Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
2. Sensation
(2) Heat

383. Cold.

   NOUN:COLD, coldness &c. adj.; frigidity, gelidity, algidity, glaciation, gelidness [rare], frore [poetic], inclemency, fresco [obs.]; “a hard, dull bitterness of cold” [Whittier].
  winter; depth of -, hard- winter; Siberia, Nova Zembla; Arctic, North Pole; Antarctic, South Pole.
  ICE; sleet; hail, hailstone; frost, rime, hoarfrost; rime -, white -, hard -, black -, sharp- frost; barf [Hind.], glaze [U. S.], lolly [N. Amer.]; icicle, thick-ribbed ice; iceberg, floe, berg, ice field, ice float or ice floe, ice pack, glacier; nevée [F.], serac [F.]; pruina [L. & It.]; icequake.
  SNOW, snowflake, snowdrift, fall of snow, snowstorm, heavy fall; snowball, snowslide, snowslip, snow avalanche.
  [SENSATION OF COLD] chilliness &c. adj.; chill; shivering &c. v.; goose flesh, goose skin, rigor, horripilation, aching, ache, chilblains, frostbite, chattering of teeth.
   VERB:BE COLD &c. adj.; shiver, starve [rare in U. S.], quake, shake, tremble, shudder, didder, quiver; perish with cold; chill (render cold) [See Refrigeration]; horripilate, glaciate [obs.].
   ADJECTIVE:COLD, cool; chill, chilly; gelid, frigid, frore [poet.], algid; fresh, keen, bleak, raw, inclement, bitter, biting, cutting, nipping, piercing, pinching; clay-cold; starved (made cold) [See Refrigeration]; shivering &c. v.; aguish, transi de froid [F.], frostbitten, frost-bound, frost-nipped.
  cold as – a stone, – marble, – lead, – iron, – a frog, – charity, – Christmas; cool as -a cucumber, – custard.
  ICY, glacial, ice-built, frosty, freezing, wintry, brumal, hibernal, boreal, arctic, Siberian, hiemal or hyemal; hyperborean, hyperboreal [rare]; snow-bound, ice-bound; frozen out.
  UNWARMED, unheated; unthawed.
  LUKEWARM, tepid; warm &c. adj. 382.
  ISOCHEIMAL, isocheimenal, isocheimic.
   ADVERB:COLDLY, bitterly &c. adj.; à pierre fendre [F.]; with chattering teeth.
  1. Ho! why dost thou shiver and shake, Gaffer Guy?—Holcroft
  2. Marian’s nose looks red and raw.—Love’s Labor’s Lost