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Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
1. Vitality
2. Special Vitality

369. [Science of Plants.] Botany.

   NOUN:BOTANY; physiological -, structural -, systematic- botany; phytography, phytology, phytotomy, phytobiology, phytogenesis or phytogeny, phytonomy, phytopathology; phytochemistry, phytochimy [obsoles.], vegetable chemistry; pomology; vegetable physiology, herborization, dendrology, mycology, fungology, algology; flora, Flora, Pomona; botanic garden (garden) [See Agriculture]; hortus siccus [L.]; herbarium, herbal [obs.].
  PHYTON, phytomer or phytomeron.
  [PRINCIPAL GROUPS] THALLOGENS or THALLOPHYTES (thallus plants): algæ and algoid forms: Cyanophyceæ, blue-green algæ; Chlorophyceæ, green algæ; Phæophyceæ, brown algæ; Rhodophyceæ, red algæ.
  fungi and fungoid forms: Schizomycetes, fission fungi, bacteria; Myxomycetes, slime molds; Phycomycetes, algæ fungi, water molds; Ascomycetes, sac fungi, lichen fungi; Basidiomycetes, basidium fungi, rusts, mushrooms.
  BRYOPHYTES (moss plants): Hepaticæ, liver-worts; Musci, mosses.
  PTERIDOPHYTES (fern plants): Lycopodiales: Sigillaria, Stigmaria, Lepidodendra, fossil trees, lepidodendrid, lepidodendroid; Lycopodiaceæ; club mosses: Equisetales, calamites, Equisetacæ, horsetails, equisetum; Filicales: Cycadofilices, cycad ferns; Filices, ferns, filicoid.
  SPERMATOPHYTES (seed plants): Gymnospermæ (naked-seeded plants): gymnosperm, Cycadales, cycads; Gnetales, gnetums; Ginkgoales, ginkgo (pl. ginkgoes); Coniferæ, conebearing evergreens, conifer.
  Angiospermæ (covered-seeded plants): angiosperm; Monocotyledones, monocotyledon, cereals, palms, lilies, orchids, banana, pineapple &c., endogens; Dicotyledones: oak, apple, sunflower, pea, dicotyledon.
  BOTANIST, phytologist, phytotomist, phytobiologist, dendrologist; mycologist, fungologist; phytopathologist, horticulturist [See Agriculture]; herbalist, herbist, herbarist [obs.], herborist, herbarian; pomologist.
   VERB:BOTANIZE, herborize.
   ADJECTIVE:BOTANIC or botanical, phytoid, dendroid or dendroidal, herbose or herbous, dendriform, dendritic or dendritical, dendrologous, herby, herbal; fungoid, fungous, mycologic or mycological, mycetoid, phytobiological, phytochemical, phytogenetic or phytogenous, pomological, horticultural.
  thalloid, thalline; hepatic, musciform, muscoid, lycopodiaceous, lepidodendroid, equisetaceous, equisetiform, filicoid, filiciform, gymnospermous, cycadaceous, coniferous, angiospermous, angiospermatous, monocotyledonous, endogenous, dicotyledonous.