE, domestic, indigenous, native-grown, home-grown.
  ALGAL, fucoid, confervoid; planktonic, benthonic.
  1. Green-robed senators of mighty woods.—Keats
  2. This is the forest primeval.—Longfellow
  3. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.—Joyce Kilmer