Mawson, C.O.S., ed. (1870–1938). Roget’s International Thesaurus. 1922.

Class III. Words Relating to Matter
Section III. Organic Matter
2. Sensation
(iii) Musical Sounds

417. Musical Instruments.

   NOUN:MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS; orchestra, band; string band, military band, brass band; orchestrion, orchestrina.
  [STRINGED INSTRUMENTS] polychord, harp, lyre, lute, archlute, theorbo, cithara, cither, cittern or cithern, gittern, zither, psaltery, guitar, banjo, banjo-zither; rebec or rebeck, mandola, mandolin or mandoline, ukelele [Hawaii]; bandurria [It.], samisen [Jap.]; bina, vina [India].
  violin, Cremona, Stradivarius; fiddle, kit; viol, vielle; viola, – d’amore, – di gamba; tenor, violoncello, bass viol or base viol; double bass or double base, contrabasso [It.], violone [It.]; bow, fiddlestick, strings, catgut.
  piano or pianoforte; grand -, concert-grand -, baby-grand -, square -, upright – piano; harpsichord, monochord [hist.], clavichord, clarichord, manichord or manichordon, clavier, spinet, virginals, dulcimer; hurdy-gurdy, street piano, piano organ; pianette, pianino, piano player, player piano, player; Æolian (or Eolian) harp.
  [WIND INSTRUMENTS] organ; church -, pipe -, reed- organ; seraphine or seraphina, harmonium, cabinet organ, American organ; harmoniphon [obs.], barrel organ, hand organ, melodeon, accordion, concertina; humming top.
  flute, fife, piccolo, flageolet, clarinet or clarionet, bass clarinet, basset horn, corno di bassetto [It.], musette, oboe or hautboy, cor Anglais [F.], English horn, corno Inglese [It.], bassoon, double bassoon, contrafagotto [It.], serpent, bag-pipes, union pipes, doodlesack [Scot.]; ocarina, Panpipes or Pandean pipes; reed instrument; pipe, pitch-pipe; whistle; willow -, penny- whistle; calliope, siren or sirene; catcall.
  horn, bugle, cornet, cornet-à-pistons, cornopean [obs.], clarion [now chiefly poetic], trumpet, trombone, tuba, bombardon, bass tuba, ophicleide; French horn, bugle horn, post horn, saxhorn, Flügelhorn [Ger.], alt horn or althorn, tenor horn, sackbut [archaic], euphonium.
  [VIBRATING SURFACES] cymbals, bell, gong; drum, tambour, snare drum, side drum, tabor or tabour, taboret or tabouret, kettle drum, timpano (pl. timpani), timbal or tymbal, tom-tom or tam-tam, timbrel, tambourine, castanet, bones; musical glasses, musical stones; mouth organ, harmonica; sounding-board, abatvoix [F.]; rattle, watchman’s rattle; phonograph, graphophone, gramophone, victrola [trade-mark name]; zambomba [Sp.].
  [VIBRATING BARS] reed, tuning fork, triangle, jew’s-harp, music box or musical box, harmonicon, xylophone.
  MUTE, sourdine, sordino [It.], sordine, sordet, sourdet.
  1. But that which did please me beyond anything in the whole world was the wind-musick.—Pepys
  2. The vile squeaking of the wry-necked fife.—Merchant of Venice
  3. Bugles that whinnied, flageolets that crooned, And strings that whined and grunted.—Masefield